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Published on September 5th, 2015 | by Discussion Questions

How can my church reach out to the community?

MADISON WRITES: My church reaches out to the community by doing bible studies and evangelism series, but we don’t really get involved out there. After reading Do Hard Things, I want to help my church get out into the community, but I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions?

Do you think the church should be doing more than bible studies and evangelism series? Or should we just individually reach out to the community by trying to get involved out there?

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  • Skylar

    I think you might want to talk with your church about getting out there. But by all means, go do it yourself! If thats something you are interested in- go for it! :)

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    • Guitar with Arms

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      • Guitar with Arms

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          • Skylar

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          • Skylar

            The ‘one other person is typing’??

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          • Skylar

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          • Guitar with Arms

            Haha yeah lol. =P

  • Guitar with Arms

    My church is less than a hundred people lol, so we’re a little small to do stuff like this. But I’ll look forward to reading the answers!

  • I’m with @GuitarwithArms:disqus in that our church is pretty small. Generally our church out-reaches include VBS and passing out New Testaments with invitations to come to church in nearby neighborhoods. The best thing we ever did was hold a VBS in a different city that was just really struggling. That was a blessing in so many ways. :)

  • Haylie

    I’m in the “small church” band wagon over here, (less than 100 people) so, we never do anything super large scale. What we do is read our community, and our congregation. What i mean by that is, we use the people we have to do as much as we can in an efficient way. Tough? yes, sometimes. Worth it? For sure. Like, when our church wasn’t bringing in enough kids to do VBS, we took our whole operation of Jesus loving folks to a nearby apartment complex. God gave us the maximum amount of kids we could handle with our volunteers. It was really cool to see God work that week! As a member of a small church, God has been helping me learn to be flexible as my church reaches out to our community as the hands and feet of Christ.
    *end rambling*

    • Hehe, end rambling, I love that. XD And I must say, I rather liked your rambling!

      • Haylie

        Aww thanks =D

    • Skylar

      Thats really cool, Haylie!

  • Grace Reece

    *Haven’t read all the comments* My Church is a medium sized – big Church (400-500 people on any given Sunday morning). We have several outreach programs to get involved, but I honestly believe the most effective way to reach the community is “door knocking” or (for big events) “tracking” (also called “blitzing”)…
    Every Saturday, our Youth Group goes out to a neighbourhood, knock on doors and invites people to Church… Also sometimes we have a big event at Church, so we’ll have “Tract Team” where most of the members go out and just leave flyers on as many doors as we can, when we leave a flyer for an event at our Church, it has the basic information about our Church and the event. All of our community focused events are free.

  • tmselden

    Great question. The responsibility of the church is to equip believers to live out their faith amongst their friends, family and community. Every individual is charged to use where they are at and the environment that they are in to share Christ. The church has lost its footing when they think that there are going to be big sweeps of conversions if they go enmasse. It should be stressed by pastors to teach the Word of God, and most importantly, live it. I am a big believer that we should let our words be few. Our mission is to submit ourselves to Christ with all that we have and trust that He will direct our paths. I wouldn’t ever wait on a pastor or church to begin that if it isn’t already in their hearts. Use your life to share Christ with those you touch everyday. Just your witness to them should be a real accountability factor for you to live what you preach. Step out on your own and God will honor your attempt to bring Him to others.


    • Simply teach the Word of God simply – Chuck Smith :)

    • Okie Gal

      This is great. But what do you mean by let our words be few?

      • tmselden

        Hi Okie Gal,

        I have listed a couple of scriptures for a better explanation.

        I am an older woman who has done every kind of witnessing in my life. I have found that way too often we think it is our words that changes people but it is our life’s character that holds the power. As I look back at everyone that tried to share with me, their loudest words was their lives. I don’t remember much of anything that they said, but I always will remember how the lived.

        Ecclesiastes 5:2 Be not rash with your mouth, nor let your heart be hasty to utter a word before God, for God is in heaven and you are on earth. Therefore let your words be few.

        1 Corinthians 4:20 For the kingdom of God does not consist in talk but in power.

        In Him Always,

        • Okie Gal

          Okay, that makes sense.I’m big on making sure you don’t just shove the gospel down somebody’s throat but at some point they have to hear right? Like in Romans 10 where it says “So faith comes by hearing, and that from God” God has given us the job of speaking . I definitely agree with acting differently than the world though. Its just that I think seein only tells someone enough to be judged. Hearing brings faith.

          • tmselden

            I agree. There needs to be some sort of sharing of your testimony and the sharing of Christ’s sacrifice for our sins. And that can be done in a very kind loving way. But after that, they will be watching you very closely to see if it is real. I would be readily available for any questions they might have and keep loving them with a His love. More often than not, you will not see immediate results, but with prayer that God’s Spirit might move in their hearts, it will not be in vain.

            I believe that these past two generations have been exposed to so much hypocrisy in professing believers lives, that the lost want people to line up with their profession. So we need to pursue righteous living at all times, without any compromise or it validates their beliefs when we fail. But if we do make a mistake, God is always faithful to forgive. It is also a good time to discuss forgiveness with whomever you are witnessing to so they can see that we are all sinners saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

            I am sure God will always be with you. I love your obedience.

            In Him,

          • Okie Gal

            Thanks so much for taking time to explain! That seems like the most biblical way of teaching Christ, and you’ve seriously helped me to understand it a lot better. Thanks for being so patient with me.

  • Jonathan

    Hold a block party, movie night, wine tasting , beer tour, start a community garden, book club, etc. Invite the community

    • Regan Seba

      Wine tasting and beer tour? That would certainly make people flock in. πŸ˜€

      • Okie Gal

        Perhaps not for the best reasons though…

        • Guitar with Arms

          IKR? XD

    • Guitar with Arms

      Lol! =P

  • Absolutely I believe the church should be involved in the community. How is it supposed to be a light if it’s hidden under a bushel? It should be a light on a hill, with light spread into all the areas around it. So part of the purpose of the church is to impact the world (which includes its direct area) for Jesus Christ.

    Let’s see… invite a special speaker to come to your church, then mobilize the youth in your church to spread invitations to the neighborhoods in the area. Organize a VBS. Pass out gospel tracts in the area around your building. Those are just some ideas. Some churches are better suited for one area of ministry (for example, a lot of adults can start a bus ministry whereas a church with a huge group of teens and fewer adults couldn’t do that. However, teens can run a very effective VBS that parents and adults couldn’t because of work schedules.). So build your services and other ideas around the capabilities and particular gifts of your specific body of believers.

    Lastly, keep it gospel centered. You can have all the awesome programs and get togethers in the world, but if the gospel is not taught in love, it is nothing. Hope this helped!

    • Sam G

      Good ideas there, Taylor… I feel like this is a silly question, but what’s a VBS? :-)

      • It stands for “Vacation Bible School”. It’s just like a half-day thing for kids that’s supposed to present the Gospel to them, with fun games and activities. It’s not a silly question! I’ve actually heard that one before.

        • Sam G

          Thanks Lauren. :)

      • Lauren answered it very well. It stands for Vacation Bible School, and it’s basically having a half-day arrangement of activities that includes a gospel presentation and Bible discussion for kids on their summer break from school. It’s one of the best ways to get kids from the neighborhood into the church. Parents oftentimes are just happy to hand their kids over to someone else to watch for a morning, and we’re more than happy to take them and share the gospel with them!

        • Yeah, what he said…

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          • Dishes! Oh wait, you said “cool”… Going to see “War Room”.

          • Oh, fun! I was impressed when I saw it. I haven’t been terribly impressed by the Christian movies recently (Facing the Giants being the exception), but this one was definitely good! Enjoy!

          • Sigh. There are hardly *any* good movies out anymore. But I’ve been wanting to see this one for a while.

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          • Ruthie C

            Oh! Oh! If I may jump in here, would you (or anybody who sees this) recommend that I see War Room? I haven’t really liked Christian movies in the past just because they weren’t done well (especially Flywheel…. SO cheesy), but everyone’s saying this one is better.

          • I haven’t seen it but I’m really looking forward to it! And hi! :)

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          • Oh dear! Well then by all means go eat, girl!! Talk to you later, it’s been fun and thank you again! :)

          • It was a lot of fun! :)

          • Ruthie C

            Hi! Sorry, I’d really love to talk but my dad just informed me that we have to leave right now. Hopefully I’ll catch ya soon!

          • That’s okay, talk to you later!

          • Oh my word! A million and two people keep mentioning that movie and I am dying to see it, but I can’t just up and watch a movie when I should be reading for class or working on other homework. You are getting me quite jealous over here! πŸ˜‰ But I hope you enjoy! I will be happy for you! :) I like anything the Kendrick brothers do! :)

          • I just got home a little bit ago. It was great! I’d like to get it on DVD. :)

          • Yay! I can’t wait to see it! πŸ˜‰

          • Haylie

            Oh, i saw War Room it last night! I really enjoyed it too :)

          • I swear, Clara was my favorite character. She reminded me so much of an old lady I used to know, who was actually more like a grandmother to me. But she died of a stroke (oh my word, I was typing too fast and wrote “storke” :P) a few years ago. :(

          • Haylie

            ikr? I was with some friends and as we were driving away from the theater we were all like, “Clara was the best.” =D
            Aww, i’m sorry about your “grandmother”. Those kinda people are special folks.

          • I loved her enthusiasm and spirit the way she prayed. Not to mention her incredibly funny commentary. πŸ˜›

          • Haylie

            I couldn’t stop laughing when she was paying the kid who mowed her lawn! XD

          • I know!!

          • Cassie

            Wait you did get to see War Room?!!! AWESOME!

          • Yep, I just saw it Sunday night! I meant to send you a reminder, too… πŸ˜›

          • Cassie

            Yay!! Glad you could see it! Did you like it? Where you challenged? (Actually we can talk about it via email instead of cluttering up Brett.)
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          • Cassie

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          • MimeforJesus

            Some people have all the luck…

          • What can I say? Yep!

          • MimeforJesus

            Though your church overall sounds like it’s not as good, so I’ll take my church over yours.

          • I’m not a fan, but I’ll live!

          • MimeforJesus

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          • Ruthie C

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          • Ruthie C

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          • Yeah, I’m subscribed to them on YouTube. I was binge watching them last night when they posted the new video. It. Is. Awesome!!! Let me know when you see it!

          • Ruthie C

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          • Guitar with Arms

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          • Guitar with Arms

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          • Ruthie C

            Yeah, that is one downside. It doesn’t really show through their comedy, though (except for the fact that they’re always clean, which is a good thing!)

          • Yeah, I know. :( So sad. But, you know, their purpose is to make people laugh, not make converts (as far as I can tell, lol). Of course it would be wonderful if they were Christian, but as it is, they produce a very clean form of entertainment. :)

          • Ruthie C

            No! Traitor!
            XD Studio C is pretty darn good though, so I don’t really blame you…

          • Ruthie C

            Personally, I had Youtube obsessions with first Blimey Cow, then Studio C, then, most recently, Pun Diddley. (And come to think of it, only one of those is actually Christian… gasp!)

          • *double gasp* XD

          • Lol! I still love Blimey Cow. I just don’t have much time to watch videos anymore, but I’m obsessed with Studio C enough to MAKE time. πŸ˜›

          • Ruthie C

            Haha! Yeah, pretty much…

          • By the way, Ruthie, I was wondering if maybe you would want to change your Disqus username? It looks a lot like an email address…

          • Ruthie C

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          • MimeforJesus

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          • MimeforJesus

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          • Haylie

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          • Haylie

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          • MimeforJesus

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          • *fist bump* Thank you! I haven’t seen all the famous funny things, so I can’t participate most of the time. πŸ˜› If you quote something from, say, Errol Flynn’s “Robin Hood”, I can instantly respond with witty comeback, but otherwise, yeah… πŸ˜‰

          • Haha, I haven’t seen The Princess Bride in ages, but I’ve managed to remember enough quotes to survive on the Reb. XD I know how you feel though, most things I quote none of my friends have ever seen. Lately I’ve had to get by on the three episodes of Doctor Who I’ve seen and what the Internet tells me, lol. XD

          • *nods emphatically* Amen, sista. I mean, I haven’t watched Blimey Cow, LOTR, Doctor Who, nada. I’m in the dark. But I be cool wit dat! :)

          • Haylie

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          • MimeforJesus

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          • Yes! And you’re godfather to that one!

          • MimeforJesus

            That’s serendipitous. :) (I know, that’s the wrong quote, but I like that answer better.)
            Do you know if the writers really killed his character?

          • I don’t know, but that would be a shame if they did!

          • MimeforJesus

            Yes! Poor James would have lost his best character!
            Now I want to eat some bisque… just to know what it’s like.

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          • Poisonous mushroom…The poison is boiled out. *scoffs* Ob-vee-ously.

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          • Hehe! It’s fun to be able to quote him around people who won’t think I’m crazy. XD

          • Check their latest episode. πŸ˜‰

          • MimeforJesus

            Ooh! Ooh!! Ooh!!! Can it be?! I will check! The one on their website, right?

          • I assume so! I watch their videos from YouTube, not their website. It’s the one titled season 50 or something like that. It’s…gold. XD

          • MimeforJesus

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            IT’S HIM!!! Whew, the one video where they said they killed all of James’s characters had me worried.

          • Haha, isn’t it wonderful? Oh, I remember that now!! Lol, I can’t even hear him talk like a normal person anymore…bisque has forever ruined me! XD

          • MimeforJesus


          • Just want to point out that it’s not like it’s his episode…he’s in it for a bit, but, um…so are a lot of other things. It’s wonderfully complicated. XD

          • MimeforJesus

            Now I see.. :)

          • “I will list all the words rhyming with ‘bisque’. Disc, risk…”

          • MimeforJesus

            *and surnames! :)

          • How are the ratings?
            *laughs mockingly* Amazing…

          • Oh! I shall create a new social platform… *whispers in awe* Bisque-us!

          • THAT MADE ME LAUGH

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          • MimeforJesus

            That was so good!!! You’ve got to get together with @samgiddy:disqus , you two could come up with so many puns. :)

          • Haha, thanks! I didn’t know Sam was punny too, lol. I take after my dad. :)

          • MimeforJesus

            Yep, Sam’s so punny he said sometime we’ll have to pun-ish him…

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          • Five stars! Five thumbs up! Five ch–wait, what?!

            I think I’m speechless. I have no answer. XD

          • Hahaha!! XD I went back and read it again and it was so perfect!!

          • MimeforJesus

            Thank you! :)

          • MimeforJesus

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          • MimeforJesus

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          • MimeforJesus

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          • MimeforJesus

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            I’m pretty much the same. :)

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          • MimeforJesus

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          • MimeforJesus

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          • MimeforJesus

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          • Haylie

            “bribe me with a nice piano,”
            Lol, YES!!! XD

          • I’ll even settle for a baby grand. πŸ˜‰ Just as long as you provide me with a couple nice Sonatinas, I’ll be good.

          • Haylie

            Amen sister! (and maybe a tarantella to keep things interesting πŸ˜› )

          • Alas, I have yet to play that yet. I have a friend who learned it, and I got to hear her play it, and I want to, but I haven’t. *sob* πŸ˜›

          • Haylie

            Aww. *hands Lauren yet another tissue* I learned an easy version years ago. Never committed to a really daunting one πŸ˜‰

          • Well, I justify myself with having just picked up the real “Fur Elise” and giving it a shot myself, so I’m willing to be patient. πŸ˜‰

          • Haylie

            Nice! I’m hoping to learn that one soon. It’s on my “list” of songs i MUST learn πŸ˜€ ya know, eventually… πŸ˜‰

          • The second half of that song gets a little tough, lol.

          • Haylie

            uh huh O.o

          • How long have you been playing?

          • Haylie

            Umm… *stops to count* 7 years give or take a bit πŸ˜‰ hbu?

          • Nice! Eight years. :) I absolutely love it! I’m hoping to learn violin this year as well.

          • Haylie

            Cooly! I did violin for a little while and really liked it, but piano was my first musical love, so i went back to that πŸ˜›

          • Aw, I completely understand that. :)

          • MimeforJesus

            Why do I have a feeling that won’t convince you to tell me…

          • Better question: …never mind, I don’t have one.

          • MimeforJesus

            It is difficult to one-up perfection, isn’t it? :)

          • *clears throat awkwardly* πŸ˜‰

          • And Christy be on! Like my grammar? πŸ˜›
            Prayed for you this morning, doing any better?

          • Your grammar be excellent. πŸ˜‰
            I’m not doing too great, but thanks so much for your prayers! It cheers me up to talk to you guys. :)

          • Aww, I’m sorry. :( I will continue to pray. But I’m glad that we can cheer you up! Then we’ll talk away! (Correction: I can’t control what that nutcase over there does, but I’ll keep talking. :)

          • Haha, well thank you!! :)

          • See, I told you. There he goes. The mayhem was reduced to two. But we can do it. πŸ˜‰

          • As long as there’s not just one of us creating mayhem, we’re good. πŸ˜‰

          • True. I can create mayhem all on my own, but nobody really laughs about it…

          • Aw, lol! I think that’s just life. XD Also, maybe a ticket to the asylum…

          • Yes, more likely the latter. For other people. For me, it means that I need time alone.

          • Yeah, I need alone time to recharge my sanity!

          • Nutcase? Nutcase? And I thought you were my friend! πŸ˜›

          • Busted. XD

          • What, you too?

          • Who, me? Nooooo… I’m just observing.. *steps into the shadows*

          • Mmm-hmm. Ya know, as I tell my brother, I only pick on those that I love. (To which he always replies with, “Do you have to love me so much?!”)

          • Okay, I’ll take it. :)

          • MimeforJesus

            That’s a great comeback. :)

          • MimeforJesus

            Sometimes friends tell each other the hard truth…

          • Emphasis being on “the truth”!

          • MimeforJesus

            Well, given that she knows you much better than I do, I’d take her word over yours. She has no need to protect herself! πŸ˜›

          • MimeforJesus

            And y’know, a lot of us nutcases are pretty cool. Just accept it, Taylor, you’re one of us now. *creepy Revive grin*

          • How ya doin’ today? :) (I’m so pesty, aren’t I?!)

          • (Pesty?? Never!)
            I’m doing all right. Feeling a bit gloomy but then I come here and find y’all talking about bisque. Thanks for making me laugh! :) I think I’ve just been realizing that I’ve been really self-centered in my thinking lately, and it’s put a lot of things into perspective.
            What about you? :)

          • Ha ha! Then we’ll continue. πŸ˜‰
            Oh snap! Thinking about self-centeredness is something hard to realize. I’m sorry dear. :(
            Oh boy, I was in a terrible mood swing yesterday. My emotions were all over the place. I can’t figure out if it’s because I’m a girl of it I’ve got things I need to work through. πŸ˜‰

          • MimeforJesus

            Hey Lauren! How are you doing?

          • Alright, I suppose! πŸ˜‰ How are you?

          • MimeforJesus

            Aside from almost taking a hammer to my math curriculum, I’m doing pretty well! :)

          • Oh dear! What curriculum are you using?

          • MimeforJesus

            Umm, Laura’s Special Blend. A.k.a. a mix of Khan Academy, Life of Fred, and (only in a worst-case scenario because I really don’t like this one) Saxon. This is what I’ve put together to study for a test, so it’s kind of bits and pieces.

          • Ooh, Saxon is certainly tough. (I used it for years.) Life of Fred! Now that is an interesting curriculum XD

          • MimeforJesus

            I used Saxon through book 8/7. LOF is so fun :)

          • Haha, it’s really cute! Ugh, Saxon’s way of naming its books was so confusing!!

          • MimeforJesus

            It is cute! And I’ve learned so many words… from my math book. πŸ˜‰ Saxon was confusing from the get-go!

          • Haha, that’s awesome!! Well, I always loved Saxon for how well it explained things, but maybe that’s because I used a beka before it. That was awful. πŸ˜›

          • MimeforJesus

            Never had them. Except in elementary, and they weren’t explaining stuff there. :)

          • Lol :) The school that produces A Beka is nearby, I guess that’s why I used to use them a lot.

          • MimeforJesus

            Poor girl. My sister and brother tried their algebra. I think we burned that book…

          • Haha, I can’t blame you, it was pretty awful. πŸ˜› We simply have an abundance of A Beka books in home school consignment stores here, so it took a while for us to branch out.
            Are you taking a foreign language?

          • MimeforJesus

            Makes sense…
            Yep, Spanish 3. I love it!! How about you?

          • Awesome! I’m taking French. What programs do you use?

          • MimeforJesus

            I did a co op. The only co op that really helped me, if you understand my meaning. Two years with an amazing homeschool mom who loves Spanish, and now I’m taking a class at a nearby college. What do you use?

          • That’s great! I use a mix of free online programs, mainly Memrise and Duolingo. They work pretty well, I just need the discipline to actually do them, lol. What’s the college class like?

          • MimeforJesus

            Poor girl…

          • Ah, I’ve done Khan and LOF before – honestly, both had their pros and cons. I hope you do well on your test, though!

          • MimeforJesus

            I like how Fred explains things, and it’s annoying how Khan makes sure I absolutely know what they’re teaching, but I know it’s for my good so I guess I like that part of Khan. Thank you! :)

          • Yeah…when I was younger I used to think I was this amazingly selfless person (which in itself was awfully self-centered, lol). I’m learning though, that as I get older, I’ll grow in the Lord more. I’ll continue to be more like Him, and my old self will seem continually more selfish. And that’s okay! It’s all part of growing in Him, even if it’s hard.
            Aw, that’s tough. Well, sometimes it’s both! But I understand, it’s strange not being sure if something in your life is worth those emotions, or if you’re just being a girl. XD I hope you feel better today!

          • I say… that calls for a blog post. :) Seriously, growing older brings a lot more things into reality. It is hard. But it’s all worth it in the end, right?
            (How did we end up talking five different places?! Oh well!) Thank you! I feel better now – just incredibly tired!!

          • You’re totally right!M I’ve been looking for inspiration for a blog post anyway. XD Thanks! And amen!
            Haha, I know, it’s weird but awesome! I’m glad you’re feeling better! :)

          • Do you ever find it hard to write a blog post when you don’t have inspiration? I mean, even if you know of a topic you could write on, if you don’t have the inspiration and drive for it at the time, do you find it hard to write about it?

          • YES. It’s not just me!! Lol. If I don’t have inspiration, I’ll write three drafts before realizing they’re all awful and just giving up. XD Unfortunately, I haven’t had much inspiration this year!
            I read this thing the other day, and it was absolutely perfect! It went like this:

            You are a writer. You may pick two of the following:
            -Energy to write
            -Time to write

            And I was just like, yessss. So true!!

          • Yes! That’s totally me! I had this one post I wanted to write a month or so ago, and I started it, but I went, “Nope, my heart just ain’t in this”, so it’s still sitting as a draft, waiting for inspiration. It’d be such a good post, too… πŸ˜›
            Oh my, that is so true! Yes!!

          • Aw!! I hope you’ll be able to finish it soon!
            Haha, that wonderful moment of being able to completely relate to something. XD

          • MimeforJesus

            I’m still praying for you, by the way!

          • Aw, thank you!!

          • MimeforJesus

            You’re welcome! How are you doing?

          • I’m doing all right. Today was not so great but I’m pretty sure that’s just average mood swings, lol. I think I’m getting closer to moving on… I’ve had trouble with wanting to go back to swing dancing, though. I love it, but I associate it so much with him. It’s kind of silly, but I haven’t done it since he left.

          • Now the dogpile is beginning!!

          • As a cat-lover I must object to this terminology! Lol

          • Niiiice Christy, very nice…

          • Well, what on earth is a cat pile? That just doesn’t sound right!

          • Snap. He’s gotta point.

          • Of course I’ve got a point!

          • Point! (Up)

          • Oh my word, only just now did I get that. Lost in mayhem…

          • Haha! Squirrel!

          • I didn’t say it would sound right, but I choose to object anyway. XD

          • Disqus mayhem! People typing here and there! Can mayhem be possible with only three people?

          • Maybe not with three normal people, but with us? Hmm…

          • HAHAHA!!! Yes m’dear, you have a very legitimate point.

          • Normal people? Where? All I see are us three…

          • Hehehehe!

          • Haylie

            @disqus_oMHOgFTIn3:disqus @Kittenese:disqus @defyingdepravity:disqus I love you guys =D

          • Yes, I second that! πŸ˜‰

          • Hey Hannah! Long time no see! (Totally my fault, lol)

          • Haha! I know, for real! But its not your fault. I just randomly disappear or reappear at random moments. πŸ˜‰

          • Lol, well I disappeared for a few months, so maybe we can consider ourselves even. πŸ˜‰

          • Yay, for the disappearers! Hehe! I actually have been semi-around, but just don’t usually have time to comment or join discussion, so I guess you can say I make myself invisible. πŸ˜‰

          • Lol! Well, I can understand that. How is life, by the way?

          • Life is good! I was going through some really difficult weeks, but things are getting a little better and I have been a bit more encouraged of late. School has started back and I have always struggled with finding joy in school and I am continuing to struggle in that way, but I also know that it is where God wants me right now and so I am trying to learn to trust him and walk in faith and know that he has good plans for the schooling that I am getting even though I do struggle with it and struggle to understand.

          • I’m glad to hear things are getting better! I understand completely, I struggle with my attitude towards school as well. I hope you’ll have a great school year, though!
            I’ve been doing all right. Been trying not to let my emotions rule me, but it’s hard these days. Still, these things pass eventually… On a bright note, I’m going to Hong Kong with my mom in a couple weeks! We have family there but we haven’t been in years, so it should be a great trip. :)

          • Thanks! So far, school this year has gone, well, but I am just waiting for that terrifying moment when all my assignments hit me at the same time and I have a huge emotional break down (I am very optimistic, right!?). On that note, yes, I too have to be careful not to let my emotions get the best of me. It is a hard balance to find I think. πŸ˜‰
            That is so cool that you get to go to Hong Kong. I am sure that will be a great experience and adventure! And it will be good to see family again, too, I am sure.

          • Aw! That sounds difficult. And I’m with you, I’m not so good with thinking optimistically. XD
            Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it! Maybe not the language barrier do much, lol. Or the plane ride! But other than that it should be great. :) I’ll miss my dad and my cats though! Lol

          • How is life for you?

          • Lol, I can’t speak for Lauren and Taylor but I had a lot of craziness that had been dying to get out!

          • Haylie

            Well, i love reading y’all’s crazy conversations XD

          • Aw, lol, well hopefully next time you’ll be here to join the craziness! πŸ˜‰

          • Haylie

            Okie-dokie πŸ˜‰

          • Same here. It was trapped inside…

          • *suddenly realizes I’ve missed a brilliant opportunity*

            Let it go…

          • Let it go… *wonders why I’m participating*

          • Haha! I don’t think I’ve ever asked you, what is your opinion of that movie?

          • Honestly, I despise (maybe that’s a strong word) Disney princess movies, so yeah. πŸ˜› I will admit, though, that the piano music for “Let It Go” is really awesome. I heard a guy at our church playing it once (I won’t ask why a guy was playing Frozen music… okay, so I know another guy who has Frozen songs on his iPod), and it was really awesome. πŸ˜€

          • Aw, lol! That does sound awesome!! I know a guy who sings along to Frozen songs in the car with his sister… It’s adorable! XD

          • What, are you a lawyer? “objection!” “objection!”

          • Order in the court!

            I wear many hats.

          • Do you wear long black gowns?

          • Only when I conduct funerals. And orchestras.

          • Umm, just curious. When was the last time you conducted a funeral? That can’t be often (I hope)!

          • Well, I had this dream once… but that was a while ago, so I can’t really remember how long.

          • That sounds… dreadful.

          • It was… *sinister laugh*

            Just so you know, I’ve had some weird dreams but none involving funerals. XD

          • Mehehe. I’m pretty sure we’ve all had weird dreams. And scary dreams. I mean once, there was a guy with *egg bombs* (don’t ask what those are, I dunno) chasing me down a highway!! And when I told my brother, he thought I was crazy. He obviously has never had a dream about being chased by a guy with bombs… There’s one random thing you never wanted to know about me. πŸ˜›

          • Haha! I don’t think I have any weird dreams that could be explained in a sentence or two. Wait! There was that one where I was trapped in a mall and the doors were trying to eat me… XD


          • I think I woke up. XD

            Am I alive?? Good question…you’d better pinch me to make sure! Or is that something else…

          • *virtual pinch*
            P.S. Thank you for being “abnormal” with me, I haven’t gotten to be weird with people in way too long. πŸ˜›

          • *virtual pain* Ow!
            P.s. Absolutely! I feel the same way :) it’s nice to just relax and be weird.

          • Breaking news, ladies and gentlemen! Christy is, in fact, still alive. She managed to free herself from the man-eating mall doors just in the nick of time. Though she didn’t escape unscathed, she will live to see another day!

          • Lol!! XD

          • I’m suddenly wondering, I didn’t escaped unscathed? What happened to me?!

          • Well, they managed to gnaw off a leg, your ribs were crushed, and you fell into a coma lasting for eight months, but you lived, and that’s the important part. πŸ˜‰

          • O.O

            *realizes I’m missing a leg and falls over*

          • MimeforJesus

            Yikes… That’s scary. I’ll never see mall doors the same way again!

          • You’re welcome. πŸ˜‰

          • MimeforJesus

            Ahem, I never thanked you…

          • Not in so many words, but don’t worry! I completely understood what you meant.

          • MimeforJesus

            There are none so blind, as those who think they see…

          • Wow, that was deep! Totally random and inapplicable, but cool!

          • MimeforJesus

            Thank you! :) I owe that one to my dad.

          • Haha, three cheers for parents being deep! (And for getting to quote them! Lol)

          • MimeforJesus

            Hip, Hip, hurrah!

          • Have you ever wondered why we chant the name of a body part before we say hurrah? XD

          • MimeforJesus

            You just made that cheer really weird. Thanks a lot!!

          • Mwahaha

          • MimeforJesus

            Evil girl! Ruining an innocent cheer!
            I’ve gotta go now for a little while. It’s been fun going crazy with you!

          • Ok, I’ve had a lot of fun too! Talk to you later! :)

          • By the way, while I’ve never dreamed of being chased by a guy with egg bombs, I can somehow still relate. XD

          • *sniff* Thank you for sympathizing with me.

          • *hands Lauren a tissue* Any time!

          • Ruthie C

            Once, it was the faraway future and the entire world had decided to live in one massive city, but then Hitler took over and summoned a meteor to destroy the earth-city. So everyone was frantically trying to gather their families and most valued belongings while being rushed into emergency underground shelters. The whole time, loudspeakers were announcing an award for Hitler’s capture… not sure why that was. Me and a young mother with a baby –apparently we shared a small one-room apartment– hurried into the shelter a huge guard led us to. But just as the guard was closing the big metal doors, Hitler himself slipped inside. That very moment, the explosion hit. Many people who hadn’t had time to find a safe place were killed. It was kind of a combination of the Holocaust, Noah’s flood, a dystopian novel, and an action movie.

          • Wow. O.O The weirdest thing is that that makes more sense than most of my dreams! Lol

          • Ruthie C

            Haha! It’s definitely one of the most vivid and detailed dreams I’ve had.

          • Dude, that’s just flat-out freaky.

          • Is it a guy I know? Was it me? πŸ˜›

          • You’re home…

          • Just got home! You didn’t answer the question… :)

          • No, it wasn’t. Sorry.

          • Ha, ha, I’m glad! That’d be kinda creepy… I mean, how would that image of me get stuck in your head? Being annoying, weird, loud, or something else would make sense, but egg bombs?

          • Well, I don’t see faces in my dreams, even if I know who it is. So you wouldn’t have to worry about your image there.

          • Guitar with Arms

            OMgosh you guys. XD

          • That’s “oh my dude” to you, mister. πŸ˜‰

          • Guitar with Arms

            Yeah sure. ;P I’m just enjoying being on when y’all are lol.

          • Sorry, Josh, I’m outta here for a little while. Gotta take a chemistry test!

          • Guitar with Arms

            Yummy! Have fun! I just got clobbered in Monopoly lol, not that that’s as bad as a chem test lol.

          • I’m back!!! For a minute!

          • Guitar with Arms

            Lol whoops! I left… ;P

          • MimeforJesus

            Monopoly?! I’m coming over to your house, I love Monopoly.

          • Well Disqus is very slow for me right now, and I’m watching my brother(s), so no promises for how long I’ll be here… :)

          • Guitar with Arms

            Yeah I gotta go soon too lol.

          • Ah, okay! I vividly remember only one friend in a dream, and that was only in a split second before I knocked out the guy who was attacking him. :) Yeah, those are dreams.

          • Guitar with Arms

            Remember that one Round Robin where Laini knocked you out with a cast iron skillet??? XD

          • I remember when someone else apparently thought Laini could knock me out with a skillet. I, however, would argue that point!

        • Sam G

          Sounds good. It’s a great opportunity to share the gospel when your interaction with these kids (and their parents) is actually welcomed rather than simply tolerated…

  • Okie Gal

    My church is pretty small so we try to be involved with ministries that are already working in our city. I think that includes a ministry that helps unmarried mom’s to raise their kids well, one that serves homeless and poor people, and few literacy programs. Volunteer so you can build relationships with the workers and thier clients. And talk to the elders so you can get the church in on it. Hope this helps!

  • Clare Pulley

    I don’t know if this would exactly be considered “getting out into the community” but what my parish does is they go and pray in front of an abortion clinic for a few hours. They pray that it will shut down and they also pray for the women who choose to have an abortion. Sometimes the women pull up in their cars and talk with the people who pray. Our parish really tries to give them resources, support, and prayer when they choose not to go through with their abortions.

    Just an idea. Hope it helps you!


  • Louis Gervais

    Might I suggest the use of Gospel tracts? (Perhaps such as those available from Ray Comfort’s Living Waters or Chick Publications, etc.) Street evangelism can also be done as a group.

  • Alia Ayette

    What can you use as tracts?

    • Haylie

      Check out livingwaters.com . They have some great resources :)

      • What she said…

        • Haylie

          So let the dog-pile begin… erm, cat-pile… wait, what? πŸ˜›

          • Exactly. πŸ˜› lol

          • Guitar with Arms

            *facepalm* XD

          • My dad is regularly called a pot-stirrer. I think I get it from him.

          • MimeforJesus

            What is a pot-stirrer?

          • What what?

          • MimeforJesus

            Just edited my answer. :)

          • Someone who kind of riles things up a little bit. It’s like if I posted an article on Revive that I knew was very controversial and a bunch of people were passionate about but all disagreed on, and I just sat back and enjoyed the show.

          • MimeforJesus

            Oh! Like @disqus_oMHOgFTIn3:disqus… Oh wait, did I just say that?

          • He would qualify, yep.

          • Okay, I didn’t get notified of this… now how did I get this rep? Hmm…

          • MimeforJesus

            Just an abundance of discussion-provoking questions over on Revive, that’s all. :) (And on here before Revive existed…)

          • Now, now, does that make a pot-stirrer? Oh, wait, it kinda does… okay, I guess I am! But it’s an awesome way to learn stuff!

          • MimeforJesus

            Well, looking at Lauren’s definition, actually you’re not a pot-stirrer. A pot-stirrer sits back and watches as debates start up; you jump right in! Maybe that makes you the soup…

          • But I stir it as well, cause I also start it. I’m not sure what I am then… and in my defense, I do not jump into every single one! In fact, just this morning, I wrestled with myself for half an hour about jumping into one on SoG, and finally decided not to. Maybe I’m learning!

          • MimeforJesus

            Ooh. Sam and I were just talking about that! Congratulations on not jumping in. (You are talking about the modesty one, aren’t you?) I started a discussion with him on here.. he commented on the modesty survey post.
            You appear to be learning, but you’re rubbing off on me!

          • Ha, ha, I didn’t know it was still going on. I’ll have to go check it out… and wait, where is the modesty survey post?

          • MimeforJesus

            The conversation with Shawn? There was somebody else a little while ago… not sure which one you’re talking about now. :)

            Lemme get it for ya. This should take you to his comment: http://therebelution.com/blog/2007/02/the-modesty-survey-results/#comment-2290148680

          • Yeah, that was what I almost commented on… ahhhhhhhh, I want to SO bad! But I figured that particular topic had about as little to do with me as possible, so I should just keep my little opinions all to me onesies. :)

          • MimeforJesus

            But dude, as a girl talking it looks like I just want to protect my right to wear pants and short sleeves!
            I’d appreciate a guy to back me up…

          • Okey-dokey, then, I still feel like this would be a better girl on girl conversation. But since a guy did start it, I might as well go put in my two cents. We’ll see… never mind about my making progress. It was temporary. πŸ˜‰

          • MimeforJesus

            Yeah, girl-to-girl would be better… (though when we girls start talking, we often go around in circles because we don’t really know what we’re talking about, so we can only get so far with those conversations) but he did start it. I’m sure you can make up your progress… some other time when there’s not an important conversation to jump in on. πŸ˜‰
            *twiddles thumbs waiting for your comment*

          • No, that’s not so. It depends on the girl. Girls aren’t any less capable of discussing serious topics. I’ve seen girls out-argue guys plenty of times. Although they usually WAY out-talk them at the same time… Ha, ha!

          • MimeforJesus

            No… I mean, we don’t know what clothing can cause problems for y’all and what is entirely innocent. :) My sis Lilla can out-argue anybody, I know girls can beat guys.
            Wish I could refute your last sentence…

          • Ah, okay, that makes more sense! :) And I’m writing my comment now!

          • MimeforJesus


          • Almost finished…

          • MimeforJesus

            I’m on the edge of my seat!

          • Looks like you’re going to have to wait a while, cause it got flagged by the Reb’s moderation. :( It might be a while yet…

          • MimeforJesus

            Bummer. Do you know what you said?

          • Nope. I don’t see anything remotely like a catch-word. Oh, well, it usually comes through their system within 24 hours, so it’s not bad. Besides, it may keep me out of a debate. :)

          • MimeforJesus

            Yeah, they’re good with getting to comments quickly. :) Could be… or not. We will have to see!

          • I did say “nakedness”. I’m going to test that real quick…

          • MimeforJesus

            Nope… that came through…

          • ‘Parently not… maybe protestant? :)

          • MimeforJesus

            Why were you saying protestant…?
            I wonder if there’s somebody who reads these comments…

          • Beats me… about the comments, not the protestant statement.

            I was explaining why the fact the pope declared pants immodest didn’t really matter to me. :)

          • MimeforJesus

            Yeah, the pope’s declaration (especially from 1928) doesn’t make a difference. (And didn’t he have any better things to do in 1928 than to launch a campaign against immodesty?)

          • MimeforJesus

            Oops, somehow I moved WW2 10 years earlier in my memory…

          • Probably… but then again, Catholics and Protestants alike spend a lot of time on issues that aren’t really that important. Come to think of it, I could probably rephrase your question, “Doesn’t Taylor have better things to do this afternoon than engage in a debate about modesty?” :)

            Well, historically, the pope could have been addressing Mussolini’s massive excess of power that would take place right around there and in the next decade. :) But I don’t really blame him there.

          • MimeforJesus

            Yeah. Speaking of better things to do, I’d better get going with other stuff. I could PM through Revive, but here it’s very tempting to stay on the page and just wait for another comment to appear. With Revive new messages don’t show up for a couple minutes regardless of what I do, so I normally work on something like math while I talk.

            I thought 1928 was in the middle of WW2, so then he would have had other stuff to do. I have got to brush up on current history.. I know ancient history well, but the newer stuff is so out of place in my head!

          • Like the Civil War… :)

            I was about to say the same thing. I’m gonna run, see ya!

          • MimeforJesus

            You had to say it, didn’t you? :)
            Okay, see ya!

          • MimeforJesus

            Ohh, did you maybe say the contraction of “he will”? That one caught a couple of my comments before I figured out what it was.

          • I don’t think so… apparently it wasn’t the one possible word I thought it might have been. Anyway…

          • MimeforJesus

            Just found where I said something wrong… I meant that when we get talking *about modesty*, we go around in circles.

          • Whoops, now that I see it on the Reb, I might jump in… :) You know me… the struggle is real…

          • Maybe that’s why I liked your dad so much…

  • Cedric Pannell

    One Idea that I have to simply serve just to serve. Like do a car wash and refuse to take donations.

  • Olivia W.

    Advice. So I know what most people will probably say, but I’m gonna ask anyway. So I want to start a youtube channel to make my own christian music on. Youtube’s age requirements are thirteen+. I’m nearly thirteen. I know tons of people who disregard age requirements on social media. I really want to go ahead and do it. I think age limits on those kind of things are mostly because of the bad stuff that other people can put on there, so the only reason I can see why I shouldn’t is simply because that’s against the rules.

    • Percussion_4_Christ

      How close to 13 are you?

      • Olivia W.

        About 6 months. I just didn’t want to say my exact age because lots of people say that the internet’s super dangerous and you shouldn’t post your age and all that stuff.

        • Percussion_4_Christ

          I see. I was asking because if it was only 2 months or less I would’ve said it would probably be best to wait it out.
          My advice is to ask your parents if you could use one of their accounts. That way, they can closely supervise your use of the profile. I’m not going to tell you not to post videos because that could be a great ministry! I just think lying about your age, even to a computer, may not be the correct way to go about it.
          I hope that helps!

          • Olivia W.

            Ok, thanks for your help! I made an acount for something that I’m not old enough for in the past, but then I did it I didn’t know that I wasn’t old enough. I tried to delete the account as you are supposed to, but it never got deleted. I’m still using it now because I feel like if God wanted me to not use it, it would have gotten deleted. This might not be the right way to think. I’m just not sure whether continuing to use the account is wrong. But as for creating a youtube account when I know that you have to be thirteen, I’m just gonna wait.
            Sometimes doing hard things gets complicated. : /

          • PJ Gerber

            Hey Olivia, I think that it’s important that you involve you parents, when youend up making your channel, also explain to them that any one can access these videos. Because though YouTube allows you to use it, you parents might not want you to use it. My Dad had said that if I wanted to post videos I’m not allowed to have my face in it. But I’m not sure how your parents will have regulations or anything but yeah like @percussion_4_Christ had said definitely involve you parents. πŸ˜€ Hope you grow in wisdom, to see through the complicated-ness. πŸ˜›

    • Hi Olivia, I completely understand how you’re feeling. P4C and PJ made great points, especially about involving your parents. I would also recommend waiting a month before you do anything. I know at the moment you really (really!!) want to make an account. However, that feeling (from personal experience) will fade somewhat given a little time. You’ll still want to do it, certainly, but you won’t be as desperate, and you’ll be able to make your decision with more clarity and wisdom.

      Another thought: If you start a YouTube channel, I can promise you that someday you’ll look back and feel rather silly about the videos you posted on there. That’s life. XD Which isn’t to say you can’t put out quality content now, but your ability to do so will only get better as you get older. That being said, you can wait until you know more and can do better (again, which isn’t to imply you won’t do a good job now), or you can start now. It’ll be harder than you expect, but you’ll learn and grow as a result of it. :) Ultimately, pray, involve your parents, and give it time!

    • Joseph Shaker

      As a musician, I think you may want to spend those six months really refining your songs, so that when you are 13 you can post 3-4 songs at the same time that are well polished. Subtle things. Do a recording and listen critically to it. You and your audience will better appreciate the result and you won;t have to break any rules

  • Anonymous

    My church does stuff like VBS and the Alpha course. Our youth group also does stuff like free car washes and coke-giveaways. a lot of what we do is always open to the community to come and participate.

  • Kendra B

    My church this summer did a “camp of life” which is a camp for elementary students. we witnessed to the children while doing fun things to show God through games, activities, crafts, and actual teaching time. it helped develop friendships and a spiritual connection between young children and God. but the kids told there parents what they learned so the families then learned about God as well. it was an awesome experience.

  • Rachael Jayatilaka

    My church does a heap of things in the community, some of them include a soup kitchen, Youth Group, disabled people club and church. They also do an annual camp which anyone can go too and is heaps of fun! There are so many other ways as well!

  • Joseph Shaker

    I have some insight because our church went through a similar struggle a few years ago. I’ll describe our story, I’m sorry if it is a bit long winded.
    Our church is on Long Island (in a suburbs not too far from NYC), so where we are most people 16+ drink and smoke pot. Our church is one block away from a movie theater, so a lot of teens would chill in the alley between them and smoke and drink and be excessively loud.
    At some point, our pastor was teaching and they were so loud that he shut the door to the church … but then it hit him (and later, us), that closing the door was the exact opposite of what we needed to do, that doctors aren’t for the healthy, but for the sick.

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