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Published on September 1st, 2016 | by Discussion Questions

What organizations can I support that were started by teenagers?

KATELYN WRITES: I’m on a Student Leadership Team at my church. Our homework for the next week is to find an organization or non-profit that we want to stand behind and support. I know that there are so many ministries out there that are doing a lot of good, but I would love to help one that was started by a teen. Please let me know what ministries you support!

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  • Okie Gal

    Amazima does a lot of educational ministry on Uganda, and are pretty gospel oriented I think. Anyway, their founder Katie Davis was like 19 when it started.

    That’s really all I can think of, maybe check the project section here on the reb too…

    • Olivia R.

      I love Amazima! That is a wonderful ministry. Have you ever read Kisses from Katie?

      • Okie Gal

        I did a while back, it wasn’t like life-changing or anything but I think I enjoyed it. How about you?

        • Olivia R.

          We are reading it as a family and I am really enjoying it. :)

          • Okie Gal

            Oh, awesome!

  • Regan Seba

    How about Little Red Wagon Foundation? That one was started by Zack Bonner when he was seven or eight. Or Generation Next- Riley Banks. She was in her early teens when she started hers.

  • The following are not organizations or non-profits, but are blogs made by teens. The first is made for and by Christian teen girls, the second is a teen art group that has just published their first online mag.

  • Melissa Marhold

    I would try to find a pro-life organization, they are always looking for young people to help out. I live in Wisconsin, and it’s called WI Right To Life, and they are an organization that raises money to help women with crisis pregnancies, educating others on he procedures of abortions, stuff like that. They have different names in different states. (If you live in the US, anyway)

    • Melissa Marhold

      I don’t know if it was started by a teen, but they love having young people help out 😉

  • Haylie

    Hi Katelyn :)

    Not quite a year ago, we featured a organization right here on TheRebelution called APPOINT. It was started by McKennaugh Kelley (when she was 18 or 19 I believe) as a way to fight against the monstrosities of abortion. I’d encourage you to check it out here: http://therebelution.com/blog/2015/10/appoint-join-the-fight-against-abortion/

    Hope that helps!

  • Rachel M.

    What about Loose Change 2 Loosen Chains? (LC2LC) It was started by Zach Hunter when he was a teen because he heard about all the slavery in the world today. You donate the loose change around your house to help free those enslaved. According to him, when he gathered all the loose change in his home when he started the organization, he collected almost $200! It is a great organization that I support and tell others about to get them involved.

  • Sandra Sorensen

    Bikingforworldhunger.weebly.com not an on going organization, but was started and completed by a 17 YR old boy also on the student leadership team.

  • There are many great ones!!

    I started H Cubed – a program which gives homeschooling families in financial need educational material. It is run by me (I’m 19) and a group of other teens: http://homeschoolerscubed.weebly.com. We try to include a bible in every box, write encouraging messages inside, and pray for the recipient of each box before it gets sent out.

    Obviously, I’m passionate about that project but there are many other amazing organizations which are lead (or started) by teens. Everybody has some great suggestions! Loose Change 2 Loosen Chains, APPOINT, and more are all good orginizations! I would pray about it – you have many great choices!

  • Angela Pycroft

    Try Dollar for a Drink (mentioned in DHT) which raises funds for wells in Africa, LC2LC, an anti-human trafficking movement, and H2O (Help 2 Others) which reaches out to the homeless in Washington

  • spencer

    loose change to loose chains is a great orginazation to suport

  • spencer

    it was founded to end slavery

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