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Published on June 2nd, 2016 | by Discussion Questions

How do I make time for God when life won’t slow down?

HALEY WRITES: I am an extremely busy teenager. I work 45+ hours a week, I have a family, I have farm and church responsibilities, and I have other relationships. My hobbies are many, but my time is small. The worst result of my busyness is that I often don’t make time for God. Also, piano practice falls to the wayside… My teacher is not happy about that.

I want to make time for the important things, but I feel as though everything that I am doing is important. Every season I keep thinking that the β€œnext season” will be better. But life is never less busy, the busyness just changes. I know that time with God is a choice, but I also need some practical advice on good ways to carve out time with God. How do I make time for God when life never seems to slow down?

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  • I have had this problem before. What I do is get a small notebook and pen and carry it with me everywhere so if I get just a little free time I sit and write down some bible verses and quotes I like and then write a prayer to God. This helps me spend some time with God throughout me busy day. I do It in the car, I do it at night before I go to sleep, and sometimes at lunch. I hope this helps!!! God Bless!

    • Olivia R.

      This is a wonderful idea! Do you mind if I try it?

      • I don’t mind at all! It helps me spend time with God even on the most crazy days!

  • Alex

    I’ve been dealing with the same thing, and I find most of my hobbies are getting in the way of what needs to be done. Which leads to me stressing out about EVERYTHING. I seem to paint, draw, read, go for walks, and play my guitar more than I do homework, practice piano, and read my Bible. These are a few thing I find that have helped.

    1. One thing I have been doing is getting up earlier in the morning to read my Bible. The morning is always calm and quiet so I can focus and prepare before I start a crazy day.

    2. Prioritize. What’s more important? What needs to be done first? Do I really need to be doing this right now? Make sure you have God first in your day.

    3. Less iPod/computer/social media/useless wasting time. You would not believe the amount of time teenagers waste on social media. Why do we check Facebook every 5 minutes? There is no reason other than we don’t schedule our time well.

    4. Podcasts. Podcasts have literally saved my life. Find some good Bible study/sermon podcasts and listen to them while driving/working out/studying/eating. Just as good as reading a Bible study book, but you can listen to them while doing other things. Some of my favourites are:

    Ask Pastor John – Submitted questions answered.

    Passion City Church – Weekly sermons from Louie Giglio/Brad Jones at PCC.

    Unbelievable? – Debate type podcast where people can call in and give their opinions on the topic being discussed. (P.S. My youth pastor called into one once, it’s really easy and super cool)

  • Olivia W.

    I’m sorry, I simply must put this video here. Because like Jordan, certain phrases just drive me crazy. Now, I know that not everybody that says this really means it the same way, and setting aside a certain time to read the Bible and pray is a good thing. Please don’t take this the wrong way.


    • Haylie


      • McKennah

        Me too!! Today I’ve literally watched at least 6 of their videos.. They’re so funny!

        • Haylie


      • I know, right?! I purposed in my heart not to watch Blimey Cow. That worked for nearly two years. That all changed a couple months ago. πŸ˜‰

        • Haylie

          too funny…XD

        • Amanda

          It did?? It changed??? Woohoooooo!!! Guys, this is an important moment in history! Sam watched Blimey Cow!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

        • Haylie

          Sammy!!! Hi :) How’s life?

          • Haywieeeee!! *biwwun huggs* Hewwo!! πŸ˜€

          • Haylie

            *ziwwion huggs* :p I win lol

          • Hehe good job. *cwaps fow Haywie*

          • Haylie

            *bows* thank you, kindly. So how are you?

          • Good, now that my phone has migrated from 0% battery to 8…no wait 7% battery.

          • Haylie

            haha. maybe you should *gasps at my own brilliant revelation* charge your phone!

          • Up to 13%!!!

            So how are you???

          • Haylie

            haha. I’m doing alright :) I’m headed to camp next week for three weeks, so I’m pretty excited about that!

          • Yay that’s sweet!

          • Haylie

            Yeah. :) you got anything cool coming up?

          • There’s a soccer camp at my church that’s always really fun to be a part of. Then I’m going to Teen Leadership Conference at Clark’s Summit University. That’s the best thing like ever. :)

          • Haylie

            That sounds awesome! Wait, like, used to be Baptist Bible College, Clark’s Summit university?

          • Yeah like that one. It was Baptist Bible College, then they wanted to become a university so then it was Summit University of Pennsylvania. Some other Summit University took legal action so as of Tuesday the name has been changed one last time to Clark’s Summit University. So that’s where I’m going. Hehe. πŸ˜‰

          • Haylie

            Yeah ik! My parents both went there so i’ve heard the whole story.

          • That makes me so happy.

          • Haylie

            haha okaaay… I’m glad

          • I really, really want to go there for college.

          • Haylie

            Yeah. I remember that. I really, really, hope it works out for you. I don’t know what I’m doing for college yet.

          • Hehe yay! Yeah.

          • Haylie

            It was great to catch up with you. I’ll be praying for your soccer camp and leadership conference!

          • Byyyyyyyye!!!

          • Haylie

            Yo candy corn dude! How goes it, my friend?

          • It goeth well!

          • Haylie

            Wonderful :)

          • Yay. How are you?

          • Haylie

            I… am actually not super great. My best friend of 16+ years just moved five hours away for college, so that’s been rough. But I still have a lot to be grateful for, and a God that never changes.

          • Aww. I’m sorry. *gives a billion hugs*

          • Haylie

            Aww. Thanks, Sam. :)

          • Hehe! *hug*

          • Haylie

            It’s been very bad for my wallet too lol. I bought the most expensive ice cream I could find yesterday on an impulse. It was worth it. XD

          • Hehehe!!

          • Haylie

            Hey Sam :) Can you pray for me?

          • Yup. <3

          • Haylie


          • Hey. Update?

          • Haylie

            I’m good. Just bored.

          • Hehehe!! Eat any good food recently?

          • Haylie

            umm… well, frosties were 50 cents this week at Wendy’s. Is it possible to die from too much ice cream? πŸ˜‰

          • Duuuude! Um, I don’t know yet. I haven’t been exiled to Wendy’s during a sale like that. (With my wallet, of course.)

          • Haylie

            I’ve honestly lost count of how many i’ve eaten this week. It’s a shame I can drive. But ya know… there’s worse ways to die XD

          • Pick me up; we’re going. On me.

          • Haylie

            deal… but on me. πŸ˜‰ gtg. Bye.

          • Hey no fair. I think we’ll have to argue that when we get there. Well. No. If I pay for the gas, you can pay for the first 100 frostys. Bye!!

          • Haylie

            Alright. We’ll fight about it later πŸ˜‰

          • Perhaps we won’t have to have a fight. πŸ˜› *huggggs until we’re both okay with whatever happens*

          • Haylie

            Haha okay. You “win”.

          • My victory is your victory, girl.

          • Haylie

            true that.

          • Hehehe. Did you find any more stuff at Wendy’s?

          • Haylie

            nope. hbu eat anything particularly awesome recently?

          • I DID! Burger, fries, donut holes, and umm…chocolate pie!!!! I’ve been so hype tonight. Methinks I got a sugar high.

          • Haylie

            lol share that pie! Did you save me any?

          • There should be another one in the fridge. πŸ˜€ Hey if you show up I’ll buy you one.

          • Haylie

            Sweet. I’m on my way. Give me about 13 hours. (give or take)

          • Sweet. Just in time for lunch.

          • Haylie


          • <3 What do you want to go with the pie?

          • Haylie

            A double helping of sanity, please.

          • French toast sandwiches, coming right up.

          • Haylie


          • Read any good Wooten quotes recently?

          • Haylie

            Haha no. I wish. It’s been far too long since I have listened to an episode with wooton in it XD

          • Bumbum. There aren’t enough of those.

          • Haylie


          • Mwhahahaha…

          • Haylie

            I had waffles for dinner.

          • That’s like so great. Were they good??

          • Haylie

            Oh yes. Smothered in cookie butter too… Heaven.

          • Um. Dude. Where can I get these?

          • Haylie

            Well unfortunately, you’re too far out of my delivery radius, or I’d make you some πŸ˜‰ Have you ever had cookie butter before?

          • Awwwwww. :( Could you make an exception? Or maybe we could arrange a transfer somewhere else?

            I’m honestly not sure what it is. I saw the word cookie so I was interested.

          • Haylie

            Well, I don’t think waffles mail very well :/ Dude. Cookie butter, is like, peanut butter, only better, cuz it’s literally made out of cookies.

          • Oh cool! It doesn’t taste like peanut butter, does it?

          • Haylie

            No it tastes like cookies XD

          • I got a frosty!!!

          • Haylie

            Vanilla or chocolate?

          • Vanilla. Sorry not sorry.

          • Haylie

            lol. See, Vanilla is good… sometimes. But only in slight bursts between large time periods where only chocolate flavored anything is consumed. (see, I have this down to an exact science…ish…)

          • You trouble me deeply. Okay listen: if you ever have too much vanilla stuff around you get me, okay? *huggs to make it official*

          • Haylie

            Well, since I don’t like deeply troubling people, I suppose I can bring myself to compromise with swirl. πŸ˜‰ (random: Took my ACT today! So glad that’s over.)

          • I had a soft serve ice cream swirl the first time I had soft serve. I think I’ve been a vanilla person since then.

            Aw bummerrr. Did it go well??? I’m supposed to take the SAT sometime this year.

          • Haylie

            I’m disappointed in you. Chocolate is my language, boy. πŸ˜‰ Weeeell I would say it went alright. I feel like I did okay at everything except the math section. I just didn’t review enough. Doing the test right as the school year started was, in hindsight, a terrible idea, but I really just wanted to get it over with XD

          • Girl, I could make brownies for you.

          • Haylie

            Dude. I could make french toast for you.

          • I could eat it.

          • Haylie

            Good. Get down here.

          • Me doesh nod know da wayy!!

          • Haylie

            Hmm. That is a small problem.

          • Mee wiww wook awwwwww ober fow youw. πŸ˜‰ Wave youw awms ifs mee gids cwose!! Hehehe. πŸ˜€

          • Haylie

            You’ll never see me, even if I wave :( They haven’t harvested all the corn yet. :p

          • Ooh! Ooh! A hint!!

          • Haylie

            It really won’t help you much XD

          • Oh yeah. I might end up at Cedarville University if I look for corn.

          • Haylie


          • Hehehe. Want a..donut?

          • Haylie

            duh I want a donut.

          • I’d buy you (at least) one. So get over here.

          • Haylie

            But I don’t know the way!

          • Ohhh. Then we could meet up at the Chick-Fil-A in South Bend, Indiana.

          • Haylie


          • How is everything? Keeping busy?

          • Haylie

            Well, I was going insane when my neighbor decided to jackhammer his porch to pieces while I was home trying to study… so I left. I went and paid too much money for a peach smoothie and studied at a local coffee shop. And I got some sanity. How are you doing?

          • Peach smoothie? Hmm. Oh, I’m alright. At this time I’m sitting through a women’s missionary meeting. So yeah. I’ve got my laptop so I’m all good.

          • Haylie

            I LOVE peach smoothies. Newly found favorite. And lol, that sounds… entertaining :p

          • I survived.

          • Haylie

            πŸ˜› Well. That’s good. It would be bad if you hadn’t survived.

          • Oh…oh dear…*faints*

          • Haylie

            Uh… Sam? SAM?! Talk to me, buddy!

          • Hewwo. Me am Sammy.

          • Haylie

            Good I thought you might’ve died πŸ˜‰

          • Yeah, me too. :/

          • Haylie

            *faints at thought of you almost dying*

          • Nooooooooooo!

          • I had French toast tonight.

          • Haylie

            Aww man. Now i’m jealous. And that’s a sin. Shame on you for making me sin. XD

          • *hugs you to make up for it*

          • Haylie

            Okay. I’ll take it. :)

          • Ye-uh. πŸ˜‰

          • Haylie

            Hehe. How was your Saturday?

          • Preeetty good for a Saturday. I’ve kind of done nothing most of the day but at least it was mostly fun. πŸ˜€

            Oh wait.

            There was leftover French toast.

            It was a good day.

          • Haylie

            lol. French toast could make any day great. :)

          • Amen and amen. Was your day great?

          • Haylie

            Well, as good as a day spent serving for a funeral can be.

          • Ah, I know the feeling. All day though?

          • Haylie


          • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! That’s a little longer than usual. Did a lot of people come?

          • Haylie

            Well kinda? Some people worked longer. But as a pk I’m usually first there and last out at stuff like that. I don’t mind though. It makes me happy to make other people who are having a hard time happy.

          • Oh right…hehe.

          • Haylie

            But I took a nap today. Was rolled out of bed at 4:45pm and at church by 5:00pm #classy

          • Niiiice. :)

          • Haylie


          • Hehehe. How was today? Aside from that great nap, of course.

          • Haylie

            Okay. How was today for you?

          • Actually pretty good.

          • Haylie

            Good :)

          • Hehe. *random hug*

          • Haylie

            Thanks. :)

          • Hehehehehehe. Doing anything fun this week? Anything at all?

          • Haylie

            Actually yes! Visiting some of my besties at college! I’m pretty pumped.

          • Dude!! That’s pretty happy.

            I’m gonna go to youth group and I’m gonna talk to somebody! *puts on confident face*

          • Haylie

            Yay for youth group! Praying for you. :)

          • Aw thanks. Praying for you too.

          • Haylie

            Thanks bro.

          • Haylie

            Finally listened to Therapy Session… I like Mansion better.

          • Yeah, me too, but Spotify’s shuffle doesn’t seem to know that.

          • Haylie


          • Are there any songs you thought were pretty good?

          • Haylie

            I’d have to listen to it again lol. How was your day?

          • It was pretty good for me. Youth group was good. How was your day?

          • Haylie

            Hey I’m glad! I was actually praying for you today that youth group would be good. My day was long and it’s not over… I still need to go source my entire research paper… tonight.

          • Awwwwwww thanks!

            Aww I’m sorry.

          • Haylie

            Hehe it’s okay. I’m done with that now. I should study for a chem test, but I have zero brain power rn.

          • Poor thing. *buys donuts for Haylie*

          • Haylie

            Hehe. You’re the best.

          • I know, right? I am.

            No wait. If I was, then I should be buying donuts for myself. Clearly you’re the best. <3

          • Haylie


          • Haylie

            All I’ve had to eat today is cookies… Oh! and an apple. I think I need some nutritional help, yeah?

          • Right, you need a chocolate Frosty.

          • Haylie


          • Haylie

            Hey. Want some ice cream cake?

          • Probably. πŸ˜›

          • Haylie

            How are you on this fine evening?

          • Pretty good. You? Eat anything good recently?

          • Haylie

            I ate ice cream cake. 3 of my siblings have birthdays this month. *smiles*

          • Yayyyyyyyyyy. *gives hugs because there’s nothing left to talk about*

          • Haylie

            Thanks. I need ’em.

          • Hehehehe. You always do, right? :)

          • Haylie

            I guess.

          • That’s not a bad thing, m’dear.

          • Haylie

            No. I suppose not. πŸ˜‰

          • *biwwun huggs*

          • Haylie


          • Hehe didd anytingg guud happen todays?

          • Haylie

            Umm… *stops to think* well, the sunset was really pretty last night.

          • Well…that’s good. Was there anything good to eat?

          • Haylie

            Umm… *stops to think again* Yes! My friend brought cookies to Bible study. hbu?

          • Goodness! What kind?

            Ummmmmm. What did I even eat? Pizza rolls were probably the best thing today. πŸ˜€

          • Haylie

            Oatmeal chocolate chip… i think? lol. Pizza rolls… that actually sounds strangely good right now. XD

          • I had chocolate ice cream last Friday night. I dare say it was good.

          • Haylie

            There is little on this good earth that excites me as much as chocolate ice cream.

          • *buys a gallon for Haylie the Great*

          • Haylie

            Clearly, then, you’re the great one πŸ˜‰

          • *thinks of saying that she would be the great one if she ate it all at once* *realizes that’s a terrible joke* *buys chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and hot fudge and whipped cream and sprinkles* *runs out of money* *has feast*

          • Haylie

            That would be a truly glorious yet terribly unwise way to run out of money XD I’m in!

          • Yesssssssssssssss. Wanna go walk it off with me?

          • Haylie

            Um. Yes. Let’s go.

          • *partays*

          • Haylie

            Getting some senior pics taken today. It seems that other girls always get pics taken with what they love… horses, trucks, books, instruments… and so i realized that if i did that, my senior pics would be me and a big bucket of ice cream. Hmm. Ya know that’s actually not a half-bad idea XD

          • Awwwww!!

          • Haylie Haylie Hayylieee!!!


          • Sammy sammy sammyyyyyyy!!!


          • Oh hehe!!

            Really though? We need to improve our social skillz, Little Miss.

          • Right? Lol. How are you tonight, good sir?

          • Right. I’m better now. πŸ˜€

          • Same here, my friend. Same here. Sorry about the delayed response, my inbox isnt cooperating ;p

          • Did you do anything cool today? All I can think of for me today was eating cake. Oh well.

          • Well, I ended up going on a last minute trip this weekend to stay with some cool people for a few weeks to nanny their baby while the momma has some surgery. And they live in the same town as my bestie whos in college, so I hung out with him all afternoon. So. That was good. And cake, is always cool. Lol.

          • Yay!!! *parties* Can I get you anything?

          • Cake would be good. Hbu?

          • Definitely not cake. I had way too much to eat tonight. Hugs would be appreciated though.

          • Well, I think I can do that. I need em too.

          • Yay?

          • Haha. Sure?

          • I’m speechless. Or tired. Or both.

          • Both for me, I’m sure lol

          • Hehe. I wish there was something we could talk about.

          • Same here, bro. Same here. Umm… I’m praying for you :)

          • Saaaame. For you, I mean. And me…

          • Thanks. You really have no clue how much I appreciate that. And need it πŸ˜‰

          • I am limited but not ignorant, sistah.

          • Understood, brother boy. *don’t ask lol. I’m tired.*

          • Ummmmmmmm wow okay.

          • Sorry. Heheh. Sooo. Listened to any good music lately?

          • Maybe but not really. Have you?

          • Meh. Not much. Listening to a lot of soundtrack lately. Nerdy or what?

          • Huh. I’ve never really been one to listen to soundtracks. I would listen to some though.

          • I wasn’t either. My brother got me into them. I should prolly head for bed. But I’m really really glad we could talk tonight. Thanks.

          • Yesh. Bedd ish guud. Bud sho ish tawk!! ;’)

          • :’)

          • I ate a chocolate chip cookie. It was good.

          • It had better be good!!

          • It was. Want one?

          • Um yeah. No question.

          • Good. How are you tonight, my friend?

          • I’m alright tonight. You, buddy?

          • I’m glad, Sam. Well, I’m better now that I showered and don’t smell like baby spit up and sweet potatoes. Nannying is the best XD

          • Good girrrl.

          • πŸ˜‰

          • Hehehe youw da besht.

          • We both know that’s not true.

          • Whatever. I still think you’re pretty great.

          • You’re pretty great yourself, ya know.

          • Whatevs. That’s harder for me to believe.

          • Well, its true so you might as well start believing it. πŸ˜‰

          • Okay. <3

          • That’s better

          • *breathes*

          • Okay…? Breathing is good. Lol

          • It is good. I literally took a deep breath after having read your comment so I guess that’s all I had to write about.

            Have you found anything particularly interesting in the Bible recently?

          • Hah okay.

            Yes! I have been reading in Hebrews about Jesus. How he is our High Priest and Mediator… The ultimate and only sacrifice we will ever need. Hbu?

          • Dude that’s pretty great.

            *is ashamed* Um yes but I can’t remember what it was right now. I just finished listening to the recording of my pastor’s sermon from Sunday though. It was really good. He talked about Jesus, shame, self-control, anxiety, and basically everything else I needed to hear about.

          • Don’t be ashamed. Lifes too short for that. But that sounds really good.

          • Shame is…shame is a problem for me.

          • Same, bro.

          • What are you going to do about it?

          • Tell myself what’s true… That I am not enough, but Jesus is. And I have no reason to be ashamed because I’m His kid.

          • *hugggg*

          • Sleepy yet?

          • Very. I think this is goodnight, my friend.

          • Hehe nightynight.

          • I ate a brownie tonight.

          • Good job, Haylie. You did the right thing.

          • Why are you awake?

          • Because I is. I’m bad at going to sleep. Why are you awake?

          • Eh. Idk. I just don’t feel like sleeping.

          • Mhm… How was the brownie?

          • Fantastic.

          • Schweetness. How was your day?

          • Well, I only got thrown up on twice. And I sent my phone through the washer. Could be worse though. You?

          • Oh my. Sounds fantastic. My day doesn’t compare in greatness.

          • Lol

          • My adventures are so dull to most people.

          • Baby spit up is dull too, but I try to make it interesting πŸ˜‰

          • Haha I guess. Um..ew. You just keep talking and I’ll just leave my phone on silent like it always is at night and……jk jk. I can’t think of very many things I’d rather be doing than listening to you. Unless there were donuts, of course. Being with you, listening to you, with donuts…would be pretty epic.

          • Dude. That’s like the dictionary definition of epic.

          • Close. The dictionary definition mentions lots of frosting and sprinkles randomly added to the top of the donut, just cuz.

          • Well at least I was close. πŸ˜‰

          • Hehehehe. I get so weird when I’m talking to you. I don’t usually think about donuts quite like that. WHY DO I WANT ONE SO BAD RIGHT NOW?? THIS IS PATHETIC!! I was snacking on Pringles like two hours ago. There was a granola bar a couple hours before that. How do I want food so much right now??

          • Lol I bring out the best in people. What can I say?

          • You can apologize for not going food shopping with me.

          • Okay. I apologize I could not drive across the country to go shopping with you. :p

          • That’s better.

            Get your act together next time.

          • Well if you’d give me proper notice , maybe I could get my act together!

          • Consider this your notice!

            *is having a hard time being harsh* *starts crying and gives hugs*

          • Its otay Sammy… I fogiwv youw.

          • Tanks youw Haywie. Dat bewy niish ub youw.

          • I know. Well, I’m off to tackle another day! School, here I come! Hope your day goes wonderfully.

          • Heyy. Whuuuuuuut. You changed your picture!

          • Yes I did. Shoot me. Lol jk I just felt like changing things up a bit.

          • Looks nice. I’ve been thinking about changing things up, myself. :)

          • Thanks. And really? Heheh you could really confuse everybody and make my old profile pic your own lol

          • Hahaha. Brett was confused when I modified my display name and kept the same picture.

          • Lol I can imagine. Actually I kinda remember that. That was back during my “ghost reader” days. XD

          • Oh!! I forget the Haylie used to do that.

          • Yes. Yes she did. Mwhahahaha.

          • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!

          • :) so how’s your Sunday been?

          • Pretty good! I actually just got home from a weekend father-son retreat. It was nice. It was at the camp I love so it was pretty impossible not to like. πŸ˜‰

          • Aww that sounds really awesome! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

          • Hehehe. :)

          • :)

          • Do anything cool recently?

          • I made banana bread today and lunch for the family I’m nannying for, and i didn’t totally fail. Thankfully, this is the first day they’ve had to put up with my cooking πŸ˜‰

          • Hehehehe…

          • I’m eating a frostie. Want one?

          • Um yeah.

          • Thought so.

          • Eeeeek! She knows me!
            *accepts the frosty that I hope is being offered*

          • Vanilla?

          • Yeah buddy!

          • *sighs* we’ll have to work on that. You know how I feel about vanilla.

          • Did I tell you I had chocolate ice cream that wasn’t actually bad?

          • SAM! This is monumental!!!

          • Great. Now I’m s-scared.

          • Oh dear. do tell me why.

          • Because something monumental happened.

          • Monumental isn’t always bad ya know.

          • Hehehe.

          • Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrl. Wassup it’s been like dayyys.


          • Hi. not much i guess. hbu?

          • Oh bummer. Not much here either.

          • Hmmm. okay. OH! it is the day after Halloween… i.e. hit the candy sales day… which we all know is the real holiday ;p

          • Hehe! Nope, I didn’t think of that.

          • It’s almost better than the day after valentine’s day! 50% off chocolate! Whoot whoot!

          • Dude really? Wowwwww.

          • How have you not figured this out by now?!

          • I can’t remember a time when I’ve bought candy from a store.

          • Well. you could change that lol

          • Eeks that would require going to a store and spending money.

          • Oh good point. :/

          • Guess what I did on Monday…

          • FROSTY!!!

          • I wish… I filled out my first college application. *screams in fear*

          • Oh dear.

          • Imma die.

          • Nooooooo!
            Can you tell me what college?

          • Faith Baptist Bible College. check it out.

          • Iowa?

          • yup

          • They seem reasonable. I don’t know what turned me off last time I looked.

          • size maybe? It’s kinda small.

          • I actually didn’t know that. I could guess though. Small like Clarks Summit? I like that size.

          • smaller… how many is clarks summit running rn?

          • I honestly don’t know. It’s at least 500. I know they can fit a bit more than that in the dorms.

          • Sounds about right… I’ve thought about applying there too. Faith is around 300 i think. Maybe 400.

          • Doooooo it!

          • Guess we’ll see. So are thinking at all about what you wanna major in yet?

          • I had thought about it. But basically every dream in my life is shattered right now so I don’t know anymore.

          • Aww… I’m sorry :(

          • Oh hi! Don’t worry about it.

            Me had a donut. Actually two. *partaays*

          • … Okay. Niiiice. Got any more?

          • Technicalllly, there are still some mini powdered donuts left in my stash…. *gets them out for Haylie*

          • YUSS

          • Did you have a good day today?

          • Um…yes? It’s been a long day. Wow. Yeah, part of it was really good.

          • Okay. I’m glad! :)

          • Hehe didd youw?

          • Yes, I did. It was actually rather short. And now my football team is literally getting crushed. Scratch that. Got crushed. But it was still a good day.

          • Aww…the poor things…

            Are you ready for the end of DST (again)?

          • ??? OH! Daylight saving time? No :( I hate it when it gets dark so early. I need light, people!

          • Amen sistah.

          • πŸ˜‰

          • Mee vohded!

          • Whoa that’s right you are old! It sounds dreadfully un-patriotic, but I’m kinda glad I’m not quite old enough to vote this time around…

          • Excuse me, ma’am, the proper title is Officially Ancient.

          • Oh well, I’m sorry sir. I’ve got the flu, give me a break.

          • Noooooooooooooooo! This can’t be happening!!

          • Yeah I’m actually like really sick. I tried to hard too be super women yesterday and actually do stuff and well… yeah, bad idea. I got to about 1:00pm and died. I’m in a fair amount of pain and now I’m behind on a bunch of school stuff. Just pray for me lol

          • Awwww. :'(”’

          • Eh I’ll be okay. Later. XD Oh wait. I can’t laugh. It hurts too much.

          • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…

          • Well, enough about me… How are you?

          • *takes a nap* Eh, I’m alright.

          • Well, naps are always good, right?

          • I always feel so gross after naps. It’s weird. I do much better when I don’t take a nap. Full disclosure: my biology textbook put me to sleep.

          • Oh. I’m sorry i guess. And I feel ya on biology. Not my favorite thing ever.

          • How do you feel about sprinkles?

          • Ummm… well. They make donuts cuter… so I’m for them, I suppose. How do you feel about sprinkles?

          • Those big ones like donuts have are basically a party to themselves.

          • Umm. Okay. Good to know πŸ˜‰

          • How do you feel about frosting?

          • Sustenance.

          • XD

          • Pretty much, yep. How do you feel about Crunch bars?

          • Straight up chocolate is better. Dark chocolate is the best.

          • You actually like that stuff? *gives Haylie all the dark chocolate*

          • Yes I actually do. don’t judge.

          • Wowwwwwwww.

          • Olivia R.

            Have you ever tried dark chocolate covered raisins? Dark chocolate is the best. It’s not too sweet.

          • No I have not, but i’m not a huge raisin fan. But yes, exactly!

          • Olivia R.

            I guess they do have an acquired taste

          • well, actually, I had to eat a whole bunch once as a youth group type activity and i’ve hated them ever since.

          • Olivia R.

            That would do it for me. :) I have never eaten more than about ten at a time.

          • Lol yeah XD It was pretty bad.

          • Olivia R.

            I feel for you. :)

          • Haha thank you. But it was much worse for some… one of my guy friends had to eat a ton of peanut butter… like, a lot. XD

          • Olivia R.

            Wow! Why on earth did you guys have to do that? If you don’t mind me asking, but you don’t have to reply if you don’t want to. :)

          • idk who came up with the game. It was nasty. But participation was mandatory lol

          • Olivia R.

            Ah, okay. I was wondering understand what circumstances you had to eat all those raisins. :)

          • yup. camp and youth group games can be fun, but that one was NOT fun. XD


          • lol that’s actually one thing i’m really not… *she says as she is covered in essential oils to treat her cold*

          • Wow girl.

          • Really! I’m not a health freak. I like my processed foods too much XD

          • Fooooooood.

          • Exactly

          • Do you like Chips Ahoy?

          • oh yes. very much. do you?

          • Foooooooooooooooooooood. I have some that aren’t stale right now. It’s pretty great.

          • #win

          • I made brownie cookies today.

          • Duuuuuuuuuuuuude.

          • riiiiiiiiight? And I only burned half of them so yay.

          • Which half?

          • umm… i don’t know? XD

          • Hehe the good half or the other half?

          • Waiitttt…the burnt ones were good too, right?

          • actually they weren’t that bad.

          • Yayyyyyyyyyyyy.

          • :)

          • Hehehe!!

          • I love it when you randomly laugh, even if i didn’t say anything funny lol

          • Hehe.

          • Whewe ish my Haywie?

          • Here I am. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

          • Hehehehehe!

          • Hey being a day early never hurts πŸ˜‰

          • True, unless it means you’re somewhere a day earlier than the food is going to be ready.

          • Haha okay good point. I’m just enjoying my bro I don’t see much anymore, so being anywhere is cool. Food or no. But food is good too πŸ˜‰

          • Duuuuuuuude. Yeah, I actually went to a party tonight because one of my buddies is home for Thanksgiving. It was weird for me because I’m not someone people invite when they have personal parties.

          • Heeeeeey that sounds fun! Yay for buddies.

          • Yeah, having buddies was fun.

          • Good :)

          • Sammyyyyyyyy! *wants to tell you to read my article that went up today, but isn’t sure how*

          • Haywie!!!!!! Dat ish sho wike gwate!!! *weadsh id aww* *wuvs id*

          • Thanks Sam. :)

          • Hehehe!! πŸ˜€

          • There you go laughing again. πŸ˜‰

          • Whad ewse wash mee shuppohshded to doo?

          • idk ;p

          • Hehe. πŸ˜‰

          • *needs chocolate*

          • Isn’t that the truth. Well, if you drove out here, I’d buy you some, but… πŸ˜‰

          • *gets in the car and illegally drives to…somewhere…and wanders around hoping Haylie will find him and make him un-lost*

          • Hahah

          • Psssst! You started quite the trend in the comment section under my article πŸ˜‰

          • Is that even okay?

          • huh?

          • Hehe all three of them.

          • I thought it was funny lol

          • Hayyywie! Hayywieee! Whewefow awt vow oh Hayywiee? Hehehe. πŸ˜‰

          • Haylie’s in bed, sick again, O Shakespeare πŸ˜‰

          • Nooooooooooooooooooo… :'(

          • yup.

          • *miwwun huggsh*

          • Thanks :)

          • Hehehehe.

          • Sam, how do you feel about coffee?

          • Eeks. Um. Will you stop being my friend if I give the wrong answer?

          • just answer the question. ;P

          • I’ve never had it, and I have anxiety because someday someone with either make me try it or embarrass me because I won’t. It’s terrible.

          • *blinks at screen*

            WHAT. How have you never had coffee?!

          • I knew this would happen.

          • Sammy… Dear, dear, sammy. We must remedy this situation.

          • How do you feel about white hot chocolate?

          • Don’t you change the topic on me! Give me a white chocolate mocha coffee, and i will be your best friend.

          • Woah! Sistah! Get it under control! Wawawaaaaiit. Buy coffee = get best friend? Hmmmmmm. Think on this I must.

          • Heheh.

          • This might work out.

          • In my favor, I’m afraid… coffeeeeee….

          • My end of the deal is sweeter.

          • How are you tonight, friend?

          • Pretty great. Do you know what to get my family for Christmas? Cuz I don’t. Well, certain people at least.

          • How about… coffee? ;P

          • Hot chocolate would be a better idea here….

          • Well you know your family better than i do… obviously XD

          • Hmm. Cunundwum.

          • Haha not sure why but I laughed way too hard at that XD Don’t stress out about it too much. They’ll prolly appreciate whatever you give them since it’s coming from you.

          • Hehehe meeeeeee!!

          • We aren’t huge gifters in my family, so I’m absolutely terrible at picking gifts for people XD

          • Haha I’m terrible at it. It’s so hard to know what people might even want.

          • Haha, oh i’m sure it’s not thaaat bad. πŸ˜‰

          • When in doubt… chocolate.

          • Amen and amen.

          • There you go. Let me know if i can solve any more of the world’s problems. ;P

          • Give everyone a nice big hug. That might work.

          • Oh yessss. That’s a good one.

          • Mhm!!

          • I like hugs.

          • Everyone knows that. *gibs haff a biwwun huggsh to Haywie*

          • Yeah I guess it’s no secret lol

          • Hehe that’s not a bad thing.

          • No, I suppose not. XD

          • *thinks of brilliant revelation* OH! If you have to buy gifts for any girls in your family… (i don’t remember where you’re at sibling wise haha), fuzzy socks are a win. :p

          • Yeah…maybe not. Fuzzy socks aren’t a thing at my house.

          • Lol that’s cool too. Fuzzy socks are most definitely a thing at my house.

          • Winter reeeallly needs to happen at warmer temperatures.

          • But then there wouldn’t be snow! I like snow. But I also like warm weather. πŸ˜‰

          • Couldn’t we keep it at something more reasonable, like 30Β°?

          • Perfect. As long as it’s not windy. Which it always is where i live. Snow consistently falls sideways XD

          • Noooooooo! Not wiiinnnd!!

          • Yeah it’s pretty bad. Whenever snow actually falls straight to the ground I always stop a appreciate it.

          • huggggg

          • Thanks :) I need it. I’ve been super sick for like, 6 weeks now and I’m kinda upset about it.

          • How dare you be sick on a special day like today?

          • … *pauses*… what day is it?

          • Um…Thursday. But not just any Thursday. A day in the life of Haylie the Great!

          • A day i spent on the couch, but ya know.

          • But you make it special anyway.

          • Cuz I ate ice cream on said couch. Yes.

          • Yay! Bonus reason! +100 points

          • Thank you very much.

          • Mhm! No problem. What else can I get ya?

          • French toast, perhaps?

          • Ooh wow, that’s a lot to ask. Hmm…well I ran out an hour ago but I’ll brb.

            *boom* *returns with a stack of 128 slices* Are you ready for this? Oh, don’t worry, I’ll help. <3

          • Literally the best thing that’s happened to me all day.

          • Yeah, we should hang out over food more.

          • Yeah. It’s not like we’ve ever done that before πŸ˜‰

          • Hmm. Cunundwum.

          • Hahahahaha

          • Is it too late to use the little orange sprinkles?

          • Go for it.

          • Would you do the honors?

          • I am unworthy of such an honor.

          • *modifies the contract to make you worthy*

          • perfect.

          • Can we make sugar cookies now?

          • How bout you make them. I’ll prolly burn them or something XD

          • I haven’t made cookies in years. And one time they turned into cookie soup. So maybe you could help me make them, then I’ll watch them burn..I mean bake.

          • Haha that sounds perfect lol XD

          • Maybe it is. πŸ˜‰

          • πŸ˜‰

          • Hehehe!!

          • I want ice cream. But, the roads are covered in ice. However, dairy queen is only a few blocks away. Do i chance the mission? XD

          • It’s worth it. I would bring some to you but um…yeah.

          • yeah. Well, it’s the thought that counts, no?

          • No, I reserve that activity for my calculator.

          • *groan* Oh so punny. XD

          • Yayyyyy.

          • Haywie!! *wuns upp and huggsh* How are you?? Are you still sick and stuff?

          • Yeah, still sick :( How are you?

          • Bumbum! How does one unsickify a Haylie?

          • Ugh, I wish i knew! But you still didn’t tell me how you are πŸ˜‰

          • Oh. Right. I’m having a kind of great day!

          • Kind of great? Okay :)

          • Yup!

          • Good :)

          • What do you want for Christmas? πŸ˜‰

          • Health would be good, but chocolate never hurt πŸ˜‰ hbu?

          • *shendsh muches tocwit*

          • Aww. Thanks. Now tell me what you want so i can get it for you! πŸ˜‰

          • Um pretty much just a hug.

          • *big hug from Haywie*

          • Well, there we have it. I’m set.

          • *bonus hug, just because*

          • *checks off all the item(s) on next year’s Christmas list*

          • Merry Christmas eve eve πŸ˜‰

          • Hewwo! Tanks youw! πŸ˜‰

          • You’re very welcome. How was your Christmas eve eve?

          • Purdy good! I listed a bunch of cheap stuff on eBay. Hehe. I hope something actually sells.

          • Haha good luck with that πŸ˜‰

          • Hehehe.

          • Will you have snow on Christmas at your house? It’s supposed to rain here…

          • It snowed tonight. Then rained. So..I kinda doubt it.

          • Oh.

          • I sold something!!

          • Heeeeey good for you! That didn’t take long lol

          • Hehehehe. Are you done being sick yet?

          • Not really, no. A little better this week though. I had some more blood work tests done on Thursday… maybe getting a diagnosis soon.

          • That would be good. :'( (Sammy doeshnd wike dat Haywie sickk.)

          • Aww. Haywie doesn’t like it too much either. But it’s okay.

          • *bwingsh tocwit*

          • I’m feeling better already.

          • Ooooh hehehe!! *brings chocolate ice cream and pie*

          • Full healing is just around the corner now, my friend.

          • *leaves for a minute and comes back with chocolate frosted donuts (with sprinkles, duh)*

          • Yup. The sprinkles have done it. It’s a Christmas miracle!

          • Hohoho!!

          • Heheheh

          • *hugggggggggggggggg*

          • *sends donuts*

          • *eats donuts* *sends french toast*

          • *eats French toast* *sends huggs*

          • Um hi?

          • hi :)

          • Oh dude. You’re alive. Are you done being sick yet?

          • Actually no. Still sick :/ But alive. which is good. πŸ˜›

          • Alive is good. I appreciate that…a lot.

          • :)

          • Hehehe.

          • Where are my manners… πŸ˜‰ How are you?

          • Tennessee, I think.

            I’m alive.

          • XD

            I’m glad. Very glad.

          • Oh. Yeah. Yay. :)

          • Life is a good thing, no? And besides, it’s a gift.

          • Yeah. *sends pallets of French toast*

          • Um. wow. I might need your help to eat that much… then again, maybe not ;p

          • Oh? Hmm. Cunundwum. Maybe you should invite me over sometime. Hehehe. *discovers chocolate* *invites Haylie over*

          • on my way.

          • *walks out the door to wait* *freezes* *goes back in and waits at the window*

          • Haha XD

          • *prepares hot chocolate*

          • mmmm… yes please.

          • THERE SHE IS!

          • *finishes packing a cargo ship with French toast*

          • I’m so ready for this.

          • Welcome aboard.

          • Thanks, Captain.

          • Hungry?

          • Always.

          • Have at it.

          • Hehe. Want any?

          • I’m actually full right now but if you want me to eat some I will.

          • Well, you don’t want me to eat alone now, do you? πŸ˜‰

          • Nope! We can’t have that! *commences festivities*

          • Haha XD

          • *gives Haylie the sprinkles*

          • :’) I’m so touched. That is friendship, right there.

          • Hehehe!!

          • Dude. I just found out NF is on tour right near where i live the week of my birthday…

          • Nice!!

          • ikr? too bad i prolly can’t go lol

          • Want a chocolate chip cookie?

          • Actually (what am I saying?), yes!

          • Good choice.

          • Obviously.

          • ;P

          • You look like you need a chocolate bar.

          • Smart boy.

          • Hehehe!!

          • And you need some donuts… with sprinkles, right?

          • Oh!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I dooooooo!!!

          • Coming right up.

          • Schweeeeeeeeeet!

          • Saaaaaaaaaaaaaam. Hi. Want some french toast?

          • Meeeeeeeeeeeeee. Hey. Yeah I’m hungry.

          • Oh good. :)

          • *dishes out chocolate ice cream*

          • YUSS

          • Would you like fries with that?

          • Absolutely. With the ice cream. Best combo ever.

          • Whipped cream and sprinkles too? Hot fudge?

          • All of the above.

          • On a bed of French toast?

          • OH MY. absolutely.

          • In a waffle cone?

          • Why not.

          • On a platter of brownies?

          • YES PLEASE

          • That’ll be $36.24 but I’ll waive that in the name of awesomeness.

          • Good, cuz i’m broke. Gotta rely on my awesome status now lol

          • I wouldn’t say that’s such a bad thing. πŸ˜€

          • lol i’ll see how far it goes XD

          • Come back tomorrow for a waffle castle filled with whipped cream and hot fudge.

          • What time lol

          • 12:07pm

          • cool. (i would literally do that, but imma be gone at a youth rally lol)

          • I just realized I probably won’t be home then either.

          • lol

          • Would you like to reschedule?

          • absolutely. πŸ˜‰

          • Pick a time.

          • idk… you pick

          • 8pm? It seems like an epic early night snack.

          • I should be around. πŸ˜‰

          • Be thinking about our midnight snack. I don’t have one picked yet.

          • Hmmm. okay, will do πŸ˜‰

          • Cookies!!!!

          • Ice cream sandwich of melting chocolate chip cookies served on a bed of snickerdoodle.

          • Buried by a heap of little marshmallows.

          • YUSSSS

          • *knocks on Haylie’s door*
            Your breakfast is ready: French toast stick cabin on the chocolate chip pancake plains.

          • *shows up with pizza*
            Oh yeah, you’re not home.

          • I’m home now. and dreadfully hungry.

          • *gives Haylie three boxes*

          • You’re the best.

          • I reserve that title for other people. πŸ˜€

          • Whatever πŸ˜‰

          • Hehehe!! I never said you had to. πŸ˜‰

          • πŸ˜‰ I know. So how was your day?

          • I went to a buffet. I is full.

          • Lol XD

          • *distributes the promised meals that we missed*

          • Why thank you. I’m quite hungry. I kinda just woke up and have only eaten ice cream so far.

          • Hehe!!

          • I had ice cream for breakfast.

          • *is excited*

          • yay

          • Heheheheeee!!

          • So I figured out why I’m so sick.

          • NO WAY.

            What is it?

          • An autoimmune disease. At least I’m not dying, right?

          • :'(”’

            Uh, yes that is a positive. Here’s some chocolate…

          • Thanks, friend. I really need it right now.

          • What does this mean for you?

          • Not really sure yet. It’s nice to know what’s been causing all my pain and fatigue… It’s just discouraging.

          • When did you find out?

          • Friday.

          • *elephant tears create puddle*

          • Hey. I’ll be okay. God’s got this.

          • Okedydokedydoke.

          • Haywie! Haywie! Haywiiieeeee!!

          • sammy? Saammmmmy!! What?

          • Meeeeeeeee! Youw Sammy mishesh youw.

          • Aww. :) How are you?

          • Mee guud!

          • Yay πŸ˜€

          • Howw ish Haywieee?

          • Grateful to be alive, but pretty sick.

          • Bumbum.

          • Have you ever heard of lupus?

          • Yeah.

          • That’s what my doctors are pretty sure i have.

          • Oh wait. What is it again?

          • I’d tell you to google it, but you’d probably think i was dying lol

          • So yeah. It’s kinda hard to explain.

          • So you’re dying.

          • NO no no not at all!

          • Yayyyyyyyy.

          • It’s just a confusing disease… and everyone reacts to it differently. So It’s hard to explain. Right now it’s causing me severe pain and insane fatigue.

          • :'(””’

          • Hey. I’ll be okay.

          • Good.

          • :)

          • Wowwwwwww.

          • yes?

          • Haha we’ve gotten this thread over 800 comments now. I only feel a little bad lol

          • Don’t feel bad. It’s probably good for popularity.

          • Let’s go with that. yeah.

          • Hehehe!!

          • So, if you’d be willing to pray for me, that my pain would lessen, I’d really appreciate it :) Anything I can pray for you about?

          • Willing?? You know that I am.

            Uh just life. It hurts.

          • Thanks Sam. I’ll continue to keep you in my prayers, for sure. Life does hurt. A lot.

          • Tanksh youw.

          • absolutely. anytime.

          • *wawksh upp and fyndsh Haywie*


          • Hey Sam :)

          • Hehehe!!

          • Dude. Go to bed.

          • Girl. Why are you up?

          • Idk. You?

          • Um well um reasons.

          • Good enough, I suppose.

          • Hardly. Hehe.

          • Got any food?

          • Chicken noodle soup. It’s really good. But I could make some cupcakes too.

            **Full disclosure: my mom made the soup**

          • You know that sounds amazing right now. Can I put on the sprinkles?

          • Uh sure why not…

          • :p thaaaanks

          • I mean you can unless you want me to do it hehe.

          • Or we could do half and half

          • Lol wouldn’t that be cute. What color do you want?

          • Uh. Idk.

          • Blue is usually nice.

          • Blue it is.

          • It might also need orange, red, yellow, pink, and green.

          • Taste the rainbow.

          • Oooh, refractions. I forgot purple.

          • Oh but I love purple let’s do that too

          • As it should be.

          • You should get some sleep. Goodnight. I expect cupcakes in the morning.

          • Oh I guess I didn’t make those yet, huh? See you in the morning.

          • *makes chocolate bars in the shape of pancakes*

          • YUSS

          • Would you like whipped cream with that?

          • Absolutely

          • I had a crazy sandwich today. It was a meatball sub but there were other leftovers in the fridge too. Hehehe.

          • My my. That’s quite interesting lol. I had roast beef… And it was delicious. I’ve been asleep so much lately I’ve hardly eaten any real food, so it was quite good.

          • Uh…yeah…that’s what the leftovers where: roast beef, potatoes, carots….

          • Lol that’s fantastic.

          • Actually yeah it kinda was. Hehe. I ate a little too much though.

          • That’s okay. Life is short. Enjoy food.

          • Yeah pretty much.

          • Im researching a bunch of gluten and/or grain free diets right now and considering them for health reasons. My French toast days might be put on hold, sadly.

          • Bumbum. I know a girl who could tell you all about making awesome gluten free foods. Too bad she isn’t around right now.

          • That could be rather beneficial lol

          • How fast can you get to Kentucky?

          • Ummm… I’m not exactly sure… *googles it* 10 hours.

          • Yeah, it’s longer for me. Could you pick me up and I’ll provide the food and entertainment on the way down?

          • Haha sure. πŸ˜‰

          • Yessssssssss. This is gonna be the best thing everrrrrrrr.

          • Roadtrip! Whoop whoop!

          • I’m make sure to bring some NF for us to listen to when I get boring. (Then again, you won’t get boring, so that won’t be necessary right?)

          • Oh my word yess. I mean no. I mean… Just bring it anyways. πŸ˜‰

          • Hehehe. You um, drive, right?

          • Yeah

          • I have a Jimmy John’s and a Panera Bread gift card. What sounds good to you? *votes for Arby’s*

          • Arbys all the way. I love me some curly fries.

          • Fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!! Okay Panera’s gonna hafta wait. <3

          • Well I mean we could go there too…

          • It’s not like we won’t have time to on the way down. πŸ˜‰ Plus it would be fitting to take that girl to lunch while we’re there, even though that kinda goes against the point of learning special diet cooking from her. Whatevs tho. πŸ˜›

          • Ha. Haha. Ya know XD

          • Dude where do you want to live? I mean, when it’s time to move.

          • Ummm. I kinda like where I live actually.

          • That’s great. Keep it that way. I don’t know if I’d rather be somewhere else or not.

          • Yeah. I haven’t had to think much about it I guess.

          • That’s totally okay. πŸ˜€

          • *thinks* Well, mostly okay anyway.

          • Haha. Dude, I just had some legit chocolate cake.

          • Girl, I trust you, but uh, reality check: did it have sprinkles?

          • No. But I’m telling ya, it didn’t need it. It was so good.

          • Woahhhhhh. That kind of cake?

          • I said it was good!!!

          • Preach it!

          • Haha

          • Got any brownies?

          • About seven, I imagine.

          • That should do it, yeah.

          • Can I get you anything else tonight?

          • A double shot mocha latte with extra whip cream wouldn’t hurt… But I don’t wanna put you out or anything.

          • I’m not exactly sure what makes a mocha latte. :/

            But I suppose if it was shot twice it might make a mocha late.

          • Aren’t you the funny one X’D

          • Uh, don’t ask me!

          • Lol

          • Seriously though, whoever came up with the names for coffees was kind of a jerk. Kind of.

          • Yeeeeah. I don’t disagree lol

          • finally

          • Finally what lol?

          • A coffee person who agrees with me.

          • Gotcha.

          • Hehehe!!

          • Hayyyylieeeee. :)

          • Hey! wasup?

          • I watched a movie for once. It was fun. Hehehe.

          • Haylie, wherefore art thou???

          • I’m here.

          • Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
            *makes all the food*

          • :)

          • Hungry, m’dear?

          • always

          • Also yay.

          • foooooooooooooooood

          • Yeah pretty much.

          • I think we need to branch out… we need something salty in our diets, right?

          • What are you suggesting?

          • Umm… that man can’t live by chocolate alone. I’ve tried.

          • Knowest thou not that French toast has come upon us for such a time as this?

          • So man can live by french toast and chocolate alone?

          • No, not alone. There have to be friends too.

          • Oh. That makes sense.

          • This is terrible. I’m watching Tangled again before my rental ends.

          • it was on TV last night!! I was so happy.

          • For real? That sounds convenient.

          • It was except i missed half of it cuz i was at church lol

          • Bummer!!

          • not really. i mean. church is good. I was actually just riding home with some friends and jamming out at that pointy anyways lol

          • Frieeennnnnnndddds…

          • Yeah…? XD

          • I like when it have those. Hehehe!

          • Hey, you’ve got me!

          • Therefore, “I like”.

          • πŸ˜€

          • Yup. Pretty much.

          • I had lasagna for dinner. It was good.

          • You torment me! Fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.

          • oopsies. forgive me. i think there might be a piece left tho.

          • It’s alright. Seriously. Foooooooooooooooooooooooood.

          • *innocent smile* Food.

          • Girl…

          • yeah?

          • I have no idea how you do that…

          • what?

          • Good question. Something about looking innocent and food and stuff.

          • okey dokey. whatever you say.

          • Foooooooooooood.

          • Haha

          • So uh yeah. There’s still time to watch the last 30 minutes of Tangled with me?

          • I’m on my way.

          • Your Disqus comment tells me that Jason wrote another article. *is fascinated*

          • It’s a good one!

          • I KNOW!!! The problem is that I’m slow and stuff so I’ve only read like half of it.

          • *wooksh ebwywhewe fow Haywie*

          • πŸ˜‰

          • *howpsh dat meensh mee fynded hew*

          • Well, I’m here, so.

          • Have you ever had a Runza?

          • Nope. I actually had to look that up.

          • All the more reason for you to come to Nebraska sometime.

          • Next week work for you?

          • Totally.

          • Alright. My bike can get me there sometime next week.

          • Haha. You’d need a few Runza’s at that point, I think.

          • True, true.

          • :)

          • When did you start playing piano?

          • I was 8, i think.

          • Hehehe wittow Haywie. :’D

          • Oh my word. I was a weird child… haha.

          • Ooh tell me everything. ;’)

          • I was just, weird lol.

          • Heheheheeee…

          • I still remember my first recital… I had to play first. But because it was my first recital i didn’t know that was a big deal, and I wasn’t nervous. XD

          • Hehehe! So does that mean it went well?

          • I think so? lol

          • You are an interesting one lol.

          • Haha yeah, yeah i am.

          • *gives brownies to the interesting one to see if anything interesting happens*

          • I’ll eat them… good enough?

          • *shrugs* I guess that will have to do for this time.

          • Haha. Good.

          • Tell me about your childhood. (It’s a lip.)

          • My lips turned blue, what could I do, she had a beard, and it felt weird, my friends all laughed… USTAH!

            (and that literally sums up my childhood XD)

          • Except for that one recital, I must remind you.

          • Oh yeah. There was that.

          • Have you ever thrown your mashed potatoes up against the wall?

          • Nope. #goals

          • *brags* I have. Did you know that big spoons are good catapults?

          • This is important information. Now, I just have to paint yellow daisies on a big red rubber ball. And ya know, Go to Boston in the fall. And bury treasure in St. Louis. Aaaaaand St. Paul.

          • I already did the Boston part. #winning

          • Well then i guess I’m #losing. :(

          • What? No, goodness no. That’s not how this works. *sneaks a brownie out of his pocket*

          • Broooowniiiiiiies!!!

          • Fooooooooooood. *gives it to Haylie*

          • No no no, we share food, remember?

          • *steals a little back when Haylie isn’t looking*

          • That’s still not how sharing works lol

          • *accidently talks with his mouth full* It isn’t?

          • No, Sam, it isn’t. See, I’m giving you food. You don’t need to take it. And close you’re mouth when you’re eating for heaven’s sake! πŸ˜› XD

          • Foooooooooooooooood. <3

          • Yes yes. Food. <3

          • Fooooooood. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

          • French toaaaast…

          • YUSSSSSS

          • :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

          • 1010th comment on this DQ… lol

          • Hehe yayyyy!!

          • How’s it going?

          • It’s schweeeeeeet! I spent the weekend at camp and it was excellent.

          • AWW FUN! I wish i could spend a weekend at my camp lol

          • *schemes to sneak Haylie away*

          • Haha XD

          • I’m having a lovely time despite how terrible I feel right now. πŸ˜€

          • You feel terrible? That’s not good.

          • Yeah, sore and stuff. I didn’t realize I was until I got out of the van.

          • Haha i know that feeling all too well XD You ride all the way home and you get out and like “Why do i feel like I’m dying oh my word”.

          • Basically my bed might as well be a stretcher right now.

          • Oh that bad huh? I’m so sorry. You poor dear.

          • Um no not that bad. *gets out the pop tarts*

          • Haha funny story… hate pop tarts. I had them ALL THE TIME as a kid and now I can’t stand them. So you enjoy that pop tart, sir.

          • Dude. Like, I had the brown sugar ones or whatever like all the time for like years. So I started hating them. Then recently I remembered how good I had it and yeah I miss it. I got pop tarts for Christmas and honestly it was one of the most exciting things ever. ;’)

          • OH MY WORD. yes. the brown sugar ones. We had them all the time. Food is like, the most exciting gift ever.

          • Okay what do you want to eat tonight?

          • Actually, I’ll take a pop tart. For old times sake. Why not.

          • Hehehe!!

          • Haylie, Haylie. Where is yourself?

          • Right here :)

          • *is happy*

          • Good.

          • Oops. This got buried under like 40 emails. I miss you already lol.

          • Haha no worries XD

          • Wasuuuuuuuuup??

          • Not a whole lot. My bro is home for spring break, which makes me happy. My pain levels were bad this week again. But i actually made it to church! *happy* hbu?

          • Yayyyyyy. That’s pretty happy.

            Mee? I don’t know. I’ve been good. πŸ˜‰

          • Yeah, you. πŸ˜‰ And good. I’m glad.

          • Meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

          • I almost don’t wanna ask this, but I’m genuinely curious… How’s school coming along for you? (I’m annoying. I’m so sorry.)

          • Nooooooooo.

            It’s actually going better now.

          • I said sorry πŸ˜‰ I’m glad! Progress is good.

          • Hehe eeeeek.

          • eeeeek?

          • Hehe yesh, “eeeeek”.

          • I’m still not sure what I’m doing. at all. I’m so close to graduating and yet so far. :/

          • Aw poor thing. I understand.

          • The thought of being a college student in the fall scares me to death, yet I want it so badly! Ugh. I hate senior year XD

          • Oh you’re a senior thing? “Eeeeeeek.”

          • Well. Yes. But no. But yes. But I haven’t decided whether or not i can actually finish now, with how sick I’ve been. And yes. Very much EEEEK.

          • Heheheeeeeeeek!

          • Haha XD

          • *maykesh da bwowniesh*

          • YESS wow i think this is the longest we’ve held a conversation without food. It was abut time lol

          • Well…fooooooooooooood.

          • Thanks, friend.

          • Lol what did I ever do?

          • A lot more than you’ll ever know.

          • Sounds like one of us is keeping secrets. πŸ˜‰

          • Me? Secrets? Nahhhh.

          • Hmm. You’re not one to keep secrets from me. *stuffs her face with brownies*

          • You’re right. Smart boy. And BROWNIES.

          • Dats foooooooood.

          • Wow, you really are smart πŸ˜‰

          • I know food when I see it. *sees a fish* Fish are friends, not food.


          • Let me call a doctor.

          • Ya know, that’s not a bad idea…

          • *also calls the pizza place*

          • That’s a better idea. What toppings?

          • Uh, your favorites, silly.

          • Why my favorites? Isn’t it your turn for that?

          • No, this was supposed to be my opportunity to be reminded of what toppings you like.

            But um bacon does quite nicely sometimes.

          • BACON. yes, that will do.

          • It’s your turn to tell me your favorite, oh great keeper of secrets.

          • Oh yeah. Well. Actually bacon is probably my favorite. Seriously.

          • This needs to be breakfast.

          • *remembers that there is chicken bacon pizza in my fridge as we speak*

          • *sneaks to the fridge*

          • Hold up, my mom is making waffles.

          • We had waffles for dinner a few days ago lol

          • There should be an award for that.

          • Right?

          • Mom bought me donuts. (actually she bought them for my brother… I didn’t want them because donuts in the house + Haylie with little self-control = Haylie eating too many donuts)

          • Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife.

          • There just might be a few left, if you want one…

          • Nah, I had some for breakfast. I’ll be alright.

          • Well. If you say so.

          • I also had one for lunch.

          • XD Sounds like you’re doing okay then, huh?

          • I might be… πŸ˜‰

          • And I keep secrets… riiiight.

          • Yes ma’am.

          • πŸ˜‰

          • Okay for real though, what did you eat today?

          • For real, a donut. And I kinda forgot to eat lunch.

          • Foooooooood.

          • I like food. Yeah. Food is good.

          • What are you doing?

          • I’ve been at a classical piano workshop and concert all evening. And now I’m very hungry. What are you doing?

          • I was busy feeling sick, tired, and otherwise miserable. I’m a bit better now.

          • I’m sorry. :(

          • Nod bee sowwy!

          • no?

          • Hehe no. Foooooooooood.

          • I’m still sorry. Being miserable is no fun.

          • You can stop being sorry now. I just had foooood.

          • You can’t make me. But ya know. Food is good.

          • I do know.

          • Cold pizza is calling my name. I forgot to eat lunch again. XD

          • Yes yes yes yes yes

          • yes?

          • That sounds AWESOME.

          • Haha. yeah it does. now the hard part… getting up. lol

          • You can do it Haylie. This light and momentary affliction can’t even compare to the pizza that’s in the fridge.

          • That is so poetic and inspiring. XD

          • You’re inspiring. πŸ˜›

          • Oh really now? ;p

          • Yes ma’am.

          • Well. That’s good I guess.

          • Hehehe…

          • Hey :)

          • Itsh Haywie!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. *maykesh mowe bwowniesh*

          • Yes please. Haylie really wants a brownie right now.

          • Hehehe. Foooood.

          • pretty much.

          • What’s your favorite kind of chocolate for that?

          • Does it even matter? πŸ˜‰

          • Not usually.

          • if it’s chocolate, i’m good.

          • Peanut butter?

          • It’s not your favorite, right?

          • Um. No.

          • So, no peanut butter.

          • Aww you’re so sweet. *adds sprinkles*

          • Not really lol. but okay. yes to the sprinkles.

          • Tell me your true feelings about peanut butter.

          • I’m honestly not a huge fan of it myself. My little brother used to eat peanut butter and cheese *gags* sandwhiches all the time and it kinda ruined peanut butter for me.

          • What? No. *cries because of the perversion*

          • It’s pretty sad. I really don’t think i’ve healed from that yet.

          • I’m gonna call a counselor and see if we can get a session for both of us.

          • That’s the best idea you’ve had in a while XD

          • Thank you, thank you. I think.

          • Is it bad that “therapy session” is playing in my head lol

          • I hope not. It’s a good song (if you can call it that).

          • Haha. Yeah.

          • Hehehe. I haven’t listened to that stuff much recently.

          • I haven’t either. much.

          • I haven’t listened to much music at all recently. But Lecrae and friends have been nice.

          • yeah. I don’t know what i’ve been listening to lol… it’s been a lot of everything.

          • Hehehe I think.

          • you think? you think what?

          • “Hehehe” is my default thought when I don’t know what to think.

          • I’ve noticed. πŸ˜‰

          • It’s… It’s not a secret?

          • nope. but i’m okay with that πŸ˜‰

          • You are?

          • Absolutely. I need some laughter in my life. Even if it’s just a “hehe” because you didn’t know what to say.

          • Lucky you. Hehe.

          • Lucky?

          • Um. Hehe.

          • Hahaha

          • Hohoho. Merry Christmas. Or birthday. Almost.

          • Actually yeah, it’s kinda close to my birthday XD

          • I know. Hehehe.

          • You remembered? I’m flattered. I didn’t even remember lol.

          • I do remember, actually. *checks calendar* Yup, it’s about where I thought it was.

          • I’m impressed! I know about when your birthday is… ish.

          • Creeper! jk jk

          • lol I am not! take that back! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

          • Clearly I would be making myself guilty of the same charge if I were to press it upon you.

          • This is very true XD

          • I don’t do stupid things like that, sometimes.

          • lol

          • Hehehe.

          • Well. Hmm. *tries to make interesting and intelligent conversation*


          • *tries to make words fall out of gaping mouth*


          • Well. as long as we’re failing together… with brownies… it’s cool.

          • I agrrreee.

          • :)

          • Heheheheeeee!!

          • How are you tonight, my friend?

          • Meeeeeeee!! I’m much better tonight than I was last Wednesday.

          • Well, improvement is good, right? :) I’m glad to hear that.

          • Hehe yesh. How art thou?

          • I’m alive.

          • Well, alive is good, right? πŸ˜‰

          • I suppose.

          • Youw shuppozesh? Datsh it?

          • That’s all i got tonight πŸ˜‰

          • Otay. *fyndsh waffows fow Haywie*

          • okay okay, being alive is good. cuz i mean, waffles.

            (among more important things XD)

          • Ohhh, French toast?

          • Now you’re catching on.

          • Fire! Why didn’t you tell me to turn it down?

          • A fire? *exclaims your full name here*, what have you done?!

          • I put it out with whipped cream, no worries. No wait that didn’t work. Oil these days… Ummmm… sprinkles maybe?

          • Your guess is as good as mine… but please do something, unless you want to kill us both XD You can use the brownies but only if you must.

          • *spills milk all over the fire* Don’t cry, it’s over. *shoves brownies in her face to make her feel better*

          • *mumbles with food in her mouth* I feel much better now.

          • Going to heaven together would have been pretty epic though, I must say.

          • True. But hopefully not because you started a grease fire making french toast XD

          • The epitaph might read “HE DIED MAKING HIS FAVORITE FOOD WITH HIS BEST FRIEND AT HIS SIDE”. Meh, slightly lame.

          • Oh my word I think i may die of laughter.

          • Take me with you.

          • I can’t tell jokes. I’m quite terrible at making people laugh.

          • Hehehe…then I guess you’ll just have to stick with making people smile. πŸ˜‰ I don’t think I could stop right now if I wanted to.

          • Me neither. πŸ˜‰

          • It’s an epidemic!!!! Yikes!

          • Look what you’ve done.

          • Was it my terrible cooking?

          • Or the way that I casually stood by when you tried to put out a fire with whipped cream?

            (or the way that we just created an entire fake disaster, for no other reason than to smile)

          • Too many possibilities. I can’t even think through all of those. Is French toast on that menu?

          • oh yeah.

          • Well, thanks for the smiles. I needed that. Goodnight. Don’t burn anything else down, okay?

          • Aw byyyye. *puts whipped cream on everything as comfort*

          • So. I’m supposed to decide whether or not I’m gonna graduate this spring, by the end of the month. *nervous laughter* I literally have no idea what i’m doing.

          • Poor little thing. Aw.

          • It’s really frustrating. Yesterday I was sure I could graduate. Now I’m not so sure. I change my mind every day! Is it really march already? Good grief.

          • Are you close?

          • Sorta. Yeah.

          • Yay!!

          • I’ve worked so hard to finish this year… but now I’m not sure that’s the best idea.

          • Aw. :/

          • Yeah… we’ll see how this turns out lol

          • Hehehe!

          • Are you on facebook?

          • Nah, just Twitter. Look me up.

            I would consider Facebook now because I know a lot of people now who are around there but not other places.

          • I’m not on twitter lol XD I just wondered cuz i’ve posted a few medical updates on my fb and stuff, and I know you’ve been praying for me about that. But no worries, I can keep you updated here.

          • I didn’t think so. Most people aren’t. You should still look me up though. Every once in a while I post something good. Hehehe.

            Oh yeah please tell me. That would be great.

          • Okey dokey :) But if you ever get fb let me know lol

          • I wouldn’t miss it. Hehehe.

          • Okay.

          • Did something happen?

          • no not really. I started physical therapy last week. it’s hard. that’s it.

          • What happens there?

          • Well, they’re having me workout really hard to try to push through the pain and get stronger again. I actually see a therapist once a week, but i’m supposed to be working out every day. It’s… painful. But all in the hope of being pain free soon. I hope :/

          • Well um…good?

          • Maybe?

          • Yayyyyy.

          • I don’t even know anymore. I’m just doing what they tell me lol

          • Hey. It’s okay.

          • I hope it will be.

          • Shh.

          • okay.

          • Oh whoops. *gently pries Haylie’s mouth open to add brownies*

          • XD

          • Oh thank you. That makes things much easier. πŸ˜‰

          • Oh yeah, I guess it does. I’m so smart.

          • I know.

          • Sarcasm, Sam. It was sarcasm.

          • Whut…

          • Never mind XD pass me another brownie.

          • *passes platter*

          • Haha you know me too well.

          • *sets up conveyor belt from platter to mouth* Nah. *takes it down* It’s way more fun when I stuff your face lol. I should stop that. Wait. I know the problem. *stuffs his own face*

          • Thank you. I was about to help you out there. I hate eating brownies by myself!

          • I wouldn’t have been offended. Hehehe.

          • Hahaha.

          • You know me too well.

          • Yup.

          • Oh no you admit it too.

          • Uh huh πŸ˜‰

          • Will I get in trouble for this?

          • nah

          • Heheheheheeeeeeeeeeee!!

          • Oh no you’ve run out of things to say!! *scrambles to find something interesting to say*

          • Eggs! Scrambled eggs! Heheheheeeeeeeeeeee!!

          • Umm. That’s not really where i was going with that. But it chill. How do you feel about scrambled eggs?

          • Food. Life. Basically food.

            I was going to have French toast yesterday, but when I went to pick it up it turned out to be a grilled cheese sandwich. I don’t usually like those but this one was alright.

          • I had a grilled cheese for dinner yesterday XD

          • Annnnnnnd?

            Okay then how do you feel about scrambled eggs?

          • Umm. idk. sometimes they’re good.

          • Hehehe.

          • *talking to self* be more interesting, Haylie!

            Umm. What’s your favorite color?

            oh Haylie, that’s not interesting

          • You’re bad at this. You are interesting.

            Orange, silly. Or blue, depending who’s asking or what day it isn’t.

          • Oh. Well. That’s good.

            Oh, orange. did i know that? oops.

          • Probably. Hehehe.

          • Oh dear. Well, I’ll remember now, i guess lol

          • Oh dear.

          • Oh?

          • Yeah. Oh, and dear. They go together sometimes.

          • Oh.

          • Mhm. Hehehe.

          • Have you tried coffee yet?

          • No ma’am.

          • :/

          • It’s okay. I’ll live. ;P

          • I think I will too, if you don’t mind.

          • lol whatever.

          • lol go to bed

          • it’s only 9 tho XD

          • Oh that’s right. You live on the west coast of the eastern states. ;P And I’m the one who only slept for three hours last night.

          • 3 hours. dude. I’m not your mom or anything, but sleep is good πŸ˜€

          • Mhm. But it was for a good reason. I spent the day in Ohio and didn’t get home until 4:10. I needed to be up for church by 7:30.

          • Well, at least you have a good reason. πŸ˜‰ I accidentally slept for 15 hours the other day…

          • Accidentally?

          • Yeah… like i had no clue what time it was and my body just kept sleeping lol. I didn’t wake up til my mom called me at like, 2pm.

          • Wowwwwwww. Hehehe.

          • Yeah. So, you must be exhausted then, huh?

          • I actually feel pretty great right now. This morning was horrible though.

          • Oooh I bet. Dude, I respect you for even trying to go to church lol

          • I had to be there. We would have stayed the night in Ohio if we weren’t needed back at church.

          • Oh. I understand.

          • Yeeeeep. Fun, right?

          • Always.

          • Hehehe just like you.

          • Oh dear me, i hope not.

          • Oops! I meant fun, not that kind of fun.

          • Ooooooh. Got it.

          • Heheheheheheheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

          • πŸ˜‰

          • Yup.

          • Yup yup.

          • Get some sleep, okay?

          • want some ice cream? I have extra.

          • Is that..possible? I’m down.

          • idk lol

          • I just started a t-shirt fundraiser. Never done that before. Hehehe.

          • Whoa. Cool. What for?

          • It’s for Brett and Ana. But it’s a YWW shirt. See?

            I picked the additional colors and set up the fundraiser but the design and idea weren’t mine.

          • Heeeey, that’s pretty neat! I do see!

          • *gets out glasses* I do too.

          • Now I know what to tell my parents to get me for my birthday hehehehe

          • The shirt?

          • yeah

          • Hehehe. If not, I could buy one to give you when we meet up. I’m probably gonna design a shirt for Revive or something sometime. (Actually I did once or twice, but we didn’t try to sell it.) This is way too much fun.

          • You should! I’m sure all your revive-ers (what do you call yourselves?) would love it. So are you managing the sales and shipping and stuff, or just the webpage?

          • Reviver…Revivians. I’ve heard a few things. I haven’t picked one.

            See, we all love the shirts, but there are a few fundamental problems with it. We have a certain number of members. Most of them are young and don’t have a payment method. So most of them would have to ask their parents to buy one (and then probably repay them). But, a lot of teens don’t have that kind of money to spend. And finally, some people find it weird to wear a shirt for an online community that no one has heard of. If there’s ever a conference, we’d definitely sell shirts. But for now it’s still in talks.

            I literally just clicked a few buttons and wrote some stuff. Booster makes it very easy to set one of these up. They inflate the cost a little bit, but it’s not too bad really. I wanted to have a bulk shipment sent to me so I could ship them out for almost $2 less. I decided it wasn’t worth the trouble, since it would make things more complicated for both me (I wouldn’t mind) and the buyer (I do mind).

            I’m actually thinking about creating my own alternative to Booster. It wouldn’t be quite as fancy, but if it saves on future shirt stuff it would be cool.

          • Oh I see. Sometimes I wish i had gotten involved on Revive. I love what you did with it.

            And lol well, i’m glad it was simple to set up. I’m so tech challenged i probably wouldn’t have been able to do even that, much less dream up a website that would be simpler.

            I can’t decide which color shirt i should get lol XD

          • What did I did with it?

            I can’t either! My church used the sapphire color before with white text, and I loved it. I saw the red and couldn’t help but add it to the list. The forest green looked great. We’ve done purple too and those are nice. Pink, cuz why not. Then the hoodie because I was feeling creative lol.

          • With Revive, as a whole. You put quite a bit of work into it, yeah? I know a lot of people appreciate it.

            I can’t decide! And I hate decisions. I love the hoodie, but I’m pretty broke lol. I like the red… and the sapphire. And the purple.

          • Hehe I guess so.

            Welllllllll, it would only cost $100+shipping to get all of them. *doesn’t necessarily have that much*

          • Well, I’ll figure it out lol.

          • And tell me so I know what to get for myself lol. I think I’ll get one. That hoodie is cool. So are the shirts. Eeeeek!

            I’ve gotta do a Revive one.

            The thing is that most of my family has never heard of YWW. And some haven’t heard of Revive. So then if I get the apparel I’d have to explain it.

            A Rebelution shirt would be nice. I know there were a few designs for those that used to be for sale. I don’t know if you can get them anywhere anymore.

          • I just ordered a sapphire one. :)

            I don’t think you can get Reb shirts anymore. I wish you could. I would so wear one.

          • <3

          • What lol

          • I’m so happy lol. You bought one and I haven’t yet.

          • I beat you. πŸ˜‰

          • I’m okay with that. *finds another platter of brownies*

          • YES PLEASE.

          • *feeds Haylie*

          • Thanks, friend. πŸ˜€

          • Can I schedule a visit for next month? We need to get pictures together in our new shirts.

          • I’m game. You know where to find me. Next to the cornfield XD

            (like for serious tho that would be amazing)

          • Oh yeah. Could you wave a piece of food in the air to help me find you?

            Do you realize how much it would cost to make that trip? I could buy you all the shirts or come see you. Hmm…yup, I’d definitely rather see you.

          • lol I’ll be sure to do that.

            That would be quite the cost. Too much. Too bad things like trips cost money. What’s up with that? πŸ˜‰

          • It would be worth it tho…

            Coming back to Michigan anytime soon? πŸ˜‰

          • I wish! But no plans as of yet. :/

          • *makes plans* Here you go.

          • Haha. I wish that’s how that worked lol. I’d be there in a heartbeat. I wonder what the half way point between us is…

          • Um probably somewhere about halfway between your state and mine? You do the math. You’re the only one of us that knows where you live, and I’ve told you where I am.

          • Oh yeah. Hold on.

          • *grabs the nearest brownie and holds it*

          • I think that puts us somewhere in Iowa then lol

          • That’s nice.

            Can you sneak off to Pennsylvania for a week in late July? I would so pay for you to be at TLC with me.

          • Oh i wish. I love Pennsylvania.

          • Me too. Permission to kidnap you, please? There are brownies in it for you.

          • I’m chill with that. As long as there’s brownies.

          • Right? I could just see you being so happy in anything if there were brownies.

          • I’m not hard to please πŸ˜‰

          • I know dat. πŸ˜‰

          • But you know, I’d just be happy to meet you. Brownies aside.

          • Woah. What’s wrong with you?

          • Absolutely nothing. Brownies are life… but some things are still more important.

          • Jesus yayyyyyyyy.

          • Well, yeah that too πŸ˜›

          • Did you eat anything today?

          • A donut. and a cup of coffee. It was good.

          • Yay. I think.

            I had some cereal (why is that even a thing?) and two of those small donuts that barely deserve the name. But they were good.

          • Oh yeah i had a bowl of cereal for lunch. I forgot about that.

          • Hehehe.

          • I became perplexed 22 seconds ago. Are you in the YWW?

          • Actually, no. I’m not. I was so sick when it started that all I could do was cheer from the sidelines.

          • Cool. I’m in it but I’ve watched only like one of the twenty videos. So it’s like I’m not lol.

          • Lol good job πŸ˜‰ (p.s. i edited my above comment right when you replied so you might not have seen it)

          • Aw :/

          • It’s okay :)

          • I guess

          • I’ll live. Enjoy it for me tho, okay?

          • Okeydokey

          • :)

          • So is TLC actually at Summit University (or whatever they call it now XD) or what?

          • Yeah, it’s on campus at Clarks Summit University. Five nights in a dorm. Twelve general sessions. Two two-day workshops. Food that should not be counted. πŸ˜‰

          • That sounds so fun.

          • Oops! I didn’t even tell you about the “fun” part. They do a game on the quad every night. Sometimes it’s really fun. I don’t usually join in anymore though. The dodgeball tournament is classic. Soccer, volleyball, and handball are alright too. Hehe.

            I must see you…sometime.

          • Haha, I love dodge ball, but sports were never really my thing. I was the lame kid at camp who stood on the side lines til a counselor had to drag me into participation XD But I can actually enjoy myself now lol.

            Sometime. Yes, please.

          • I’m probably more like you than you’d expect. I’m not a sports person either.


          • Except football. I love football. I love it so much i forgot about it… πŸ˜‰
            Umm. I don’t know yet. Trust me I’ve tried and tried to figure it out.

          • Really? I actually don’t really understand football.


          • I was born into a family that loves football. So. I learned to love it lol but I actually do enjoy playing it too.

          • Hehe.

            Yes, you were thinking about it.

          • Of course I was.

          • Hehehe.

          • you have, obviously πŸ˜‰

          • Yes ma’am.

          • I wish i was gonna be in michigan again this summer.

          • Mhm.

          • But nope. Stuck in the cornfield. Until fall. And then I might be at college. But who knows at this point XD

          • Eeek.

          • basically.

          • Hehehe…or something.

          • wow, creative.

          • I’m like that sometimes.

          • Haha no way

          • No, really. It actually happens somehow.

          • Okay. If you say so. :)

          • Don’t believe anything I say. πŸ˜›

          • “believe me” he says… then “don’t believe me” he says… so confusing!

          • like totally girl

          • Okay now I’m entirely confused XD

          • Hehehe…

          • But it’s okay. We can still be friends. Pass the brownies.

          • Really? *mindlessly passes them*

          • *stuffs face with brownies* absholufely

          • Yay.

          • Heheheh

          • That’s impressive.

          • Like you πŸ˜‰

          • Oh no

          • no?

          • Hehehe you’re impressive.

          • Oh no

          • Oh yes yes yes

          • :/

          • Hey shh it’s okay

          • Yeah?

          • Yeah, really

          • so I’m supposed to believe you now?

          • If it would make you feel better

          • It would, if i could.

          • Could what?

          • believe it was okay.

          • Bummer…

          • yeah

          • Aw :'(

          • Hey I’m fine. It’s fine. Eat another brownie.

          • Sorry. I’m not fine.

          • You’re not? :(

          • Something happened and I just noticed tonight. I may have lost something that took a lot of work from both me and someone else.

          • Yikes. I’m so sorry. :(

          • It’s…okay…somehow.

          • okay. :(

          • Hiiiiiiiii.

          • Heeeey

          • Hehehe!!!

          • wasup?

          • Hehehe nothing good.

          • aww.

          • *puts sprinkles in the brownies* I feel better now.

          • Yeah?

          • Yeah, except now I have to sit through another 53 minutes of painful youth group.

          • Painful? Oh dear. That bad?

          • Yeah, usually.

          • I’m sorry.

          • Have a brownie.

          • I think i will. I’m on my way out the door for prayer meeting. I’ve never actually been part of a traditional youth group. #smallchurchlife

          • Most youth groups are so bad you aren’t missing out on much. Some are really good. I know what I’m missing.

          • It’s really terrible. I wish it didn’t have to be that way.

          • Yeah.

          • well. church starts in ten minute. I should prolly go. it’s so chill tho, I usually show up five minutes late.

          • Hehehehe. You live close, don’t you?

          • close-ish. not on the same property tho, which i’m kinda glad about.

          • Ohhh, nice. My church owns the house on the next property over.

          • Gotcha. I live like three blocks away. It’s nice. there’s space between church and home, but i also don’t have to leave until church has already started XD

          • Ah. I live just a little bit further away than that.

          • gotcha. (you survive youth group?)

          • *limps up with battle scars* Yeah, and it wasn’t even that bad this week.

          • Oh you poor dear. I don’t suppose brownies will help much. :(

          • I do.

          • Oh well okay then.

          • *hopes they will be passed*

          • Consider it done. Have one. or two. or all of them.

          • Thank you, m’dear. Fooooooooooooooooooooooood.

          • My pleasure. :)

          • Hehehehee!!!!

          • It rained today. *making random conversation to pass the time… apologies*

          • I’m told there might be snowflakes tonight. *mutters*

          • ooooh. Snow. We hardly got any snow this year. i was kinda sad.

          • Same. It’s raining.

            I was supposed to do a dude’s driveway this winter, but only if it was bad. They drive an SUV and a pickup, so it wasn’t too important. I did it exactly twice. *is still waiting to be paid*

          • Being paid is good XD Last year we got a really good blizzard. Like, legit blizzard. And then this year, hardly any snow. It was just cold.

          • Yup.

            Hehe yayyyyy!! *feeds more brownies and little donuts*

          • yaaaaaaaaaaaaay

          • #easytoplease

          • usually πŸ˜‰

          • Not always? Hmm. I should know this.

          • Eh. usually food is all it takes lol.

          • Hehehehehehehehehehee. *brings out the big donuts*

          • That’s more like it.

            On a depressing side note, I’m kinda in a lot of pain today. Can you pray for me?

          • Eek! Okay.

          • It wasn’t that bad… just enough to really discourage me.

          • That’s more than I allow for.

          • I wish that’s how that worked. :/

          • *gets out the boxing gloves and threatens it*

          • aww :’)

          • *takes the gloves off and beats it up like a martial artist*

          • Now, THAT is impressive.

          • *bows*

          • :)

          • Hehehe.

          • Hehehe meeeeee!

          • you?

          • Meeee!

          • What about you?

          • Behold, my name has appeared.

          • Oh man, I’m so out of it today lol. You literally had to spell that out for me haha. Is there a reason behind such a drastic change? πŸ˜‰

          • It kinda drives me nuts when people think they’re maintaining a significant level of “privacy” when they only use their full name on some of their identifiable public profiles. This is just about the only place I haven’t been using it this year, so why hold out?

            Like my address: It already goes out to strangers who buy from my eBay store, right? I’m not really hiding anything.

          • Huh. That’s actually a really good point lol. And no, you’re really not hiding anything.

            I’ve always debated putting my real name up… even after my articles I never changed my Disqus. And my articles were still only published under my first and middle names… I don’t think i’ve ever used my last name on here anyways.

          • Nah. I actually thought I knew your last name. Apparently I was wrong, since I recently found out what it actually is. I think.

            *attempts stalkerish things* Yeah, you’re doing a good job of remaining artificially anonymous. I know a few things about you, and I still can’t really find anything. Good job. *passes brownies*

          • Oh you do? what do you think it is?

            A few things? lol. Oooh yes, brownies.

          • Is it the one that starts with an H?

          • Umm. No. what did you think it was before?

          • Edits take too long sometimes. ^

          • Oh… yes, that one. probably. ;p

          • Yes ma’am.

          • Ohhhh the t-shirt. right?

          • Yes ma’am. Hehe.

          • Aha. I see now.

          • I did too. πŸ˜‰

          • I’m surprised you haven’t like, figured out where i live yet lol. That sounds so creepy XD But it’s not hard once you’ve got my last name. Yay unique names :/ not.

          • It isn’t hard? I’ve been trying! I need to know what cornfield to look next to when I bring the brownies.

          • No it’s really not XD

          • Therrrrrre she is. It would have been SO MUCH easier if I would stop thinking you lived in Missouri. πŸ˜›

          • Hahahahahahaha okay. there. now you know.

          • Lucky meeee!! *dashes into the cornfields*

          • Good luck with that. watch out for the coyotes. and mountain lions… and maybe you should just stay home. πŸ˜‰

          • Eek. It’s worth it. I’ll find a way.

          • It might not be tho lol

          • But what if it is?? Dude, I just realized I have a cousin that looked like you at one point.

          • WUT lol

          • Surprise. Hehehe.

          • good to know, i guess… lol

          • She’s cute.

          • too far πŸ˜‰ but i won’t complain.

          • *stuffs mouth with brownies*

          • That’s more like it.

          • I’m befing a goodf boy.

          • wooooooooooooow

          • I’m sorry that had to come as a surprise to you.

          • What?

          • That I was being a good boy. Too unusual, I guess?

          • Actually, not at all unusual.

          • Eek! *hides under the couch or whatever there is to hide under*

          • Oh dear. What have i done now.

          • I don’t remember. Pass the whipped cream, please.

          • *reluctantly gives up whipped cream* Only if you make me french toast.

          • Haylie K. Horton! oh. I was expecting you to tell me to get up or something. Now I don’t know what to say.

            Oh hey, French toast? *eyes water* Yes, this day was meant to be. :’) <'3

          • Aaaand now you’re crying. What am i gonna do with you? πŸ˜‰

          • There are certain things you could do about that. And there are certain other things you could do about that. *gestures to the food*

          • Okay fine, how about Haylie K. makes you French toast instead. Sound good?

            *consoles Sammy*

          • *cries harder* YOU’RE BEING TOO NICE!!! *goes to the counter and smashes the eggs open* I can handle this.

          • Too nice? oops. I just can’t get anything right, I guess. *cries with you*

          • *stares at the mess* It looks like I can’t either. *glances up* *does a double take* Aww Haylie it’s okayyy. I believe in you.

          • Well, I believe in you, so that works nicely.

          • Too bad it sounds like a cult.

          • I was kinda thinking that too thb lol

          • *rolls eyes*

          • *wipes a tear from my eye* So, who’s gonna clean up the mess?

          • Meeeeeeee!!

          • No no no *regrets asking that question* I’ll do it.

          • Whaa?? I can’t allow for this.

          • But. I like cleaning.

          • Oh. I only like cleaning if it’s like reorganizing stuff. *tries to count the number of times he’s rearranged the stuff around his desk since the beginning of the month*

          • Really? That’s actually pretty cool. I’m similar, but I like cleaning other things too. and I LOVE doing dishes.

          • What in the world??

          • For realsies! It’s so fun!

          • I don’t agree. Yet.

          • Well, that’s okay. the more dishes the better. It’s like, relaxing.

          • The world needs more people like you.

          • Umm. no. that would be horrible.

          • Nvm then. Pick a new category.

          • what??

          • “Hehehe.”

          • *shakes head*

          • You may need to find a new friend.

          • Oh please no.

          • I mean, if the mountain goats get me before I make it to you.

          • I don’t think you need to worry about mountain goats…

          • I’m comingggggg!!

          • I’ll be waiting.

          • I’ll order a pizza near you.

          • Hey, well, now you can XD

          • Yeah, but what do you recommend over there?

          • Not pizza hut *blech*

          • Hahaha. Too bad you don’t have Hungry Howie’s Pizza around there. That stuff is goood.

          • Haha. Sounds good. I’ll have to try it sometime πŸ˜‰ We have Runza tho, and if you ever come, you WILL try it.

          • Oh, you were the one who told me to try it, weren’t you?

          • uh huh.

          • *runza faster*

          • Bravo, pun-master Sam.

          • I have to get there somehow!

          • you really do.

          • *runza into a tree* Whoops. Ouch.

          • Oh. Oh dear. don’t do that.

          • Oh. Sure. Now you tell me.

          • sorry. #badfriend

          • Don’t ever say that.

          • why not?

          • Because bad friends don’t like to wash the dishes.

          • idk about that πŸ˜‰

          • Can bad people like French toast?

          • *raises hand* that would be me.

          • Haylie K. Hinkleton!! Put your hand down!

          • why?

          • Because we weren’t talking about people like you. *stuffs another brownie in your face*

          • oh.

          • You don’t sound too great. :/

          • Yeah.

          • Aww poow Haywiee.

          • nah. it’s fine.

          • Hmmmmm. *makes a couple milkshakes*

          • That makes everything better.

          • Oh you wanted a chocolate one. I’ll have to take this one for you. *makes another*

          • You know me so well.

          • Clearly I forget sometimes though. Hehehe.

          • That’s okay. :)

          • Heheheheeeeeeeee. Eeeeeeeee. Eeeeeeeee. πŸ˜‰

          • can you pray for me?

          • I can and I will.

          • thank you

          • I’m here.

          • I know.

          • and i’m glad.

          • :’)””

          • I’m going to bed, i think.

          • Good. Nightynight.

          • hey

          • Hewwo.

          • Got any more milkshakes?

          • I may have a few. πŸ˜‰

          • coolio.

          • *hands over a milkshake*

            So um, I literally just bought Do Hard Things on Amazon. I never got my own copy and I wanted to get the old hardcover edition like the one I read.

            I’m thinking of getting Jaquelle’s book. Since shipping prices is outrageously high I’ll probably add in Start Here and maybe the new DHT to qualify for free shipping. Hehe. I’m so terrible at not spending. I so can’t afford this.

            What have you been up to?

          • *slurps milkshake not-gracefully*

            Haha you amaze me. I actually never read DHT cover to cover…. just bits and pieces.

            But I’m super pumped about Jaquelle’s book. I’m waiting til I get the hard copy tho cuz I love the feel of a real book in my hands.

            What have I been up to? not much. I had physical therapy again today. It hurt.

            What are you up to?

          • Really? I’ve read it like 2.63 times.

            Yeah, I’ll buy the physical book and if I get too impatient I’ll read the bonus ebook cuz why not.

            I almost never read books. I don’t know why I’m doing this to myself. I just started reading a book someone shipped to me for Christmas. That was special. But I’m not done with it yet and I’m buying even more books? My shelf! Oh, and I had some Kindle credit to use up earlier so I have Counted Worthy to finish reading sometime.

            Noooooo. Why does it hurt so much?

          • Yeah really. I’m a horrible person, i know πŸ˜‰

            I hardly ever read books. Like at all. Except my Bible, and that’s still not as much as i should. I actually don’t like reading… I just like books. Let me loose in a used bookstore with a bunch of old books, and you may never hear from me again lol. I did read counted worthy, and I enjoyed it.

            I’m not exactly sure why it hurts so much. But they’re saying PT is the only thing that might help. I really wanna just quit cuz it hurts so bad, but I also want to get better. I think tomorrow’s gonna be rough tho.

          • Hehehe horrible person.

            Hey that sounds kind of like me, except the part about the books. Lol. I’m such a picky reader apparently. I love just about every book I read but I can never bring myself to take time for them.

            Eek! Please get better.

          • Yeah, i never find the time to read. If i had time, i might like it.

            I’m gonna try. I’m just tired.

          • Aww :'(

          • It’ll be okay soon. I hope.

          • *bawls eyes out* Apparently I’m too emotional for this. Hey look a milkshake.

          • oops. maybe I shouldn’t say stuff like that.

          • No it was actually very encouraging.

          • huh?

          • You’re doing just fineeee.

          • I’m glad you think so.

          • Yay me. I think.

          • Yeah.

          • Hey I need to go. Goodnight.

          • Hehehe! Okay. Byebye.

          • thanks for the milkshake. πŸ˜‰

          • Awwwww. Haywie ish awwaysh wewcome.

          • awwww.

          • Hehehehe.

          • What are you up to on this fine Saturday?

          • I got up late, made it to karate, came home for lunch, then walked to church to set up new wifi routers. It’s been a good day. I’m home now and it is definitely time for me to eat. :/

          • Yay! I love good days. You do karate? did i know this?

            Yes yes, please eat something.

          • I do! I started last February and I’ve been to 27 classes as of today. I probably never mentioned it.

            I have been fooded.

          • Oh. Well, that’s pretty cool. Good for you!

            Fooded is a good thing to be.

          • Yeah. I kinda like it. Didn’t think I would.


          • Well, that’s good.

            I had pizza for dinner.

          • Haylie has been fooded.

          • Yup. I haven’t really had much else today tho. Sometimes eating makes the pain in my stomach really bad, and it’s better to be hungry than in more pain.

          • Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Cunundwum.

          • Yeah. it’s real fun.

          • I believe.

          • Today was our “spring cleaning” day at church. I only went for a few hours. The pain was so bad i could hardly do anything, and it made me sad. So I went home.

          • Aww. :'(

          • Yeah.

          • My former pastor’s daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease while she was here. She was about your age. So I’ve seen that kind of thing before.

          • Oh. Hmm. Poor thing. :(

          • Yeah. She was so sweet.

          • Aww. I really had no idea how many teens have chronic illnesses until i started getting diagnosed with stuff.

          • Right? I only know a few.

          • It’s so hard because it can feel so isolating. I’m really thankful for the internet and all the people i’ve been able to connect who have been through the same or similar things.

          • That’s how I feel. Except for the chronic illness part.

          • Yeah. It’s the same way with a lot of things.

          • I’m curious, what size is the church you go to? Like, how many people? Not that it matters at all, I’m just wondering. :)

          • It’s only like 250 now, or less. It used to be bigger.

          • Gotcha.

          • And yours?

          • Hehehehe. 75 on a really good day.

          • Yeah, I had guessed. You said small. Some people would call mine small, but I figured you meant it a little bit more than that. :)

          • Yeah. But tbh I wouldn’t trade it for anything. They’re my family.

          • Awwwwwwwww. <3

          • heheheh

          • Yup. Milkshake time!

          • YES. Hey do you think you could swing a strawberry one for me? I feel like changing things up tonight.

          • Girrl, you random. Fyyyne. Hehehe.

          • you haven’t figured that out yet? hehe. Thanks for putting up with me.

          • You’re a lot cooler that way. Wouldn’t want the chocolate to become so regular that it melts. #failedjoke

          • Ha. Hahaha. Ha. What flavor for you then? Vanilla?

          • Yes ma’am. Wouldn’t want it to go bad.

          • I guess not.

          • I just wish you would understand. :'(””’

            *makes a chocolate milkshake for himself*

          • Wait, what?

          • Jkjk you’re funny.

          • I literally have no idea what’s going on. but okay.

          • Everything is under control. lol

          • *debates whether or not i should trust you… you did almost burn down an imaginary kitchen*

          • There have been conversations about Rachel and Heidi doing the same thing in the Disqus comments section. That was also where I told the story about my failed batch of ramen noodles.

          • I REMEMBER that was the first time i ever commented. on that thread.

          • Whaaa? No wayyyyy. That was one of the best threads in the history of ever!

          • Yeah way! And yes, yes it was lol

          • I’m so glad you did.

          • Can you imagine if i never had?

          • Yes, but I don’t want to.

          • Me neither.

          • Yayyyyyyyyy.

          • yeah sure. whatever. XD

          • Me amm happys.

          • you are?

          • Well, yeah. You decided to comment.

          • oh yeah. I am too.

          • Hehehe.

          • I should go soon.

          • Yeah me too. But I’m here for now.

          • I’m glad you’re here.

          • Hehe! Disqus is so much better when you’re here.

          • awwww

          • same goes for you, friend.

          • Well hey now…meeeeeeeee!

          • yes… you. :)