Published on March 28th, 2015 | by Christopher Witmer

Introducing Wild:Life — A New YouTube Channel for Young Men (and Young Women Too)

​Over the past year or so, God has given me a vision to start a videodcast reaching young people, particularly young men.

My brother and I knew of several online or hard copy magazine’s effectively reaching young ladies, but there was nothing for men! Besides, not very many young guys are going to look at a magazine.

The Wild:Life Youtube channel is the feeble manifestation of that vision. I am definitely out of my league, but I’m excited! I can’t wait to see where God takes this!

Feel free to send any questions, suggestions, or tips by tweeting me @chriswitmer95 or commenting on this post or the video. And be sure to subscribe to the Youtube channel! Thanks so much!

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  • GodsThespian

    You’re doing a Youtube channel! I’m going to check it out! :O)

    • Christopher Witmer

      Yes I am! Thanks!

  • Sounds interesting, I guess I’d better go subscribe. :)

    • Christopher Witmer

      :) Cool! Thanks!

  • Abigail McCoy


    • Christopher Witmer

      Thanks Abigail!

      • Abigail McCoy

        sure! :)

  • Cassie

    Wow, Christopher, this is great!!! *Subscribes* Totally getting my bro onto this!

    • Christopher Witmer

      Awesome! Thanks so much Cassie!

  • Subscribed

  • This is awesome! I’m recommending this to the guys in my youth group. :)

    • Christopher Witmer

      Thanks Brooklyn!

  • Glad you got it launched! I’m actually not on YouTube though…but I will try to check the link for updates.

  • Amanda

    Great starting video! You took Brett’s advice and just started. Good job. :)

  • I pray that God will bless this idea!

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