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Published on November 14th, 2016 | by Emma Roth

A Call to Be Uncomfortable for Jesus

I recently took a trip to an island, to a Christian camp called Patmos.

My senior class and I did team building exercises, industrious pranking, and then helped the camp by cleaning and winterizing it. Along with that, the camp administrator held bible studies with us. We studied Philippians and how confident Paul was that even the worst things that happened to him were for a reason.

Philippians 1:12-13 says:

“But I want you to know, brethren, that the things which happened to me have actually turned out for the furtherance of the gospel, so that it has become evident to the whole palace guard, and to all the rest, that my chains were in Christ.”

Paul was not someone who compromised.

He found his joy in the Lord and in furthering the gospel. I have an analogy for you. If you were walking down the sidewalk with a cup of water and you tripped, what would come out of your cup? (P.S. This isn’t a trick question). The water!

Think of your troubles, trials, temptations, pain, and grief as the bump in the sidewalk. And then think of your water as what comes pouring out of you when this happens.

Is it a quiet peace and reliance on God, or is it slashing words, a restless spirit, and questioning God?

You see, when Paul went through these things he did not question God, whining, “Oh, why is this happening to me!” No, instead he thanked God for the new opportunities he had to share the gospel while in chains.

You can of course apply this to your life, but more specifically you can apply this:

1) To your job. Instead of saying “I HAVE to go to work,” say “I GET to go to work.” Have a good attitude about your job. Take it seriously, and be an example of what a Christian looks like. Talk to your coworkers about the gospel and take advantage of the time you have with these lost people.

2) To your family life.
Take time with your siblings to disciple them and pour into their lives. Instead of letting riffs come between you and your family, be a peacemaker and resolve them.

3) To your school life. Again, be an example. Choose not to complain. Choose to be an example and redeem the time you have with these people.


So, I hope that you will consider this a challenge. Rely on God. For me, I have the tendency to let relationships become my life, and when something happens in those relationships, it breaks me. (But that’s an article for another time.)

Take the opportunity to be uncomfortable for the sake of Christ.

I want to encourage you to find your fulfillment and joy in Christ, and not in anything in this world.

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About the Author

is an 18-year-old young woman who is striving to make her short time on earth worthwhile. She trains horses, works at Panera, goes to the local college and is homeschooled. She cannot wait to graduate high school next year and begin training for mission work overseas.

  • That was a great analogy Emma! And thanks for the article; it really gave me a new perspective.

    • Emma Grace

      Thank you! I’m so glad! :)

  • Olivia R.

    What a wonderful and encouraging article! Thank you!

  • Emma

    Great article!! Thanks for writing!

    • Emma Grace

      Thank YOU for reading! :) and great name!

      • Emma

        Haha! You too! 😉

  • I know that place 😉 This is really thought provoking for me, especially since I am definitely wanting to go into medical missions and being uncomfortable is very hard for me. Thanks for writing, Emma!

    • Emma Grace

      Thats awesome that you want to go into missions! I can’t remember if you have told me that in the past or not Liana. Yes, going into missions definitely will make you full time uncomfortable. Go for it! Thank you :)

      • You have been on my mind a lot and I keep meaning to write to you, my life has been crazy. I was working at camp all summer and then I had a breakdown, now with school and another job, I’m kind of swamped. But I do want to let you know that you have been on my mind and I will hopefully be sending you a note soon!

        • Emma Grace

          Hey! I totally understand! I am swamped between everything that has been going on! Alright! I will be looking forward to a note :) But, don’t stress about it haha, I’m super busy myself!

  • I really like the water analogy! I have seen people go both ways. :) Great article!

    • Emma Grace

      Thank you! Yeah, I have gone both ways. Its hard! Thank you :)

  • Lydia Graham

    It is WONDERFUL that you want to go into missions. Me and my family are missionaries in South Africa, and let me tell you, it is most absolutely NOT a boring life.

    • Emma Grace

      That is so awesome!!! Haha I would love to hear more about it sometime!

  • Olivia Garrod

    I really want to get involved with mission trips and be able to help people have good change in their lives and help people, but I literally have no idea how. or where to stop, I’ve tried getting in contact with soe organizations, and a few I’ve found because of the rebelution, anyone have any ideas?

    • So glad to hear you want to be doing some mission work! Definitely be a missionary right where you are, get super involved in your church and what mission things they may be doing, and then ask your pastor for some things that are going on near you. I talk about all of these concepts on my blog as well :)

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