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Published on August 27th, 2016 | by Discussion Questions

What are your favorite blogs/websites?

J. WRITES: Besides The Rebelution, what blogs and sites do you most benefit from spiritually and simply enjoy?

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  • Olivia R.

    I really enjoy LiesYoungWomenBelive.com and GirlDefined.com.

    • Yes, I love those ones too!

      • Olivia R.

        They are great!

    • Haylie

      That’s what I was gonna say πŸ˜‰

    • Hannah T.

      I love those!!!

  • Haven Asnip

    Ohhh….good question! Actually almost all the blogs I read I actually found through this blog. I like Bekah’s blog, http://thenarrowroadforteens.blogspot.com , I love her motivation behind the blog. I love Luke’s blog http://allornothingblog.com. He shares a lot of scripture, which I love. I like this blog, https://toocomfortableblog.wordpress.com , because I have a really hard time getting out of my comfort zone and I need too. I like this blog, http://blog.drwile.com , because it is by a Creation Scientist and feeds the science side of my personality. And lastly, I like this blog, http://www.arkinthedesert.com , well, because I just do. I know, your like, how does she time for all these blogs. This girl really needs to get a life. To you I say, don’t judge. The Reb is my favorite though (:

  • My brother is a writer so I know a lot of blogs from writers, but there are a lot of other cool blogs I love. scatteredjouranlpages.com, daughterofdestiny-generation78.blogspot.com, alltomyking.wordpress.com, thisincadescentlife.com, christophergreen.weebly.com/blog, and forgingofstories.blogspot.com. Haha yes that’s a lot…. I have a lot of blogging friends. :)

    My brother also has a blog at: fishing4ideas.blogspot.com, and I have two different blogs at: colorfulcreativecards.blogspot.com and precioustreasuresofGod.blogspot.com.

    • Celestria

      I’m subscribed to your brother! I checked out your blogs too. I make birthday cards too! ( Yours are really pretty, by the way.) And I read a couple posts on precious treasures of God and left commentss(:

      • You make cards too? That’s awesome! Thanks for checking them out!

        • Celestria

          Yeah, I scrapbook and have a bunch of supplies, so I have everything I need to make them! 😁

  • Some of my favorites are https://answersingenesis.org (Apologetics), http://adam4d.com (hilarious Christian cartoons) and http://babylonbee.com (a Christian satire site run by the same dude who does the cartoons). And my comment would not be complete without a plug for https://revivingtheredeemed.org , an awesome prayer request forum/DQ central/Facebook thing for Christian teens. =)

    • Babylon bee!!!!!!! Love

      • Yus!!! lol

        • It’s so funny!! I love th one about the skinny jeans

      • Lol I read the fog machine and the two skinny jeans ones… You may have me stuck on there…

        • Yeah, I follow it in an almost cultish way. Lol. Must know the latest news!!! 😜

    • Aww… I miss Revive! My dad just didn’t want me on there though so…
      You people enjoy it for me, lol.

      • Hey Jo! We miss you over there too. I was thinking about you the other day. Would you like to keep your account for the future, or would you like me to remove it?

        • I think I’d like to keep it. I hope I can come back someday!! So if you don’t mind…

          • Yay!! It’s fine. We’ve got like 100 inactive users anyway. I hope you get to come back. :)

          • Lol, a hundred?!
            And thanks, I really do wanna come back!!

    • Rachel M.

      I love Answers in Genesis! Ken Ham is awesome and I love how there are several blogs on that website.

  • Okie Gal

    Desiring God all the way. http://Www.desiringgod.org

  • I love Babylon bee. It’s a Christian satire site and. It. Is. Hilarious!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Celestria


    • Jason

      Yay for Jerry Jenkins!!!!

      • Grace Johnson

        Didn’t Jerry Jenkins write the Wormling series? I loved that series!

        • Jason

          Yep! I looked it up and it says he did.

          • Grace Johnson

            Cool! If you like Jerry Jenkins, you might like Chuck Black, too. Have you heard of him?

          • Jason

            Just finishing the War of the Realms series. . .so good! I stayed up till 4:50 reading Cloak of the Light one night. :-)

          • Grace Johnson

            I’m almost to the end of that series. So far, it’s been awesome! Glad to find another fantasy fan.

          • Celestria

            Ahh, I love those so much. I own them all(:

        • Celestria

          I’ve seen those before, but never really wanted to read them, but now I feel like I should. Lol. Did you ever read that series he did called the Tattooed Rats or something?

          • Grace Johnson

            Lol, you might like them. I’ve never heard of Tattooed Rats….what is it about?

          • Celestria

            It’s like Christianity is outlawed and believers have to live underground and this kid joins this group of Christians called the Tattooed Rats. Personally I didn’t like the series, it was just weird sometimes. I was just curious, it sounded like you were a Jenkins fan(: haha

          • Grace Johnson

            Sounds like a good story line. The title just made me curious–like, it brought to mind literal tattooed rats (haha!)

          • Celestria

            Lol 😁 there were like, lizardy demons that would disguise themselves as teenagers. I’ve read many of his books, and my favorites were the Kids Left Behind and The Last Operative.

          • Grace Johnson

            I read the first book in the Kids Left Behind series at one point. It was really cool! There’s a Left Behind novel for adults, too (I think the series for kids was based on that), and I’m planning on reading it eventually.

          • Celestria

            I personally liked the kid’s better

          • Grace Johnson

            Cool. I’m going to finish the series eventually. There are so many good books to read!

          • Celestria

            I know!!!!

      • Haylie

        Hey Jason, have you ever heard of http://kingdompen.org/ ? It’s a really neat website I just found that is specifically for Christian teen writers. I have already found it super helpful, and I think you might as well!

    • Haylie

      Oh my word. This is my list. lol

  • My sister, Elisabeth’s blog – encouraging thoughts, amusing tales from life, beautiful poetry- http://ruhamahandthespikenard.blogspot.com/

    Lauren’s blog – authentic, well written, beautiful words of truth, encouraging, relatable, personal – https://defyingdepravity.wordpress.com/

    Dani’s blog – enjoyable and well written posts, encouraging, sound, relatable – http://www.avaporinthewind.com/

    Also Desiring God and Gospel Coalition, both theologically sound and filled with gospel truth.
    Just a couple blog’s I read. πŸ˜‰

  • Okie Gal

    Oh hey, I forgot: anything Rachel Joy Watson posts on The Bible is Relevant, or The Gospel Coalition will be awesome, just fyi. Plus their other stuff is pretty good too😊.

  • Amanda

    Desiring God, Breaking Free Indeed, Babylon Bee, Adam 4d

  • Hannah

    Girl defined, Lies Young women Believe, Hannah Heath-writer… and mine is crazychristlover.wordpress.com

  • GirlDefined and Lies Young Women Believe are great. My favorite favorite favorite personal blog is this one: https://jennabjohnson.wordpress.com
    Some other great blogs that I follow from my WordPress account: madysongrace.com, bridgetclaireodonnell.wordpress.com, mystoryhispurpose.wordpress.com, trueandpure.wordpress.com, addiercaldwell.wordpress.com, afragantlight.wordpress.com
    My blog is haileyhudson.wordpress.com

  • Katherine Forster

    I really enjoy desiringgod.org, they tend to have very helpful articles; and the same for thegospelcoalition.org. Also, for great book reviews and articles, ladybibliophile.blogspot.com.
    A couple of friends’ writing blogs: victoriam00.wordpress.com and aberdeentps.wordpress.com. Both have great writing, poetry, etc. Mine is songbeyondsilence.wordpress.com

    • Katherine Forster

      Also, jesusisworthitall.weebly.com is a blog by a friend of mine who writes really good articles.

  • Josh A.

    Some of my favorites:
    – Gary Richardson at Gifted Disciples (http://gifteddisciples.weebly.com/)
    – Daniel Adams at Unashamed (https://unashamedblogda.wordpress.com/)
    – Luke LeFevre at All or Nothing (http://allornothingblog.com/)
    – Grant and Amanda at Breaking Free Indeed (http://www.breakingfreeindeed.org/)
    – Emily Kreger at A Story of Triumph (https://emilykreger.blogspot.com/)
    – Ash at Explorer4lyfe (http://explorer4lyfe.weebly.com/)
    – Brooklyn at Blue (https://brooklynwrites15.wordpress.com/)
    – Sam at Love Out Loud (http://loveoutloud.x10host.com/)

  • Sarah A.
    • Thanks for recommending my blog @nerdylightbulb98:disqus!!! πŸ˜€ Hopefully some people check it out!

  • Olivia W.

    Adam4d, The Gospel Coalition, Desiring God, Lies Young Women Believe, and Revive. And I didn’t take the time to put links, because all of them have already been mentioned.

  • Haylie

    Adding two blogs I enjoy reading that haven’t been mentioned…

    Our lovely Editor-In-Chief blogs over at http://www.jaquelle.ca/ and @GuitarwithArms:disqus blogs at, well, http://guitarwitharmsblog.weebly.com/

    • Thanks for the plug!! =P Wish I could be more active in the blogosphere but two majors really eats away at your spare time, haha.

      • Haylie

        Hey np bro! Yeah I can’t even imagine *shakes head at super Josh* So, other than school I guess, how have ya been?

        • Haha, I’ve been great (including school, it’s not been too bad…yet lol). How about you? Have you started school?

          • Haylie

            Haha that’s good to hear! I hope school keeps going well for you then πŸ˜‰ Yeah, I just started school last week. Going well so far except chem :p

          • UGH CHEMISTRY the bane of my existence =P sorry it’s not going super well for you! What part is hard (or is all of it hard lol?)

          • Haylie

            Imma just say all of it ;P And lol it’s fine, since it’s my only really tough class this year… I hope…

          • Hahaha I feel you there. I will keep my fingers crossed for you =P what other classes are you in?

          • Haylie

            Haha thanks. :p Umm, I’m kinda in a little bit of everything right now lol. Finishing american lit, moving on to English lit. American history. Economics. Civics. Business math (best math class ever). Old Testament survey. Oh yeah and some etymology I rolled over from freshman year XD How bout you? Any classes you particularly like or hate so far?

          • Wowzers that’s quite a bit! I’m in Chem, Chem Lab, Calc 1, and intro to EE class, Pedagogy (teaching piano), Wind Symphony (I’m the pianist), and lessons. All together it’s 15 credit hours =P I’m enjoying just about all of it but Calc is going to be super hard, my professor goes through stuff super fast.

          • Haylie

            Goodness, that’s a lot! And yeah i totally get the professor going too fast problem πŸ˜› The teacher I had in Geometry, his words were constantly on rapid fire! The only good thing was, I was taking video classes, so I could pause and rewind him at will XD So is this technically your “freshman year” of college? I seems like you’ve been duel enrolled for awhile now…

          • Lol nice! Although I did a e-teacher thing for a while and it didn’t work out for me, I work best with a real teacher (even though you can’t pause him lol) XD yupsidoodles, I did dual enrollment last year and the year before and I’m technically a freshie this year although I feel like a junior and have enough credit hours to be a sophomore haha =P

          • Haylie

            Lol yeah. And haha that must feel rather confusing! I was in a totally set system of grades til highschool… and then i was like a freshi-senior-‘smore for years. But I think i’m gonna stick with, “I’m a senior in highschool” now. XD

          • Hahaha I was just kinda fluid throughout all my schooling, I totally get you there! =P I apologize if I’ve asked this already, but do you have any college plans/dreams?

          • Haylie

            Umm, well, you might have asked in the past but I probably didn’t have an answer lol XD I am planning/hoping to attend Faith Baptist Bible College in Iowa next fall, possibly in business administration, but not really sure yet. At all. I’d really love to study music, but I don’t know if I could actually handle it, physically which sounds super lame πŸ˜› I play piano mostly and my back doesn’t like how much I enjoy practicing. πŸ˜‰

          • Coolio! Aw no I get you there, after practicing for a couple hours or whatever I’ll have to stretch my back and stuff. =) you could always learn a secondary instrument that you can sit down in a chair with a back, like a violin or a wind instrument =D

          • Haylie

            Yeah. I played violin for awhile, but it wasn’t the same, ya know? Well, duh. I mean, I just loved piano so much, I knew I could never enjoy anything else the same way.

          • Yeah, I totally understand that! Piano is great lol

      • What two majors are you doing, if you don’t mind me asking?

        • Piano performance and electrical engineering. Lol feel free to judge, I’m a certified overachiever. I’m stuck in two minds – I love piano (and it may make money) but engineering makes lots of money (and I may like it). =P

          • That’s very cool and I won’t judge. My oldest brother graduated with at least two majors and I think more than one minor as well. πŸ˜‰ And I can definitely understand that it would leave you with not a lot of time.

          • Haha wowzers! I bumped into someone the other day who had to majors and two minors and I was just like woah how is that even possible? lol

  • Becca<3

    Off the top of my head I think of Lies Young Women Believe and Desiring God!

  • Daniel Myers

    http://www.freedomists.us/ is a great website for young conservatives who want to stand for freedom. They release a new helpful article and video every week. All directed at helping young people stand for freedom more effectively.

  • The website I get the most benefit from spiritually would be my own blog. Its how I process whatever God is teaching me at the moment and it really helps to lay it all out. Plus, its nice to have somewhere to go back to and look at what you’ve learned. I highly recommend starting your own blog. Don’t worry about follower traffic, likes or anything. Its basically an online diary. The feedback you get from followers can be really encouraging as well.

    Also, I love all the other comments. I’ve never heard of most of these and I’m excited to check out all the websites!

  • There are so many blogs I love, although I don’t have a ton of time. I have a blog, too. But its sort of something I write on every six months, but you’re more than welcome to check it out: [email protected]

    Some others are:


    I know there are other ones that I can’t find the link to. I also subscribe to a ton of food/health/recipe blogs, but I doubt you want those :)

  • Actually loving 1) how many of us write blogs and 2) going through all the recommendations and discovering so much new stuff! I suppose it depends what you’re looking for. Being Scottish I have to mention the Wee Flea. See also Pirate Christian Radio, Sarah is a Writer (by sarah fines) and Ordinary Epiphanies (over at wordpress). They’re all good. I write at kumquatabsurdium.wordpress.com but I’m busy and out of practice.

  • Tim Schwab

    Desiring God is a fantastic one I check out every once in a while. I also like to listen to various RUF podcasts from around the nation. Another great resource for the essentials of the Reformed faith is Reformed.org. I also have a blog myself, as many on here seem to have, and that is where I grapple with living a Christian life in the world in which we live. If you are interested, the URL is https://pyzaist.wordpress.com/

  • Piragi

    Answers In Genesis! Well I never been on it before but I’m a fan of AIG (Answers In Genesis)

  • Melody Clauser

    Probobly my own blog!
    My blog is private, able to be seen by one person other than me,
    But I write it like other people are reading it! I give myself advice, I write posts about stuff like How to be a God Loving Christian. Kinda like this sight. Except it’s for me!
    Maybe if I ever let it out to public it’s:



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