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Published on February 12th, 2015 | by Crista Moriah

UPDATE: Valentine’s Card Project

Many of you are aware of my Valentine Card Challenge to spread God’s love to the imprisoned children of Uganda.

By offering God the little bit I had to give, He took that and multiplied it greatly!!

He has been moving in the hearts of many, many people to make sure these orphans feel loved.

Over the course of the past few weeks, I have seen God provide abundantly.

He met the goal of 1400 cards more than a week before Valentine’s Day!!

It does not have to end there! The exact number of kids in prison is just an estimate.

There could be a lot more than 1,400.

The goal is to make sure not ONE. SINGLE. CHILD. is left out.

Several of you have hosted or plan to host events with your youth group, family, or friends to make cards. If you have not yet held your event, please still do so! All cards are welcome.


“Remember the prisoners as if chained with them…” — Hebrews 13:3a

The Father of the fatherless beholds the vast need of each and every child in Uganda. His heart aches because of their longing for some word of hope, encouragment, or love.

So please, please make as many cards as you feel God tugging on your heart to send.

“May the Lord direct your hearts to the love of God and to the steadfastness of Christ.” — 2 Thessalonians 3:5

Plan parties, host events, spread the word. Keep going until Valentine’s Day.

Let your heart love wildly, widely. Open your arms to pick up and hold the fatherless when they are reaching for you. You know that tug? That’s God reminding you the fatherless need to know of Him, the Father.

A simple card, a simple message of a mighty love. It can change the world for one. Let’s see what He does. My brother is guessing that we will end up with 5,000. Who knows?? The act of loving one adds up! Before you know it, one becomes one hundred, one thousand, one million.

That’s why this project is SO important. God takes the seemingly minute and transforms it into a magnitude of greatness!

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Photos courtesy of Crista Moriah.



About the Author

is an 18-year-old young lady, who is thankful that God took her ordinary life and made it extraordinary. She has a relentless passion to help the imprisoned orphans of Uganda and loves to spend her days being their advocate. She is inspired by Katie Davis, author of Kisses from Katie.

  • Martial Artist

    That’s great! And it truly is a great thing you’re doing Crista. You are trying to show these kids that they are loved, and God will surely bless you for it.

    Again, great job!

    • Thank you for your encouraging words!! :)

      • IWantToGoToUganda!!!!!

        Thank you so much for what you are doing. It’s such a great idea, and I’m sure it will make those kid’s day. :-)
        Hey, what’s the card up-date?

        • 2,452 is the latest count!!! Over 1,000 more than the original goal.

          So awesome to watch God move! :)

  • IWantToGoToUganda!!!!!

    I finally met my goal of 100 cards, and went 1 over. lol. We got together with our homeschooling group, and ended up making around 60 cards. So, we sent in I think 160. I’m so excited!

    • Wonderful!! Thank you all SO much.

  • IWantToGoToUganda!!!!!

    @graysonzaragoza:disqus Exactly. :-) Very well put. :-) God b

    • IWantToGoToUganda!!!!!

      Is there even a graysonzaragoza that post’s here? :-) lol. Sorry about that.

  • IWantToGoToUganda!!!!!

    Okay. I did NOT mean to post that last post… Something really weird happened. Sorry guys! :-(

  • Ruthie C

    Oh, good! I’ve actually been thinking about this the past couple days; thanks for the update!

  • Yeah! It is great to see God working!

  • The girls of my youth group made 81 cards. It was lots of fun and I can just imagine the smiles on the children’s faces when they get their cards! :)

  • We are planning to do it on Saturday during our Valentine’s Party! :)

  • Gabrielle S.

    That’s amazing!!!! Thanks for the update. I bet God’s got a pretty huge grin on his face right now!!

  • mimeforJesus

    You can still use cards? I made some, then I realized I was pretty late, and they wouldn’t get to their destination till after Valentines Day.

    • Sure! It is okay even if they are mailed on Valentine’s day. I don’t have a deadline since the cards will not be delivered right away to the kids in Uganda…just whenever teams go over. :)

      • mimeforJesus

        I guess I have some more cards to make, then :)

  • Card count: 2558

    • My siblings made six, I think, that I’m sending in soon… :) Even my five year old brother made one! He wrote the entire verse of John 3:16 AND the lyrics to “Jesus Loves Me” of his own accord. It was so sweet!

      So glad that you’re beating your goal!!!

  • Scarlet Pimpernel

    Congratulations Moriah! I just need to do 13 more cards to reach 100 and then I will send them over. My little brother surprised me by organizing an event for children’s church to make some cards. :)

    • Wow! That’s great…thank you so much!

  • frankledan

    19 cards from myself and friends from my youth group.

  • At 2,930 so far today.

  • Happy Valentine’s Day!!! How many cards do you have?

    • I’m still planning to have a party on the 20th, although that is after Valentine’s, so the card-making will not stop right away.

      • Ok. Good to know…hope everyone has a great time making them!

    • 2,937 is the total right now. A couple hundred past *double* the original goal. It has been so amazing to watch the cards pour in. There are actually more than that, but I have not counted all the ones from my church yet. :)

  • New card total: 3,017

    • Praise God!!!! With Him all things are possible!!!
      This made my day!

      • Someone left a comment today bumping it up another 58 cards…to 3,075! Can’t believe it! *smiles*

        • Haylie

          So cool! Praise the LORD!

      • IWantToGoToUganda!!!!!

        I know!! Mine too!!!!! :-) :-) I want to go to Uganda SO bad! :-)

  • More cards! 3,160 is the total now.

    • Emma

      That’s awesome! Praise God!

    • IWantToGoToUganda!!!!!

      Wow! Is there a “dead-line”?

      • No, not really. If people want to keep them coming, it’s okay with me. We could do it for the rest of February. How does that sound??

        • IWantToGoToUganda!!!!!

          That’s fabulous!! :-)

        • mimeforJesus

          Sounds good! I’ll be planning a get-together with my friends to make cards :)

          • Great!! That sounds fun. Thanks for helping out with this.

        • Awesome, cause I still have to mail mine :)

  • Preteens from a church made 15 more making the card total: 3,175. Our cup is overflowing, people!! Awesome.

  • IWantToGoToUganda!!!!!

    This is amazing! God is good!

  • IWantToGoToUganda!!!!!

    Have you sent the cards in yet?

    • Which cards? Everyone who makes them will send them to Sixty Feet. I have not sent mine yet.

      • IWantToGoToUganda!!!!!

        Oh. Sorry, I thought we sent them to you and then you sent them to Sixty Feet. :-/

        • Oh, that’s okay. :) It’s easy to miss the details. I do that myself sometimes. My thought was that it would be cheaper for people to just pay the postage once by sending them directly to Sixty Feet instead of sending it to me, then me having to send them too. It would have been neat to see them all, though. I kind of wish they were being sent to me so I could pack them all in a suitcase, take them to Uganda, and deliver them myself!!

  • Just finished doing a card-making party with friends! It was fun.

    • mimeforJesus

      Yay! You’re going a party on my brother’s birthday :)
      I’m planning on doing one myself; do you have any advice for me? Things you did that worked (or really didn’t)?

      • What I did was print out a paper that had everything they needed to write in the cards aka. John 3:16 written out Jesu Okwagala or Katonda Okwagala and their signature. I photocopied that a few times, and then, had a paper for each table. I started out the time by reading Sixty Feet’s story and then started making cards. Other than that, I pretty much let them make the cards however they wanted to. One thing I think was helpful was to have stencils for people to trace. That makes unconfident artists a little more comfortable and makes confident artists (at least the one’s who use them) make the cards a bit faster. Hope your/your brother’s party goes well!

        • mimeforJesus

          Thanks :) Where did you find Sixty Feet’s story? The stencils are a good idea – I’m borrowing that idea!
          Actually this will be my/my sister’s party; my older brother is in college :/

          • Here is the link to Sixty Feet’s story:

          • That is so great that the Sixty Feet story is being read. It is an important part of all of this. I think it gives people a better understanding of what to write in the cards.

            I’m always happy when this ministry is shared…the more people that know about them, the more support is given helping God’s work to go on. I like the part in the end when they say “This is our story. We hope someday it will be yours as well.” (I’m paraphrasing) It became my story as soon as I read it the first time. It was a powerful tool in my life.

          • mimeforJesus

            New profile pic! I like it :)

          • Thanks! I took it in Uganda while visiting the Nile. One of the things I love about the country are the vivid bright colored flowers. :)

          • mimeforJesus

            How many times have you been to Uganda?

          • Only once (a year ago this spring), but I hope to go again soon! :)

          • mimeforJesus

            Thank you :)

      • Allie Blue

        Hey , I tried to reply to you on the other site but it wouldn’t let me, so I’ll just reply to you here. First, I’m soooooooooo sorry that I’m just now responding to you. I’ve been very busy these past few weeks; sorry again. Second, I actually haven’t read any of his other books, but I’m sure that I’d love them since I love the two that I told you about. I’m always interested in good stuff to read, so do you have any suggestions on what other books of his I should read first?

        • mimeforJesus

          Sorry, who were we talking about?

          • Allie Blue

            We were talking about the author that wrote This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness. Those are the only books I’ve read of his , and you had asked me if I have read any of his other books.

          • mimeforJesus

            Let me think… Frank Peretti’s got a lot of good books; my favorites are the Veritas Project series and The Oath. The Cooper Kids series is good, too :) I haven’t read all his books, but I know that some of his books are better than others. Monster didn’t turn out well (most Peretti fans agree on that), and Prophet was… different from his others. I didn’t like it as much, but it was his first big seller. You might like it.
            Since you liked This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness, you might want to check out the Left Behind series, too; I liked it, and I like Peretti-style writing. (Make sure you read the original series! They wrote some prequels which turned out bad (as in, objectionable); worse than some non-Christian books I’ve read.)

          • Allie Blue

            Ok ,thanks. I think I have some things to add to my reading list. :)

          • mimeforJesus

            Hangman’s Curse is one of my favorite books ever!! Probably the one I’d suggest starting with :)

          • Allie Blue

            Ok, thanks :)

    • Wonderful!! Glad it was fun. Thank you. How many did it end up being? It is always exciting to add more to the total. :)

      • Sorry I did not answer sooner. I was fasting theRebolution for lent. You can add 78 to your total.

    • IWantToGoToUganda!!!!!

      That’s awesome! :-)

  • Allie Blue

    This is soooo awesome, @moriah_s:disqus What you’re doing will have an impact on so many children’s lives by showing them that they are loved by their Heavenly Father. Is it too late to submit cards?

    • Thank you for your kind, encouraging words! It is not too late to submit cards. Because I still have people wanting to make cards, I extended the card challenge for the rest of Feb. :)

      • Allie Blue

        Great! I’ll try to make some and see if I can get my sister to help. :)

      • Allie Blue

        Hey, Moriah. My sister and I made ten cards and mailed them; I’m sorry that it’s so close to the deadline, though. I really hope that it blesses the orphans 😀

        • Wonderful!! I appreciate it. 😉

          • Allie Blue


  • I was SO blessed to receive this comment:

    “Hi Moriah! :) I first read about your card challenge on The Rebelution and thought it was a great idea. My family had a Valentine’s party on Valentine’s Day and we made cards!!! :) I printed out John 3:16 in Lugandan and we glued those on the cards so every card (as far as I know) has the verse on it. At the party we made around 75 or 76 but my mom and I loved the idea so much that the craft table stayed up for 3 more days and we made more cards. Our total card count is 220. :) Thank you so much for helping share the love of Jesus to many who haven’t heard!!!!!! ~Annalysa”

    That boosted the new card total to:

    Praise the Lord! His love cannot be contained–it knows no boundaries!!

  • 3,459 is our new total of cards! Due to the crazy winter weather…ice & snow…I am still waiting to mail my cards from family, friends and church family.

    In the meantime, I keep making them. It is a special project–I am glad it is not quite over yet!!

    • Hey Moriah, I mailed 35 cards on Thursday to add to the count.

      • Awesome! That brings the new total to 3,498.

  • 3, 500 ended up being the grand total!! It looks like I will be going to Uganda in a few months with Sixty Feet to deliver some cards to the kids in person. *smiles*

    • That’s awesome, praise God!! =)

    • Emma

      I am so glad for you @moriah_s:disqus! :)

      • I know…it is SO exciting! Right now I am writing a letter to send our to family and friends (last time we mailed 200!!) Praying the Lord will provide. :)

  • Okay…I’m officially going to Uganda!! Purchased plane tickets last night.

    • mimeforJesus

      Yay! I’ll be praying for your trip :)

  • I posted a portion of the letter I wrote to send out to family members and friends sharing my heart for Uganda here:

  • 6 weeks until I leave for Uganda!!

    • MimeforJesus :)

      Great! XD

  • mcstache

    are we going to do this again in 2016?

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