Published on May 20th, 2013 | by Alex and Brett Harris

Long Island Bombers: Blindness Can’t Hold Them Back

Imagine you are blind person who loves baseball. Too bad, huh? You can’t even watch a baseball game, let alone enjoy playing the sport yourself. Might as well give up on baseball. Right?

Meet the Long Island Bombers — a dedicated group of baseball enthusiasts and athletes who just happen to be blind and visually impaired. The Bombers play beep baseball, a modified version of traditional baseball that uses a beeping ball and buzzing bases to guide the players to score a run.

As you watch the video, consider the obstacles The Bombers have faced and overcome to play the game they love — then take that same mindset and apply it to the obstacles in your life.

Is that dream of yours really unreachable, or does it just require that you face your fears, reject low expectations, and dive blindly towards your goal? Do like The Bombers. Do Hard Things.

Question: Did the Bombers inspire you? What obstacles are you facing? Sound off in the comment section. There are currently __ Comments.





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  • Libby

    That’s AWESOME! GO BOMBERS!!!!!

  • Valiant

    Wow, that’s really inspiring. :)

  • Guest

    Great inspiration!

  • Annalysa


  • Wow, go Bombers! This has got to be one of the coolest things I have ever heard of! Talk about not giving up! Kind of makes me wonder if I haven’t been giving up on things too easily. It is so easy to say “this is too hard” or “impossible.” Thanks for this post guys!

  • That’s perseverance. Finding a way to do something you love even when an obstacle stands in your way.

    Since I normally don’t care for baseball, when someone asks me my favorite team, I’ll just say the Bombers!

  • Liz Boss

    dude! that is mad cool! =) (ps…i just now discovered this whole site…it’s fascinating to me)

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