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Published on April 11th, 2015 | by Brett Harris

Take the #LymeDiseaseChallenge to Support Ana Harris

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? You know, when all the athletes and celebrities dumped buckets of ice water on themselves to raise funds for ALS research?

Well, there’s a new challenge in town — the Lyme Disease Challenge. And instead of dumping ice water on your head you take a bite out of a lime.

As many of you know, my dear wife Ana has been very sick with Lyme Disease for over two years (coming up on three). We have experienced first-hand how devastating this illness can be.

So we were thrilled to have an opportunity to help raise awareness. Ana felt well enough to make her own #LymeDiseaseChallenge video — and I followed suit a few days later.

We hereby challenge all of you to “take a bite out of lyme” as well!

Took the Lyme Disease Challenge! So many people are suffering. Please share! Or better yet, take the challenge! #LymeDiseaseChallenge #TakeABiteOutofLyme

Posted by Ana Harris on Monday, April 6, 2015

I just ate an entire lime. Here's the video…#LymeDiseaseChallenge #TakeABiteOutofLymeFACT: Studies show that up to half of all patients with Lyme Disease received false negative results. This delayed diagnosis means they don’t receive needed treatment in a timely manner.

Posted by Do Hard Things on Wednesday, April 8, 2015



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Graphics courtesy of Lyme Disease Challenge and Dr. Daniel Cameron & Associates.



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is co-founder of and co-author of Do Hard Things, along with his twin brother, Alex. He is married to his best friend, Ana, who blogs at He is the founder of the Young Writers Workshop — an ongoing coaching program for serious writers.

  • Haylie

    Wow, there’s a lot I didn’t know about Lyme disease. Thanks for the informative post! I pray that God will give Ana a complete and speedy recovery! And i love the idea of the challenge. That’s just fantastic :)

    • You’re so welcome, Haylie. Thank you so, so much for the prayers.

  • Ruthie C

    Awesome!! I don’t have social media (yet), but I would totally do this if I did. Is there a way I could do this without social media? Just wondering.
    I knew a little about Lyme disease because for awhile we thought my cousin might have it (she doesn’t), but this was a really interesting post. Thanks Brett! I’m praying for Ana also. :)

    • Ashlyn

      I’m not sure on this, but maybe you could send it to the Rebelution? You would have to okay it with them, but it’s just an idea. :-)

      • Yeah, you guys could at least post photos or videos here on this thread — which would encourage Ana a lot! And then I could post them on our Facebook page. =)

        • Ruthie C

          That sounds great!

    • @ruthie_c:disqus Maybe you could take a video or photo and email it to your friends! You can challenge them to do it on social media, even if you don’t have any of your own accounts. :)

      • Ashlyn

        Great idea!

    • You’re welcome, Ruthie! Thanks for your prayers. It might not seem like much sometimes, but we have seen God answer prayers over and over again for Ana.

      • Ruthie C

        That’s amazing. God is so good!

  • Brett Harris, when you said in your video that you were going to eat the entire lime, I was thinking quite literally that you would, including the skin. 😉 Glad you didn’t go that far. Lol
    The next time I get a hold of any limes I will see about taking the challenge. My siblings and I used to enjoy eating lemons with each other, but I don’t think we ever did limes. 😉

    • Also, I will be praying for your wife, Ana! She is now officially on my list of heroines.

  • Gabrielle

    Great idea Brett!! I’ll be praying for Ana.

  • I would totally love to do this… if I had any social media…
    Praying for Ana!!!

    • Maybe you could take a video, @brooklynmm:disqus, and email it to your friends, or post it to your blog! :) Your friends could do it on any social media they have if they want to. :)

      • That’s a great idea, Hannah! I mentioned below too that I could post some of them on the Do Hard Things Facebook page. If you guys want to post your pictures or videos in this thread, I can re-post them on our page.

    • You can post it in Revive too if you want :)

  • Ashlyn

    I will be praying for Ana!

  • Yay you made an article about it, Brett!
    Praying for you guys :)

    • Thanks so much, Sam!

      • GodsThespian

        Sam S didn’t tell you, but he put a link up on Revive too :-)

        • It was way better once I could link to this article. I wanted both videos at the same time!

          • GodsThespian


  • I am doing this…as soon as I get a lime. Where in the world would I get one? Can I get one in the produce section at Kroger or something?

    • I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure you could find limes at almost any grocery store! :) I hope so, anyways…

    • Ruthie C

      My Kroger usually has limes available. I don’t know where you live, but I think they shouldn’t be really hard to find. :)

    • cara d

      Any shop that sells fruit and veg but if you’re desperate you could use a lemon and colour it in green??

      • GodsThespian

        Oh, good idea!

      • hahahahaha @disqus_N3wyQSXW1f:disqus you made me smile – that’s great! :)

  • This is a really neat idea! We can also use this challenge to ask people to pray for those with Lyme’s! :) I’ll see if I can do it soon.

  • alana

    Is it strange how much I really want to do this, both for fun and for raising awareness?

    • GodsThespian


    • Haha… No, I was actually looking forward to doing it… =)

    • I can’t wait to get a lime. :) I’ll put what I don’t eat in my water. :) I love limes in water….. 😀

  • Sydnie

    I’m totally going to do that! I just have to figure out a way to publicize it……………

    • Hey Sydnie, you should post it on our own social media pages (if you have them) to spread awareness in your own circle… But I am also willing to post some of the best ones on the Do Hard Things Facebook page — so you can just post your photo or video here and I can re-post it.

  • I’m going to go eat a tangerine now…

  • GodsThespian

    I’ve been praying for Ana (I saw something about her Lyme’s disease on an earlier post); how is she doing? What specifically can I be praying for?

    • Thanks so much for asking, GodsThespian! And thank you for praying for Ana. That means so much. Really.

      She has been making good progress, but she still deals with a lot of pain. Plus, her central nervous system is very fragile, so it’s hard for her to spend time with groups of people without getting over-stimulated by all the sounds and sights, multiple conversations, etc.

      So prayer for her pain to cease and for her central nervous system to recover and grow stronger would be amazing.

      • I’ll be praying as well! You guys are an inspiration to me, just to see your positive and even grateful attitudes through all of this. :)

      • GodsThespian

        You’re very welcome :) I’ve gained so much from your and Alex’s insights, it’s the least I can to pray for y’all :)

        I had something similar going on myself for a few days – overstimulation from conversations, sights, sounds… wow, I can’t imagine dealing with that indefinitely!

        I’ll be praying that her pain ends and that her CNS recovers. “The prayers of a righteous man avail much”…

      • Amanda

        Thanks for telling us more specific things we can pray for. I will pray too. <3 Sorry I've gone so long knowing about it and haven't been praying.

  • Dear friends, ticks have not been around for 15 million years, but oh well. The other numbers are quite convincing.

    • Ahem… I didn’t create the graphic. 😉

      • I know. (Thankful for that!)

      • Josiah J.

        I was beginning to think you were a theistic evolutionist.

        Glad your not!!! 😀

  • You guys. I was just struck with an idea. Have any of you ever wondered what God would do with dozens (or hundreds) of young people, all praying consistently and continually for a certain thing? I know that what I’m about to suggest is probably a stretch for you to think about, but prayer is WAAAAYYYY more powerful than any of us realize, and we are called to have faith and do impossible things with God’s help!!

    What if we ALL prayed every. single. day., multiple times per day, for Ana? I have no idea myself what would happen….but it would be so awesome to find out! What do you all think about uniting in prayer tonight and for the next couple of weeks or so, pleading with God to heal Ana’s body from Lyme’s, maybe even completely (how much faith do I have?)? Brett mentioned that her central nervous system is fragile and she still has a lot of pain, so we can start there.

    What do y’all think? I’ll be praying hard – does anyone want to join me?

    “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the middle of them.” (Matt. 18:20) Remember, we don’t have to be physically together to be together in Jesus’ name!

    • I’m joining you!!! I’ll post this on as well. You should check the site out if you havent already! :)

      • Okay, great!!!

      • Haha. Hurry up Brooklyn! How am I supposed to stick it if you don’t post it. 😀 Lol. Sorry. 😛

        • Can you explain how to use the Revive website? I cannot figure it out for the life of me! :) What is it, exactly?

          • Well it’s HumHub, but that won’t help you much. It’s got a lot of bugs in it right now. I’m hoping to do an update in a day or two and maybe that will make it better.
            I don’t know what part to explain…

          • Okay. How new is it?

          • Revive has been up for a week. HumHub has been in development for about a year now I think.

          • That’s not very long at all! You still have some time to get it running smoothly. :)

          • What’s weird is that I’ve done sites like this before and have never had so many problems with it!

          • That is weird… Did you use all of the same site hosts and stuff?

          • Actually, no. I think that may be the problem.

          • I got an email saying that you mentioned me on Revive, but I couldn’t see what it said when I clicked the link. Just FYI. :)

          • Okay. Well, I don’t know what to say about that. I might have an idea of what happened, but there’s not point in me trying to explain it. :/

          • Sorry – it was just my browser’s problem. :) Firefox works, though!

        • I did post it! I think! Somehow!
          Honestly I havent really figured that site out yet. But I posted it somewhere. 😀

          • Oh you posted on your wall. Very few people will see it there. Do you know how to post to the Prayer space?

          • Ohhhhhhh okay. Yes I think so. But I gotta go to bed so I can do it tomorrow? Or you can do it if you want it on tonight.

          • Okeydokie

    • I’m in!

      • YES! Let’s do this in Jesus’ name and the power of the Holy Spirit! :)

    • Riley H.

      Count me in, too!!

    • Haylie

      Yes, i think that’s a marvelous idea! I’m in!

    • Wow, Hannah (and everyone)! This just made Ana so happy. =)

    • I’m in!

    • Sarah Jane

      Yes! Count me in too please!

    • Awesome idea Hannah! I guess Christians tend to forget sometimes what an awesome privilege we have in talking directly to God, the creator of the universe. We tend to forget that He still works miracles and He wants to answer our prayers. But you can’t answer a question you haven’t been asked, right? (Well, God could, but that was a (faulty) example that just goes to prove the fallibility of humans, (especially me)) Anyway, the point is, God wants to hear from you. Loves hearing from you. Looks forward to it even. So why don’t we pray more often? There’s no better place than the presence of the Lord. I would love to join in with y’all in praying for Ana. For with God, all things are possible. =)

    • Samuel G

      Wow. Great idea Hannah! I’m in!

      We don’t know what God’s will for Ana is, but prayer is such a powerful tool. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Hey Hana, what if we all agreed on exactly what to pray for how long at exactly the same time?

      Like, for example 20 people, praying for Ana at exactly 8:30 EST, April 30th, that she would, say…. have child-like energy, or even healing.

      And then see what happens?

      • That’s a really good idea, Trent! I was trying to think of ways to somehow pray at the same time, but I didn’t get anywhere. :) So yes, let’s do it!
        I don’t know about anyone else, but when I was praying for her last night as we were discussing this, it felt almost like I was in a prayer meeting and everyone was praying together for Ana, not at all like I was the only one in prayer!
        Do you have any ideas how to get the message out, and what time we should do it?

        • I felt like that too!!!!!

          • Really?? That’s soooo neat, and it’s an aspect of prayer that I haven’t experienced before. :)

        • Well, we could post on Revive a set date and time, that’s reasonablely close enough but not so close it’s short notice. And then also here. 😀

      • Heidi Erickson

        That is a totally awesome idea, Trent. Just wondering though…8:30 am or pm? I mean I could (and should) do both…but just checking. :)

        • Haha. I was just picking a random time out of the hat. ,:)

      • Sounds great!!!!!!!

    • alana

      I’m down for that!

    • This is a great idea, Hannah! I’m in!

    • Heidi Erickson

      Love it, Hannah! I’m in, too! :)

    • I have been praying for Ana almost every day for about a month, I believe. I will continue to do so, and I hope we can get more updates! :) @BrettHarris:disqus

    • Ruthie C

      I saw this in my email inbox yesterday but didn’t have time to respond. I’m praying!!

      • That’s awesome! Your joining brings the count up to 24 of us!!! :) PTL!

    • And in all of this praying for Ana, we can’t forget to pray for Brett, too, with all he does for her.

    • I’m in! We, as followers of Jesus Christ filled with his Holy Spirit, have the power and authority to drive out demons! This shouldn’t be too hard in comparison. ;))

    • I would love to do this! As others pointed out…Jesus gave us a lot of power. While giving the Great Commission, He prefaced it with
      “..All power is given unto Me is heaven and earth.” (Matthew)

      Then if you jump over to Mark’s version, it talks about laying hands on the sick and them recovering! Healing is part of the The Great Commission….and we are FULLY equipped with the authority and power of Jesus’ name to do so.

      I believe us all praying for Ana with be a beautiful, effective thing. (See James 5:16)

      Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen. Ephesians 3:20 & 21

      • I’m so glad you’re joining us, Moriah! Thanks for the reminders. :)

    • I’m in. That verse is one of my favorites! :)

      IDEA: And this might be a long shot idea that you’ll think is weird But what if there were a safe website/group not quite like the good ol’ rebelution 😉 but a place for youth prayer teams. Like there could be weekly prayer request updates, people could say what times they would cover praying (even though we can and should pray 24/7) it would still be cool knowing that there are others praying for the same thing at the same time. And like on the national day of prayer we could host an online praying event, and other times through the year we could do the same. And it could even have updates, and people could write in stories of how God has answered their prayers. And there is so much you could do. Anybody think this is a good idea? Yay or nay?

      I won’t be hurt if you don’t, it was just a random late night idea! :)

      • haha I guess it would be like a an online-prayer-centered-youth-group! :) Which an online youth group would be okay by me, ’cause my real YG is super small! lol! :)

        • Hey Anna, that’s a great idea! Actually, a few of the people on here have just started something similar to what you’re suggesting. It’s Maybe you could check it out and send some revision suggestions the admins’ way! Basically, it’s a site where we all can post prayer requests and praises and also kind of get to know each other a little better. :)
          I’m so glad you’re joining our “prayer team” for Ana!

      • Yep! I second what @hannahmcintosh:disqus said! (Of course, I am a little biased because I’ve put many hours into that site so far.) You should totally check it out. Using the calendar would help you do just about everything you want to do. We don’t have very good email updates yet. I need to work on that.

        • Sweet! I’m happy that something like Revive has been started. Hey I know you don’t know me that well but if your group needs any help writing emails and updates I could help. Just let ne know! First I need to join Revive, though! Lol! :)

          • Hey that’s an interesting prospect. I was thinking of doing it programmatically, but if you wanted to write summaries, that would be pretty cool. I’ll have to think about that.

          • Just let me know. :)
            I am not able to look over Revive or really comment yet because my Grandmother passes away on Monday, so we are busy with family. And I don’t have time to sit down at a computer, so if there are typos I’m sorry I am writing on my tablet and it’s glitching! Grrr!!! Please keep us in your prayers, we are fine grieving wise, we more of need prayer for when it comes to business, some of the other family members can be difficult. Thanks in advanced. :)
            And can I just say that I absolutely love getting to connect with Christian teens on here, I have been so encouraged by everyone, even if they aren’t saying something directly to me, it’s just seeing other people have faith is so encouraging! :)

          • Praying for you now, Anna!

          • Thanks so much! :)

    • Nathanael B.

      I’m in!

    • Josiah J.

      Great idea Hannah!!! :)

      Ana is going on my prayer list.

  • Liam

    oooh a challenge that doesn’t make you unintentionally support abortion. I likey. I may just do this…

    • Josh A

      IKR? I discovered that about the ice bucket challenge (thank you AIG) and was like awwwwww…..

  • Riley H.

    Brett and Ana, praying hard for both of you! A few years back I experienced for months on end many of the same symptoms Ana experienced…only mine was because of an unknown intolerance to gluten (weird how similar the symptoms are!). But I can understand, to some extent, what she is going through and how terrifying it can be. Praying for God’s complete healing. You guys are such a beautiful example of faith!

    • Liam

      Wait, Riley, you’re allergic to gluten? Lucky!

      • Riley H.

        Haha, why am I lucky?? :)

        • Liam

          Well I wished I was allergic to gluten. That way I could guarantee that I would be healthier; since gluten isn’t healthy. I’m trying my best to go non-gluten but it’s almost impossible! If only I had a good excuse to go gluten free…:P

          • I’m pretty sure gluten is only unhealthy if your body can’t tolerate it…see Though paying attention to what you eat is a good thing to do :)

          • Liam

            Gluten is found in wheat, barley, oat and rye. But in everything else it is an additive. Gluten is an additive that our bodies cannot take large amounts of. In our culture gluten is in EVERYTHING, so for many people (including my Mom) it can cause health issues.

          • mcstache

            If you think that is hard try staying away from sugar. I don’t get sick or anything but I get a small rash whenever I eat it in large amounts. We originally thought it was gluten so I know that is hard but everything with gluten has sugar plus some.

          • Liam, I don’t think gluten is completely unhealthy to eat. Of course, there should always be moderation in everything, but God delights to see us enjoy good things and if you enjoy bread then I think God takes pleasure in seeing us enjoy it as long as we eat it for his glory. Unless, someone is allergic to gluten (such as those who have celiac disease), then I think it is perfectly fine to enjoy bread and foods with gluten in it occasionally and I don’t think you need to feel bad or guilty about eating it.
            Just my thoughts on the matter. 😉 Hope it helps!

          • Yes @liamsiegler:disqus I totally agree!

          • I’ve decided not to worry about things like gluten. I have a bunch of friends who can’t or don’t eat it it for the sake of being healthier, but I can testify to the fact that they aren’t much more healthy than the rest of us and they live about as long as they would if they did eat gluten. I honestly don’t think eating or not eating it makes a big difference. But if you just don’t want to eat it, go for it. You have more self control than I do if you can stick to it. =p

          • Liam

            Cutting gluten out can be an asset of eating healthy, but that exclusively doesn’t mean you are healthy. There are many more things you need to do in order to be healthy.

          • Riley H.

            I agree with everyone else – gluten isn’t necessarily unhealthy, unless you can’t tolerate it (like me). I’m actually the one jealous of you…be glad you CAN eat gluten!! Think about a world without pizza crust, birthday cake, fresh baked baguettes, donuts…the list goes on.. Enjoy it! :) But of course you’re right…everything in moderation ;).

          • Josiah J.

            There is such a thing a gluten free pizza, bread, etc… :)

          • I’m trying to go gluten free too… It is hard! And with no real reason other than trying to be healthier, it is really hard!

          • Liam


          • I had to go on a diet because I was underweight and I had to stay away from gluten for almost two years. It was crazy (there were a bunch of other foods I had to stay away from, too, but I think gluten was the hardest) 😛

          • Liam

            That sounds awesome (to me) Sorry to hear that. 😛

          • Amelia Grace

            Just gonna jump in and say GLUTEN IS NOT UNHEALTHY! Sorry if that’s taken the wrong way, I’m not trying to be mean. It just makes me sad that people often believe healthy things are unhealthy. If gluten is unhealthy, then how come people have been eating it for thousands of years and still managed to be healthy? (Again, I’m not trying to start an argument, just trying to clear this up for you.)

          • Ruthie C

            I agree!! According to Google, gluten is high in protein, iron, and multiple other nutrients. It’s really not unhealthy (as long as it’s not eaten in outrageously large amounts, of course). God created gluten for our benefit and enjoyment! :)

          • Google has spoken! *cue dramatic music*

          • Liam

            I can reverse the question and ask you why so many people eat gluten every single day and are unhealthy?

            Gluten is not necessarily bad, it’s just that it’s an additive in almost everything. I’m not much of an expert on this, but I would like to link you this article I found.

            Once you read the whole thing tell me what ya think.

            And by the way there is no need to be sad. 😉

          • Ruthie C

            People who eat gluten every single day and are unhealthy are usually that way because they’re eating a bunch of white flour and sugar infested products as well. That’s what’s really making people unhealthy, in my opinion.
            I read the article, and I felt like it was just talking about people who potentially have celiac disease. Unless your doctor tells you to go gluten-free, it’s really not such a good idea to completely cut it out. Sorry if I sound harsh, but my dad is a family doctor, and this is how he feels.

            Ok, so my dad just walked in the room and I asked him for a quote: “There are some people who have celiac disease. They actually create antibodies against the gluten, and when they eat gluten it causes their bowels to bleed. They then become anemic and at high risk for cancer. However, people who don’t have celiac can eat gluten and be perfectly fine. It’s like how people with a peanut allergy can have even a miniscule amount of peanuts and have a big negative reaction to it, while most can eat peanuts and be very healthy.”
            Again, not trying to force my opinion on you or anything. Just giving another perspective. :)

  • Cool! I’m not really sure about that whole “ticks have been around 15,000,000 years” thing though. =p This is a really great idea to raise people’s awareness on such an important subject though. Count me in on the challenge and the prayers. =)

    • That was exactly what I was going to say. Definitely not around for 15M years.

      Awesome catch!

  • ReRe

    TALK ABOUT DO HARD THINGS!!!! Eating a whole LIME? You must reeaallly love your wife.

    • lol, I loved that line!!! :)

    • Gabrielle

      Welcome to the Reb!!

    • Haha… Thanks @disqus_zcRpDbUqbd:disqus! I do reeaallly love her. =D

      • GodsThespian

        When you said “I really love my wife” all I could think was my sister’s favorite phrase: “That’s true love right there.”

        • Ruthie C

          I want to start using that phrase!

  • Joyful joyful

    I still like mangos best…

    I don’t have social media, but I am going to copy the URL for this page into an email and send it off to my friends!!!

    Sending LOTS of prayers your way… and for everyone else with this disease!

    Psalms 34:19 Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.

    • Amen! Isn’t that so great?! We will have many problems, but God delivers us from most of them! That’s so comforting! (Hehehe did you catch that?) No, God delivers us from every single one of them. Now that’s something to get excited about! (#happydance)

  • Savannah

    Praying for you both, Brett and Ana!
    The Lord has been showing me a lot of things this year through Psalm 91…thought it might encourage you guys too!:)

    “Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
    will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
    I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”
    Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare

    and from the deadly pestilence.
    He will cover you with his feathers,
    and under his wings you will find refuge;
    his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

    You will not fear the terror of night,
    nor the arrow that flies by day,

    nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
    nor the plague that destroys at midday.

    A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you.
    You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked.
    If you say, “The Lord is my refuge,”

    and you make the Most High your dwelling,
    no harm will overtake you,
    no disaster will come near your tent.

    For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands,so that you will not strike your foot against a stone. You will tread on the lion and the cobra; you will trample the great lion and the serpent.
    “Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue
    him;I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.
    He will call on me, and I will answer him;
    I will be with him in trouble,
    I will deliver him and honor him.
    With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.”
    ~ Psalm 91

    • Thanks so much for this encouragement, Savannah. Psalm 91 is a great one.

  • Daniel Jukes

    Brett and Ana praying for you, praying that Ana will be completely healed in God’s timing. Thankyou for sharing.

  • I would love to take a bite out of Lyme. Awareness needs to be spread!! Most doctors in North Carolina (where I live) don’t believe it exists here in this state…shocking, right!?

    I’ve had chronic Lyme since 2008 (my mom and younger sister were diagnosed around then as well). When I was the most sick with it, I has to wait a year to start high school. I’ll be a senior this fall and graduate next May at 19 years old. God has taught me a lot…and brought me a long way to recovery through various doctors/treatment plans.

    (I’ve seen Dr. Jemsek in the past as well…he is an amazing doctor! So intelligent and reassuring).

    Praying hard for Ana! Hope she continues to improve! These verses have always brought comfort to my heart during those times…at anytime of life really…

    “…The everlasting God, the LORD,
    The Creator of the ends of the earth,
    Neither faints nor is weary.
    His understanding is unsearchable.
    He gives power to the weak,
    And to those who have no might He increases strength.
    Even the youths shall faint and be weary,
    And the young men shall utterly fall,
    But those who wait on the LORD
    Shall renew their strength;
    They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
    They shall run and not be weary,
    They shall walk and not faint.”
    >>Isaiah 40:28b-31

    “The LORD your God in your midst,
    The Mighty One, will save;
    He will rejoice over you with gladness,
    He will quiet you with His love,
    He will rejoice over you with singing.”
    >> Zephaniah 3:17

    • Thanks so much for your encouragement, Moriah. And for sharing your own story.

  • Aubrie Gotcher

    The assistant drama teacher, Allison Hyde, at my homeschool co-op has chronic Lyme disease as well! I’ve been really troubled watching her go through this illness she will have for the rest of her life. I felt bad about not doing the Ice Bucket Challenge while it was popular but I will surely be doing this! I want to raise awareness so that more research will be done to help people like Moriah S., Ana Harris, and Allison Hyde!!!

  • I just took the challenge! 😀

    • Great job! (Wow. You seem like a real person now! Haha.)

    • Liam


    • Lol, I agree with @programguy:disqus! Haha! Can’t wait to do this! 😀

    • Whoohoo! Way to go, Sam! Thank you so much. Ana and I just watched it together. =)

    • Sam! This video is awesome. :) Can’t wait to do it!

    • Cassie

      Oh my gosh! Wow Sam, seeing you in the vid makes you a totally real, concrete person. 😛 It was also kinda weird cause I forget that most people here have an American accent… 😛

      • Ooh, and I forgot that a few people don’t! 😮

        • Cassie

          It’s funny how we automatically assume that everyone is like us.

          • Yes! Pretty vain of us XD

    • Josh A

      @samwegner:disqus you’re a real person too! XD It’s really cool seeing what you guys look like, actually. =)

  • Madeleine Grace

    Fist off Brett you have a beautiful wife!! she seems amazing and wonderful! you tow are so cute together!

    Second Ana’s video was so encouraging in many different ways! i hurt for ya’ll as you go through this and i pray with ya’ll! Never give up hope!

    Third God is Great!

    Love You Two Ana and Brett!

    • Thanks so much, Madeleine! I agree with you. She is beautiful and amazing and wonderful. =)

      • Madeleine Grace

        Your Welcome Brett! haha She is! “cause you amazing, just the way you are!” :) (I’ve got Bruno Mars stuck in my head!) I will be praying for both you! <3 you both Brother and Sister in Christ!! :)
        God Bless,

      • Madeleine Grace

        I was wondering Brett, did Ana used to be a dancer?
        God Bless

  • “Pretend it’s an orange…..pretend it’s an orange…..”
    Lol, Brett, good for you! And prayers for both of you. =)

    • Thanks so much, Talia.

      It certainly didn’t taste like an orange.

  • Amanda

    Go Brett! I’m sorry, but it was very entertaining to watch you eat that lime. 😛 hehehe

    You guys are adorable!!

    • GodsThespian

      Me too!

    • Josh is going to do it sometime in the next week or so. Randy has been traveling so I’m not sure about his plans yet.

  • Gabrielle

    Hey Brett, I wanted to tell you about the Gerson Institute. Here’s a link to the website :

    The Gerson Therapy is good for healing chronic diseases, and for staying healthy. Here’s a little bit about it directly from the website: The Gerson Therapy is a safe, natural treatment developed by Dr. Max Gerson in the 1920s. The Therapy activates the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself through an organic, vegetarian diet, raw juices, coffee enemas and natural supplements. The Gerson Therapy treats the underlying causes of disease: toxicity and nutritional deficiency.

    The Gerson Therapy is a non-specific treatment that effectively
    treats many different conditions by healing the body as a whole, rather
    than selectively targeting a specific condition or symptom. Over the
    past 60 years, thousands of people have used the Gerson Therapy to
    recover from chronic degenerative diseases such as:

    Cancer (including melanoma, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, lymphoma, pancreatic cancer and many others), Diabetes, Heart disease, Arthritis, Auto-immune disorders, ….and many others.

    Hope you get a chance to check it out!!

    • Thanks Gabrielle! We have had several people recommend the Gerson Institute to us. We have and certainly will continue to consider it.

      • Gabrielle

        No problem!! :)

  • Jordan Kennedy

    I promise that I will take the challenge as soon as I find a lime a d I convince my little brothers to record it.

  • Josiah J.

    Is it such a good idea to be eating a piece of Lyme?

    Could it be potentially harmful?

    • Ruthie C

      Umm… is this a reference to something I don’t know??
      It’s just a bite, so I don’t think it could really hurt anybody. The only thing people might be concerned about (that I can think of) is the acid in the lime ruining your teeth. But you could always brush your teeth really well after taking the challenge.

      • Josiah J.

        Forgive my ignorance… what is Lyme exactly?

        • Jumping in here, Lyme is a disease transferred by ticks. Lime (which is what’s being eaten) is, you know, a fruit. :) It’s a play on words.

          • Josiah J.

            So… he’s eating a lemon?

            Lime and lemon are synonymous wright?

          • Nope. :) Lemons and limes are both citrus fruits, but, despite many similarities, they’re slightly different. I believe that limes are supposed to be somewhat more bitter than lemons; they’re also denser. The most noticeable difference is that lemons are yellow and limes are green.

          • Josiah J.

            Oooh… Ok. That clears it up for me.


          • You’re welcome! :)

  • Ruthie C

    I took the challenge today!! It actually wasn’t nearly as bad as I anticipated. I’m one of those weirdos who likes really sour things though, so go figure. xD Oh, and my 2 year old brother *insisted* on sitting next to me and watching, so that’s why he’s in the video. :)
    @BrettHarris:disqus feel free to share this on Facebook or whatever!

    • Ruthie C

      oh, and let me know if the video doesn’t work. I can re-upload it or something if it doesn’t.

      • It worked!! :) Another Rebelutionary becomes a real person! 😛 lol, I’m one of those weirdos too…

        • Ruthie C

          So, am I different than you “imagined” me to be?? Or did you never really think about it (like me sometimes :P)?
          Haha. When I was little I always used to suck on those little lemon slices at restaurants. xD

          • A little bit of both, I guess. :) At least now I know for sure that you’re not a flower!! XD I’d love to take it, I just don’t think my mom would be okay with my taking a video of myself for the world to see. Oh well.
            *gasp* I used to do that too!! And I would get in trouble. 😛 With good reason. That’s probably what gave me cavities, lol.

          • Ruthie C

            Hahaha! I used the flower because I never have good, recent pictures of myself for a profile. 😛

          • Aw, I know how that feels. :)

          • So… How’s that school going? 😉

          • Lol XD Yeah, “right now” somehow turned into “in ten minutes”. But I just finished, so hoorah!

          • Awesome! I was only teasing… And I figured you could take it. =)

          • It really made me laugh, so thanks for thinking I could take it! :)

          • Ruthie C

            That happens to me all the time… it’s kind of bad… 😛

          • Kind of… At least it isn’t just me. :)

          • Hahahahahaha! Just watched. No, not quite what I had expected! (Whatever that was…)

          • Amanda

            I did too. When you’re younger your taste buds haven’t quite fully developed yet, so you aren’t bothered by sour things like lemons and limes. At least that’s what I heard.

          • But I still like sour things… XD

          • Amanda

            Me too :-) I just thought I’d add my educational blurb as a science geek. :)

            P.S. Don’t you just love that word blurb??

          • Haha, nice.
            Blurrrrrrrrb….yes, I do. XD

          • Cassie

            You’re different than I imagined! For one thing I imagined you as a brunette… not quite sure why. 😛

          • Me, too! Partly because I know of a brunette Ruthie… :)

          • Me too! I think…it’s kind of hard to remember now.

          • Cassie


          • Ruthie C

            That’s funny! Actually, both of my parents were blond when they were young, but now they have dark brown hair. So probably my hair will eventually darken into some shade of brown. :/

          • Cassie

            o.o Maybe we’re thinking of you in the future!

          • Ruthie C

            Wow… O.o

          • Amelia Grace

            Me too! Weird! (I do have a friend named Ruthie who’s brunette.)

    • That’s awesome, Ruthie! Thank you so much! Ana and I just watched it together. It means so much to us.

      P.S. Maybe you got a particularly sweet lime.

      P.P.S. Or maybe I’m just a wimp. 😉

      • Ruthie C

        Hahaha! It was definitely a sour lime…

      • GodsThespian

        Haha… But you did eat a whole lime. And if she’s used to eating sour things…

    • Amelia Grace

      Way to go, Ruthie! (By the way, your brother is adorable!) But does it really count if you didn’t find it to be that bad?! 😉

      • Ruthie C

        Yes, he is! ^-^ Haha, I don’t know… it definitely was sour, but I’ve always liked sour things! 😛

        • Good job! I think it should still count. No one said it had to taste sour.

    • Way to go, Ruthie!

    • Nathanael B.

      nice going :), are you challenging any one?

      • Ruthie C

        I hadn’t really thought about it! I don’t know if I will or not.

    • Josh A

      @ruthie_c:disqus you’re a real person!!! XD And gosh – #littlebrothers

      • Ruthie C

        Yep! Gotta love them. Well, sort of a real person. My voice sounds terrible because I’m getting over a cold I had for two weeks. 😛

        • Nathanael B.

          well everyone has had a cold before…so that doesn’t matter!

  • Nathanael B.

    I don’t know where else to put this so..
    One of my friend’s brother just past away, and his mom went missing shortly after. Can you guys please pray for his family as they go through this hard time? Thank you so much!

    • Praying about that now.

      • Nathanael B.

        thank you so much!

    • Ruthie C

      Wow. Praying.

      • Nathanael B.

        Thank you so much!

    • GodsThespian

      I’m praying!

      • Nathanael B.


    • Haylie

      Oh wow. I’m praying now, Nathanael!

      • Nathanael B.

        Thank you so much, it means a lot to me!

    • I will be praying!

      • Nathanael B.

        thank you!

    • Ashlyn

      Oh, dear! I will be praying!

      • Nathanael B.


    • Lauren

      they’ll be in my prayers!!

      • Nathanael B.

        thank you so much!

    • Praying!!

      • Nathanael B.


  • Here is a link to my video of eating a bite of lime. I hope it works. Enjoy! :)

    • Ruthie C

      Haha! You took a really big bite, I’m impressed. ;P

      • Haha! I guess I did. 😉

  • Amelia Grace

    Well, I did it! I took the challenge! That lime was NOT ripe. It tasted bitter as well as sour! (Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to post my video here. Sorry! You’ll just have to imagine what I look like eating a lime!) I did share it with my friends, and I nominated my whole youth group to take the challenge! We’ll see if they follow through. (There’s somewhere between forty and fifty people in my youth group.) Hopefully at least some of them will give it a try! :)

    • Yay!!!

    • Ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing my imagination at work. 😉 That’s awesome that you did the challenge!!

      • Amelia Grace

        LOL! I wonder how accurate your imagination is! 😉 The challenge was actually kind of fun (in its own way.) The hard part was finding a quiet spot to film in. I ended up going outside behind a tree where my siblings couldn’t find me! :)

        • @lotr540:disqus, I just have to tell you that your name is beautiful! (my middle name is Grace, too, so that just might have something to do it with it. Hehe!)

          • Amelia Grace

            I’ve always liked the name Grace! It’s one of my favorites! Amelia was my great-grandmother’s middle name. (It was not my favorite when I was younger, because of Amelia Bedelia. I love those books, but I don’t like being called that!) I actually really like the name Hannah. I know at least four people with that name, though, so I’m glad I’m not called that, or it would get confusing! :)

          • Haha! I understand! My sisters and I enjoyed the Amelia Bedelia books too. So needless to say, that is usually one of the first things I think of when I hear that name. 😉
            People sometimes called me Hannah Montana and When I was younger, but I hated it. I don’t know if there are any Hannah Montana fans on here, but I am personally not a fan of her, so I was always frustrated that people called me by that name. I get a lot of Hannah Banana too, which I don’t mind so much. I also find that people like to sing my name or chant it, which is rather humorous. 😉

        • Cool! Haha, then I was already a good bit off…I imagined you being inside. :)

    • Awesome!!

    • Way to go, Amelia! Thank you so much for doing the challenge!

      Also, I’m not sure whether your lime was bitter because it was unripe, or just because it was a lime. My lime was really bitter too. =P

      • Amelia Grace

        Haha, you’re probably right about the lime. I’ve never eaten one before, so I have no clue how they’re supposed to taste! 😉

  • Katie Telling

    I ate two limes for this challenge. I have a lot of friends with lymes.

    • Katie Telling

      And I’m with Brett- They are hard to peel! And hard to chew! And sour. Going to post the video on my facebook.

      • Nathanael B.

        can you post it here too? cause some people don’t have facebook!

        • Katie Telling

          idk how, otherwise I would be happy to.

          • Well, if the file is under 2MB you could upload it right here, but I highly doubt that is the case. The best way would be to upload it to YouTube and paste the share link in a comment here. Disqus will handle it quite nicely. Other options include uploading the video to Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive (etc.) and once again creating a link and posting it here that way.

            P.S. I see you were talking about posting it on Revive. I would recommend that you use one of these methods and just paste a link. It would help me a lot.

          • Nathanael B.

            how do you know all of this?

          • Ruthie C

            Nobody knows….

          • Oh come on guys! It’s not that bad. The only thing I really had to know what the 2MB file size limit. You wanna know how I figured that out? I Binged it! I clicked the result from and read a few sentences. It wasn’t all that hard, dude. All the other things about YouTube and cloud storage are just, well, I don’t know. I’m too much of a techie I never know what is “normal” for other teens to know about.

          • Nathanael B.

            oh, ok….do you consider yourself a geek?

          • Yeah…I do. Tech is what I’m good at.

          • Nathanael B.

            you’re lucky, I really want to do that, but I can’t memorize very well :(

          • Interesting. I never really think of the memorizing aspect of it. I just sorta know things. If only it came that easily for say, physical science. 😀

          • Nathanael B.

            yeah, or Physics…:(

          • MimeforJesus :)

            I wish…

          • Finally someone else who uses Bing!

          • Yup!! I switched in February 2013 when I read about Bing Rewards. Now I get a $5 Amazon gift card every few weeks. Me likes.
            It does help, of couse, that I don’t appreciate a lot of Google’s practices as a company.

          • I heard about that! So the rewards thing really pays off? We use SwagBucks for most of our searching… *waits to see if anyone knows what that is*

          • It does for me, anyway. I usually get the max for the day.
            Yeah! I’ve heard of it. I didn’t really know what it was until a few weeks about when I saw @brandonbuchanan:disqus’s referral link on Devoted Generation. I haven’t signed up yet though.
            (Btw if you do want to join Bing rewards, I’d be thrilled to provide you with my referral link–I get enough credits for another gift card if you actually use it a little bit!)

          • Cool! I’ll have to talk to my mom about it. We both have a SwagBucks account, so she may just want us to stick with that. But if we decide to I’ll definitely ask you for your link! I know that referrals are a big part of this sort of thing. I’ve just never been good at promoting it. XD But anyway, you should try SwagBucks! I don’t even use it very much (or have any referrals or anything), but I’ve made about $150 in the past couple of years.

          • Katie Telling

            swagbucks! yay!

          • *happy dance* =)

          • Wow you must search alot to get a gift card every month. It is a great deal though! I love it. Ironically, I use almost every Google product except its search. It makes no sense, but still…

          • I do searches on mobile too, so that lets me get a few more credits than just doing desktop searches. I’m also a gold member, so that brings the credit requirement down a little bit for some things.

          • Ruthie C

            @steelersfan08:disqus @programguy:disqus I started using Bing yesterday, and I love it!! I never thought I would like anything better than Google, but Bing is pretty awesome. Before I switched, the only search engine I had ever tried other than Google was Yahoo. I guess that scared me away from trying anything else. Anyway, Bing is wayy better than I first expected. :)

          • Wanna try out Bing rewards? 😀
            (*Hint* *Hint* I love referrals…)

            I don’t like Yahoo either, even though they technically use Bing’s search results.

          • Ruthie C

            Bing rewards was what first attracted me to Bing. Right now I have 57 rewards points (I use search a lot) and I’m still thinking about what I want to use them for. Oh, the choices! I have a while to go, though. 😉
            I love referrals too! Last night I spent at least 15 minutes showing my parents around Bing because I was so excited xD
            Yahoo really stinks. Bad format and wayyy too many ads. I didn’t know they used Bing’s search results though!

          • I KNOW RIGHT?!

          • Ruthie C

            Seeing you type in all caps is hilarious to me… XD

          • Haha. Why is that, Ruthie? :)

          • Ruthie C

            I don’t really know, it just seems so unexpected coming from you! I mean, I might expect it from me because I tend to be slightly overenthusiastic… but you just seem like a nice, calm guy…
            That sounds really silly typed out.

          • Lol okay then. Sounds nice, but maybe you don’t know me quite well enough. I’ve shift-keyed Rachel to death on several occasions.
            Wait a second…nice…and calm? Have you ever seen me talking about French toast, dear friend? 😀 Mewantium.

          • Ruthie C

            XD Ok, yeah, I remember some of that now… Weird, don’t know why I was thinking that. 😛 I think I unintentionally/unconsciously start to stereotype people on the Internet when I don’t know much about them.

          • Aww. So you don’t think I’m nice anymore? Oh well….

            I can see why you’d call me “calm”. That would describe me most if the time (especially here on the Rebelution).

          • Ruthie C

            You know what I meant. 😛

          • *Thinks for a while* *Gives up* Do I?

            (Sorry, I’m slow :D)

          • Ruthie C

            You’re still nice! Just in a different way. People who are more calm and people who are more, well, exuberant are both “nice”, but in different ways, you know?

          • Amanda

            Lol. Sounds like me. *internet high five* #blondenessssssss

          • Katie Telling

            I’m trying to load it from my i pod to you tube, but you tube refuses to recognize my password. I tried it probably 15 times. So, when I get it I will post it. I have decided not to post it on facebook because my little sis was having a bad day and there is a couple of screaming sessions in the background.

          • Josh A

            Hey, did you ever get this posted somewhere? jc =)

          • Katie Telling

            not yet =(

          • Josh A

            Awww. =( Are you going to?

          • Katie Telling

            Still trying, yes. I’m thinking I may have to upload the video onto the computer and from there to you tube…
            I can’t watch the video without laughing at myself cause I look so funny. =) Def a “poisonous orange” =)

          • Josh A

            Oh, I’m with you! Sometimes I hate seeing videos of myself. XD

          • Nathanael B.

            just talk to Ethan H, he should know how to!

    • Ruthie C

      O.O Wow! Good job!!!

    • TWO LIMES?!?! Thank you so much, Katie!

    • So Katie, do you mean two whole limes or pieces? Also were there the smallest you could find or the biggest? Whatever the case, I applaud you, Katie!

      • Katie Telling

        Two entire limes. The largest I could find, but still rather small. Probably the size of either Brett’s small or medium limes. Thank you. =)

    • MimeforJesus :)


  • I took the challenge! Take at look at to watch my video!

    • Ruthie C


    • Nathanael B.


  • Carson Sheppard

    This is just to raise awareness, right? I’d love to give money for the cause, but, being the jobless 14 year old that I am, have no money. I think I want to do the challenge though!

    • Yep! It is just to raise awareness about Lyme Disease. I’m hoping to do it soon…just need to get some limes. My brother and sister want to join me as well.

      • Carson Sheppard

        oh ok! thx!

  • Amanda

    I ate a whole lime yesterday! Sam S. named it Rupert. It tasted like death. 😛 I’m not allowed to post the video, but I thought I’d let you know :)

    • Yay Amanda!!!

      Hey, didn’t I name it Rupert the Great? (Sometimes known as the evil lime?) 😀

      • Amanda

        Lol I don’t remember the great part but ok…what was so great about him again? 😛

        • Uhhhh. Well, it was great in size! Which, considering that it is a lime and limes are evil…that’s not a good thing. But hey, you conquered it didn’t you? #winning

          • Amanda

            It wasn’t as big as the pic made it look, but I guess it seemed really big when I tried to eat it! Yes, I somehow conquered it in about 8 minutes or so.

    • Josh A

      Wait, do you know @programguy:disqus in real life?

      • MimeforJesus :)

        I think they met each other because they both live in Michigan :)

        • Josh A

          ahhh ok

    • Josh A

      And congrats, btw! =D

    • Thanks so much, Amanda! You didn’t have to eat an entire lime!!!!

      I’m glad you’re still alive.

      • Amanda

        Lol :) I know, I’m just ambitious (and adventurous) so I figured I’d go for the whole thing. I’m glad I’m still alive too. :-)

  • Bleck, so I just found out that Pennsylvania, where I’m moving to soon, leads the country in Lyme disease.

  • MimeforJesus :)

    I did it! With a lemon, but it still counts, right? :)

    • Josh A

      XD you can’t post the video, can you? And congrats! =)

      • MimeforJesus :)

        No, sorry. :) And thank you!
        How will you be maintaining your anonymity? I’m really curious!

        • Josh A

          You’ll find out…. 😉

          • Sydnie

            I neeeeeeed to know so I can copy it possibly but if I copy it, it will be the coolest copy evah! lol

          • Josh A

            Lol I keep forgetting to do it!!! Blarg I can’t do it today maybe tomorrow. =/

          • Sydnie

            I’m trying to plan mine before my limes start to go bad so hurry up!

        • He’s going to wear a Guy Fawkes mask!

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Who’s Guy Fawkes?

          • This dude.

          • MimeforJesus :)

            You? I don’t see a photo.

          • It didn’t load. You can just google it; a pic will come up.

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Ohh, that guy!

          • And no, I’m not Guy Fawkes.

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Okay. Sounded like a superhero!

          • Don’t quote me on this, but I think he tried to blow up the Parliament building in the 1800’s. Not sure why that thought’s in my head, but it is!

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Sounds… interesting.

          • That’s one word to describe it. Devious might fit better!

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Yeah. Sounds like there’s an interesting backstory there!

          • Whoops, wouldn’t let me post the pic. Just google Guy Fawkes mask. You’ve seen it before.

    • Yay, you raised awareness for lemon disease!

      • MimeforJesus :)

        Yay!… I think…

        • You will be hailed for generations to come as the girl who realized the need for awareness for lemon disease, a disease not yet discovered!

          • MimeforJesus :)

            You’re making me laugh :) Which isn’t necessarily a good thing, when my siblings are around to think I’m crazy.
            Oh wait, they’ve lived with me for 16 years. They already know…

          • Yeah, they’ve probably got a suspicion of that by now! Just a guess…

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Yeah… Thing is, I know the same about them :)
            ttyl, dinner time :)

          • Ruthie C

            @disqus_oMHOgFTIn3:disqus @mimeforjesus:disqus Stop stop you’re making me laugh!

          • MimeforJesus :)

            We’ll never stop! Muahahaha! @disqus_oMHOgFTIn3:disqus

          • Ruthie C


    • It’s the thought (and the sour) that counts. 😉

      • Do oranges count? Cuz I just peeled an orange with my own bare hands (well actually I probably still had some rubbing compound on my hands. Bleck!) AND THEN I ATE THE WHOLE THING!!! I don’t even like oranges! The last time I had a piece of an orange was probably like six years ago. And I didn’t like it. Soooo, does that count? I would have taken a picture but my hands were messy. :)

        @disqus_LzTgmwudVU:disqus :) I named it Rupert II. Hehehe.

        • Ruthie C

          ORANGES DO NOT COUNT!! 😛
          Seriously, though, how could anyone hate oranges? Unless you got a really hard, sour out-of-season one.

          • You could try being me…there are many things that I hate. Apples, and grapes (and raisins) are just about the only fruits I can stand. I never want to eat a blueberry again!

          • Ruthie C

            Wow. I thought fruit was one of the few things picky eaters usually DO like! I don’t really dislike food as long as it’s fully cooked, but I’m about the least pickiest person in the world. 😛

          • Whoa, whoa, whoa, do you like strawberries? Or bananas? Or a bowl of grapes with whipped-cream? (The BEST snack ever…)

          • NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Just the whipped cream, please. 😛
            Haha I used to be *very* picky. I didn’t even like the idea of chocolate or apple pie until a couple years ago. (Just whipped cream, please!)

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Wow… No wonder you love candy corn — it’s nothing but sugar!

          • Actually…I don’t really like candy corn anymore.

          • Ruthie C

            *mind blown*
            Wait, then what is your profile picture for??

          • Well…I set it on January 8, 2013, so that was back when I was really into it. It looks nice and everybody likes it. I don’t know what I’d put in its place anyway. I have some ideas, but candy corn is so iconic. :)

          • Ruthie C

            How about this?

          • You’re making me hungry! Every time I come to the Reb I would die of starvation. And last I checked you wanted me to keep living. Ohhhhhh that looks good!

          • FOOD.

          • Haha, I saw candy corn at the store today and your profile pic popped up in my mind. Candy corn has been forever ruined. 😉

          • It’s working! Mwhahahaha!!

          • I’ve been brainwashed…

          • Hehehe. Yes! Your mind is clean now. (Boy would that be nice sometimes….)

          • No, it’s been defiled by flavorless, fat-bombs of candy corn. It sure would be nice to have a clean mind, though…

          • Aww. That’s too bad. I pity you.

          • MimeforJesus :)

            MY LIFE IS A LIE! Okay, YOUR LIFE IS A LIE! Or, make that… YOUR PROFILE PIC IS A LIE! (Somehow, it seemed more dramatic the first time…)

          • Didn’t you say that the last time I said candy corn isn’t the best thing ever?

          • MimeforJesus :)


          • Dude you need some serious prayer. I’ll go make a post for you on Revive… just kidding. :) I used to be very picky, too. Never with chocolate, though. Chocolate is the only thing that’s gotten me over the hump sometimes.

          • Haha I started reading this comment, and then saw you were replying to me. I got scared thinking about what might be so horrible that you were going to ask others to pray for me!!!! *dies* Yeah, I liked chocolate, but puddings and pies were weird to me. Now I don’t always want chocolate pudding, come to think of it, but I’d go for a pie any day!

          • Don’t die on us now!! We need you, Sam!! Don’t die yet! 😉
            *Mmm, pie…* I get side-tracked too easily. I need to go study for a geography test. But now I want a pie. Thanks a lot. 😉

          • Oh, you’re welcome! Hey when you find some, could you send me a sample? 😀

          • Wait…why do you need me?

          • Uh… uh…. *wracking my brain* Who else would we have to run Revive? Who would be our candy-corn man who eats French toast? Who would bring the laughter and smiles to the Reb? You’re one of THE most popular guys out here, Sam…

          • Ruthie C

            And besides, we need you to tell us that we need files 2MB or less to successfully post on here. 😛

          • Yeah, what she said.

          • Being popular has its disadvantages I tell ya. Never try to be popular. You’ll have a lot of unanticipated side-effects. (And yes, I didn’t mean to try to become popular, but I liked it, so I did certain things to promote it. In other words, my motives corrupted a bit.)
            But I like to be funny and serious, so that’s what makes the Reb such a great hangout for me. And ever once in a while I can answer a tech question, so that’s cool. :))))))))
            And for Revive…. Trent and Liam could hold down the fort if necessary, but maybe not on the technical side quite so much. Anybody know of any other web tech-enthusiasts on here? (Or maybe good free hosting like x10hosting? I need that!)

          • MimeforJesus :)

            What’s wrong with blueberries? (Can you stand kiwis?)

          • Everything, my friend. And no, I don’t believe so. Not sure if/when I’ve tried on though. I’ve thought about it on a few occasions. I have tried starfruit though! I would never recommend it to an average human being!

          • Ruthie C

            What do you actually eat all day??? French toast? Man cannot live on bread alone, my friend.

          • That’s why they put egg in it!
            No, I actually haven’t had real French toast for about 10 months I think.
            Good question! What do I eat all day?

          • Ruthie C

            And butter, and maple syrup…
            Wait, 10 MONTHS?? How are you still alive?

          • Uhhhhhh. No syrup for me, please. (I’m picky!)
            Lol. I just mentioned that I died.

          • Ruthie C

            Oh my gosh… I can’t even…
            I replied to that comment below, but apparently it’s “waiting for moderation”. Weird.

          • Okayyy. What in the world did you say? You could message me on Revive.

          • Ruthie C

            I tried again, but that one is waiting to be moderated too. It really wasn’t that important… you’ll just have to wait if you really want to see it 😛

          • *pouty face* Ohhhkay….

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Starfruit sounds pretty nasty…

          • Ruthie C

            I’ve tried it before! It’s actually not bad. The flavor is similar to an apple.

          • Yeah, you’re right. I guess it wasn’t all that bad.

          • Ruthie C

            Oh, btw I had french toast this morning and couldn’t help thinking of you XD

          • Lucky…. Hey where’s the French toast selfie? Got any leftovers, by any chance?

          • Ruthie C

            I burned it at first, so too busy rushing the frying pan to the back porch to take pictures. XD
            Nope, no leftovers! You wouldn’t want me to waste french toast while it’s hot and freshly made. Mmmm.

          • Uh-huh, uh-huh.

          • I would think of me too if I had French toast. 😀

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Hmmm, well then, I should try it! I’ve never met a fruit I didn’t like :)

          • Nathanael B.

            a very bland apple!

          • Josh A

            Oranges are disgusting haha! @Sam (can’t tag rn sorry) I’m totally with you! lol

          • What is wrong with you people?!?! Oranges are A-MAZ-ING. Seriously.

          • Ruthie C

            Thank you.

          • Josh A

            *Cough cough gag gag* lol

          • Haylie

            Thank you!!!

          • Josh A

            Hmmmm @defyingdepravity:disqus @a_haylie:disqus @programguy:disqus @ruthie_c:disqus this calls for a poll (on revive)! hehehehe…

          • Josh A

            Nahhh never mind. I’m supposed to be working rn lol

          • Ruthie C

            On whether oranges are good or not?

          • Josh A

            Yeah but did you see that?

          • Ruthie C

            Then why are you replying to me?? lol

          • Josh A

            Good point! *quits Safari* bye! lol

          • Ruthie C

            Ttyl! :)

          • Haylie

            Orange lovers unite! OR orange lover Haylie gets off her computer to do school… *sighs* Yup, i’m thinkin’ the latter :)

          • Josh A

            Lol yeahhhhh me too haha

          • MimeforJesus :)


          • Great, I’m afraid what I might find when I go over there in a minute…

          • Amanda

            I don’t like them either :)

          • MimeforJesus :)

            yes, indeed!

          • Hey, what would happen if I down-voted you…? *Wicked-minded-moment*

          • *pushes the down vote button*

            *world explodes*

            Nah, I’ve pushed it a bunch of times by accident. XD I always undid it though!!

          • Haha! :)

          • Josh A

            Oooooh you wouldn’t….. XD I’ve only downvoted, like, 5 comments ever lol.

          • Is that a dare? ‘Cause I wouldn’t do that if I were you… just warnin’ ya.
            Just kidding. Uh-oh, let me go back and check to view my comments, make sure you didn’t down-vote me… Oh, I see at least five! 😉

          • Josh A

            Lol! =P

          • MimeforJesus :)

            I’d downvote you if it didn’t hurt your reputation!

          • I upvote you! :)

          • MimeforJesus :)

            And I you!

          • Josh A


        • I–I can’t even… *shakes head* What is the world coming to?

        • Oh my goodness @programguy:disqus *laughs uncontrollably* Thank you for raising awareness for Orange Disease! The Children thank you oh-so-much! 😛

          • Turns out it wasn’t sooo bad. The worst part was trying to peal it (with dirty hands, I might add). But after probably 6 minutes I had it pealed. Then I tried to eat it. I #conquered it. :)

          • Hahaha. Why did you eat it, then? If you don’t like oranges?

          • Well…it was sort of a gift, and I was already thinking about eating horrible things because of the #LymeDiseaseChallenge. So yeah, I was feeling very adventurous yesterday!

          • Haha. :)

          • Ok, so why didn’t you wash your hands first??

          • Oh that would have been a great idea! Why didn’t I think about the sink nearby! (I was outside.)

          • Oh, Sam, what are we going to do with you?? XD

          • Feed me, perhaps?!? *pants like a dog*

          • Ruthie C

            We tried, but you’re such a picky eater you wouldn’t take it!

          • Good point you make. Hmm…. Tried French toast you did not! More waffles Trent…

          • But–but… *sigh* Someone fetch the French toast!

          • (Haha nice delegation there.)

          • Of course I delegated it! I can’t be responsible for what happens if we give you French toast. 😉

          • Nathanael B.

            spell check not working? :)

          • Oh you mean I used the wrong word for peel?

          • Nathanael B.

            there you go!

          • Peal is a word. Spell check can’t help me there. I dont like to peel anything so it’s no surprise i didnt remember which way to spell it. People make errors like that all the time. If you read through all the comments on this post you’ll see quite a few “your” instead of “you’re” I think.

          • *a peal of bells* 😉

            Definitely is defiantly the most misspelled word on here. It definately drives me nuts, but…oh well. XD We all make mistakes.

        • MimeforJesus :)

          What’s rubbing compound?

          • Haha. It’s like sandpaper in mushy form–sort of. I was doing some work on a vehicle.

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Sounds pretty nasty!

          • It’s really not too bad. Grease would have been worse. And I don’t think I tasted it, so yay.

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Yay! I think… I was actually thinking of working with that stuff. I don’t like having gritty stuff on my hands. Greasy, mushy, anything else I can deal with first. Gritty? I hate gritty!

        • Amanda

          Oranges are not sour. I don’t like them either so I couldn’t pretend the lime was an orange cuz it wouldn’t help 😛 guess Brett can decide whether your orange counts!

          • Well, @BrettHarris:disqus , what do you think? (Just pretend it’s a lime, just pretend it’s a lime….)

          • Amanda


    • I’m going to go find a lemon. We don’t have any limes :) I don’t think theres a whole lot of difference in the taste, right? They’re both sour!!

      • MimeforJesus :)

        Great! And I don’t think there’s much difference.

        • That’s what I figured. I still need to do it. probably today…

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Did you do it?

          • augh! don’t remind me, procrastinator that i am. just have WAY too much school and stuff going on. I’ll do it after @caleb bykov does it! :)

          • and I’m not doing it today….bad hair day. (in other words, I’m a little nervous about EATING a lime.)

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Uh-huh. It’s been nearly two weeks now… have you done it? And you don’t have to EAT the lime, you just have t obite on it.

          • i did do it! (patting myself on the back) i decided i like lemons. 😀 (no, i do not have bad hair days every day. They’re every other day. Joys of having curly hair, ugh!) 😛

          • Was there supposed to be a video with that?

          • 😀 I just did a picture. Put it on revive. But I haven’t been on there for a few weeks so I’m not sure who’s seen it.

          • Oh okay. I just wondered because you mentioned your hair. I can’t remember seeing it. I’ll go look. Ohhh! That one. Yes I’ve seen it. Nice job! Wait… what’s wrong with your hair? #guyprobs

          • haha, yes! My dad and brother could care less if I had green hair sticking straight up in different places! And just so you know, I always use bad hair days as excuses for almost everything. 😛 I guess its a girl thing?
            Since I’ve had guys tell me stripes and polka dots match!

          • What they don’t?? They compliment each other! If you’re quiet enough you can almost hear them! 😀

          • love it!

          • Hey if you’re looking for something funny look down a comment. Liam’s video made my day!

          • ok. will do that. Thanks!

          • Amanda

            No they do not match.

            Did you mean compliment or complement?

          • Wow. Picky, picky. I think I meant both.

            (Are you and Hannah going to smite me with thine glasses if I don’t recant?)

          • Amanda

            Lol :) who’s Hannah? Drawing a blank here.

          • @hannahbergmann:disqus (oh you remember, she’s the cute one *blushes and hides…in the corner…under a rock…in a mine shaft…down in Antarctica*)

          • Amanda

            Did you just openly admit on the Internet that a girl was cute? Wow! :)

          • Oops. I meant pretty. Or at least, that’s what I told her two months ago. It was kind of a joke from when Brett was going to shut down the Rebelution. But I guess there’s really no denying it. And (oh bother why did I do this to myself again??)

          • Amanda

            Well they basically mean the same thing dude. 😛

            Someone will be a happy girl if she sees that comment!

          • Yeah well… we’ll see about that. Oh, and we talked about those two words before. She would say they mean about the same thing to her, but not to some people.

          • Amanda

            I guess some people could debate their meanings.

            And she will definitely be happy.

          • Haha what makes you so sure (that she will be happy)? (wow this is awkward…oh well, all three of us are)

          • Amanda

            Lol yeah this is a little awkward.

            What makes me so sure is an amazing guy thinks she’s pretty/cute. How could she not be happy?

          • …No comment…

          • Amanda

            Lol end of awkward conversation. You know it’s done when someone posts a comment that says no comment. That doesn’t even make sense. 😛

          • Mwhahahaha!! You wanna start a new awkward conversation tomorrow?

          • Amanda

            I’m sure we can find a way. 😛

          • Hannah Bergmann

            AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. 😀 😀 😀

          • Yeah. Okay. Wow. Um. Yeah. Um. Wow. Okay. So. Hi. How’s life been treating you? :)
            (Help me out @disqus_LzTgmwudVU:disqus! Is a whole bunch of crooked lines like that a good thing? Or does it represent my escape route to dodge angry girls with glasses? *sighs*)

          • Hannah Bergmann

            Wellllllllll…LIFE IS GOOD. AND YOU NEED HELP FAST. I AM WEARING MY GLASSES. I’m not angry. Not at all. Can’t you tell?

          • Oh boy… @disqus_LzTgmwudVU:disqus what you told me about girls much be right!!!! *cries* *runs* *trips over glasses case* *screams in terror to think of what happens next* (*refrains from dying*)

          • Hannah Bergmann

            I lost my glasses case. Don’t worry. But I have my glasses. But Idk if they’re worth wasting on you…hehehehe…ACTUALLY YES THEY ARE! (wait, what did she tell you about girls?)

          • Oh are they?
            lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala I can’t hear you!

          • Hannah Bergmann


          • Actually, I was! Jonah is the only on I can think of that did that. But how bout I not tell you I was quoting VeggieTales, because you told me not to. 😀

          • Hannah Bergmann

            Well…you contradicted yourself. 😛 I can’t believe I actually got that quote, though! Impressive. I haven’t seen that movie in years! And that makes me feel ollllld. *sob*

          • Oh Hannah…*sigh* you’re not that old!

          • Hannah Bergmann

            Is that supposed to make me feel better? Hehehehe….I’m probably younger than you, anywaaaayyy. 😉

          • Yeah. And you are. So now I feel old. But just this morning I was calling someone else old… so I don’t feel so ancient myself. 😀

          • Hannah Bergmann

            Oh come on. I found a GRAY hair on my head. (it’s gone, now…lol) And apparently, I have a worse back than my dad. THAT MAKES ME FEEL ANCIENT!!!! And yep, you should feel old. You are. 😛

          • Don’t trust your feelings, girl!

          • Hannah Bergmann

            But what if I can feel a spider crawling on me? Am I just supposed to remain calm, believing it cannot be so? Because that would never happen whether it was true or not.

          • God made you special, and He loves you very much!!
            (*insert this text when you have nothing else to say*)

          • Hannah Bergmann

            God made you special, and He loves you very much!!
            (You just wiped the thoughts from my brain.)

          • (Cool. I’ll just be mindlessly practicing my guitar so I’ll be able to play in youth group tonight. Bye! :D)

          • Hannah Bergmann

            Fun!! 😀 It was nice chatting! BYE! :)

          • Oh I’m glad to hear that. Lol. :)

          • Hannah Bergmann

            Ummm. What happened to practicing guitar, lol? 😉

          • I just finished. Now it’s time to more on to more important things–like eating!

          • Hannah Bergmann

            Oh. NEVERMIND. Oh yeah…eating is definitely more important. Lol. I skipped lunch, which was stupid. And btw, I’M IN LOVE WITH FRENCH TOAST, TOO! *virtual high-five*

          • Oh good! Do you have any?? 😀

          • Hannah Bergmann

            NO. :( and if I did, mwahahaha, I wouldn’t be sharing. I’d put a pile of glasses next to them to scare you away.

          • Oh that wouldn’t scare me! Cuz I know how to use glasses too! Mwhahahaha!! But do you really think I could stand to come at you with those things? I would never do anything like that to you. But if you give me a slightly sweaty headband (you know those little weird hard things girls put on their heads sometimes) I’ll wear it while we play ultimate Frisbee! (True story!) It will be really sweaty when I give it back. 😀 #ewwgross #whatevs

          • Hannah Bergmann

            Wait a minute. I don’t FEEL gray hairs. (except when I pull them out.) SO. THAT MAKES ME OLD. AND I CAN CONCLUDE THAT WITHOUT TRUSTING MY FEELINGS. I’m trusting my EYES!!!!!!!!

          • Heyyyy. Eyes have optic nerves, so that means they are for FEELINGS!!! Right?

          • Hannah Bergmann

            Umm…Idk…what do you think I am? Smart? ;p

          • Umm, I think you’re a girl. And I think you’re smart. And I think a whole lot of other things too. But how bout I not repeat those again… lol.

          • Hannah Bergmann

            Hahaha. Your thoughts are in-depth. You think I’m a girl? That’s…good. ;p

          • Yep! Do you?

          • Hannah Bergmann

            Yessss…I think?? 😛

          • Amanda

            At least you refrained from dying lol

            Yeah now you get the mood ring song…#toldyouso

          • Yep, I try to do that now. :)

          • Amanda

            You’re doing a good job :-)

          • Thanks! 😀

          • Amanda

            I think the awwww would mean she thinks it’s sweet that you think she’s pretty…could be wrong though. Might be good or bad. 😛

          • #askamanda

          • Amanda

            Lol don’t go to Antarctica!

            Well it doesn’t look like this cute Hannah has glasses, but if she does, then yes I guess we will. :) mwahahahaha

          • Oh she does! You’d better believe it! You can’t see them in the picture because they’re probably in her hand about to whack me in the face!
            *hides under desk*

          • Amanda

            Lol I see.

          • Hannah Bergmann

            That is exactly right. 😛

          • #winning

          • Hannah Bergmann

            You’re winning?! How does that work?

          • Hey I got the right answer didn’t I? Doesn’t count for much, huh? #losing

          • Hannah Bergmann

            No, actually. It was wrong. You know how hard it is to take pictures with my iPod and my clumsy hands? I can’t hold my glasses at the same time! So, technically, I’M winning. 😛

          • Doesn’t that make you a liar too?

          • Hannah Bergmann

            Um…I was trying to be intimidating…sarcasm…

          • Okay. Fair enough.

          • Hannah Bergmann

            Ok, but I guess I *am* a faker. 😛

          • Okay. Well you can be glad I am (if you want to be). Cuz if I wasn’t a faker I’d be dead by now. :/

          • Hannah Bergmann

            HALLELUJAH!!!! SAM’S A FAKER!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!! 😛

          • Now I’m dying of laughter! #imafaker

          • Hannah Bergmann

            Ha. Ha. Ha. I’m laughing my head off. #imafakertoo

          • Hannah Bergmann

            This is the third time. Awkwarrrrrd. Lol, awkward conversations rule.

          • Oh just the third? I lost count after the seventh. 😀

          • Hannah Bergmann

            Wait a minute. I wasn’t talking about awkward conversations.

          • Wait… so what were you talking about??

          • Hannah Bergmann

            I was talking about how many times you’ve called me cute/pretty. Getting a little weird, now…lol. 😛

          • I totally lost count. End of story.

          • Hannah Bergmann

            LOL. I’m dying. (I actually don’t remember either, I was just making up a number.) BUT IT’S OK. I don’t care. 😉

          • Wow. Glad you’re a faker too. :)

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Congratulations! I did it with a lemon, too.
            And oh really? Enjoy your curly hair! I’ve got semi-straight, semi-curly hair that refuses to go either way! It’s a weird mix of straight and halfway-curly (and no, that’s not wavy) that I can hardly ever wear down.

          • I’ve got that sort of thing, depending on how its cut. When its long, with lots of layers its curly (on rainy days, frizzy) Right now, I have my hair short, so it’s sometimes curly sometimes straight depending on the weather etc.
            I recently did a pixie cut, which kept it straight, it was really cute and easy to manage (my hair takes hours to do if its long) but it made me look a lot older. I had people asking if i was 25. Then they were super shocked when I told them I was fifteen. 😛

          • MimeforJesus :)

            People with uncooperative hair unite! It’s good to know that I’ve got company; my older sister has beautifully wavy hair and my younger sister’s hair is straight.
            Haha, yesterday I told a co-worker I was 16 and she stared at me and said “You’re 25. You can’t be fifteen.” She (the co-worker) didn’t believe me until I asked a friend how old I was and she said I was 16.

          • haha! yes! I know what thats like. Sometimes it depends on how my makeup is done too. If its darker I look older. When I’m not wearing any, I do look younger. It might have something to do with nationality too, i don’t know. I’m from Eastern Europe and I look it, so that might have something to do with it. :) There should be a club….. or stylists that do work for free 😀

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Yeah, makeup makes a big difference. I don’t wear makeup normally, and one time for a performance my sister put full makeup on me. I looked so different! Yes, we’ve got to create a club.

          • It’s true, it does make you look different. Generally, for my face its an improvement 😛 But I don’t wear much, if any. So you need to set up a website or something 😀 good luck 😛

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Meh, I don’t know website design. Maybe you do? 😛

          • haha, no. Anything with a screen and I’m lost. 😛

          • MimeforJesus :)


          • if you’re serious, we could always set up a blog or something….?

          • MimeforJesus

            I don’t think I can do that, sadly. But you could try it!

          • haha, thats really funny because I can’t keep up with the blog I have now. This sounds like another thing on the “In 10 years” list 😀

          • MimeforJesus

            Yeah, that’s funny!

  • Haylie

    I took the challenge! But my picture was too big to put in a comment. Oh well… It’s zeh thought that counts, right? 😉 I continue to pray for you and your wife @BrettHarris:disqus :)

    • You know you can compress it, right? 😛

      • Haylie

        Yeah, i just didn’t have the time or know-how to figure it out :)

    • Josh A

      Yeah, like what @programguy:disqus said! The easiest way to do that (for me at least) is emailing it to yourself. Or you can try exporting it somehow! =)

      • Hey Josh, what email provider do you use?! I’ve never known one that will compress an uploaded picture, but lol, I’m never really tried. I always just use whatever Windows program I have handy.
        The alternative to compression would be to upload the picture to cloud storage (e.g. OneDrive, Dropbox, Drive, Box) or a photo site like Flickr and then just posting a share link.

        • Josh A

          Ummm I think it’s just called on the Mac…there’s a way to select what size a photo is, and you can shrink it that way. My email is a email if that’s what you mean.

          Translation: Haylie, don’t listen to me I have no idea what I’m talking about – listen to Sam! XD

          • Ohhh. Okay so Mac Mail has a built-in compressor. Good one, Apple!

          • Haylie

            …And my tech challenged brain goes kaputz. (Oh that’s not a word? my bad. :P)

          • Sydnie

            Haha I live with a geek who doesn’t like to use small words inadvertently I speak fluent geek. I can translate if you want

          • Speak fluent geek… haha! :)

          • (Hehehe. Translate this!)
            I just unbricked my Windows Phone. It was in QHSUSB_DLOAD, sometimes referred to as Nokia Emergency Connectivity. The solution was to flash a gtp, hex, and ffu file using thor2.

          • Sydnie

            Okay he’s not an advanced geek

          • Sydnie

            But unbricking is similar to jailbreaking on an iphone/ipod it’s like when you unlock all the storage and settings. That part I understand. Phew I didn’t sit for hours listening to my brother talk for nothing!

          • Actually no…that’s rooting. And that’s usually on Android.
            This is Windows Phone. And bricking means the device became completely unusable even unto death. But often there is a really complicated (or *sometimes* easy) fix for it. Other times, it just makes a good paper-weight.
            And yes, I have a rooted Android with a custom ROM flashed. It’s not unlocked though, I’m stuck on Verizon so this phone will never have service while I own it.

          • Sydnie

            Ah okay I actually don’t mind geek stuff I’m thinking about learning code with my brother. I’m not as familiar with windows phones because my brother is an android guy.

          • Haylie

            *cricket chirps*
            Whaaa? no, never mind :)

          • Nathanael B.

            I feel you

          • Nathanael B.

            what? Mac user, you could have done much better :(

          • Josh A

            lol. =P

  • Josh A

    I just took it! =DDDDDDDD I’m never looking at a piece of key lime pie the same way again lol!

    I feel bad though, because it looks like I didn’t even take a bite…but the second that thing hit my mouth I wanted it out lol.

    I’ll work on posting the vid, but I might not be able too. Until then, I nominated all of you guys who aren’t allowed to post videos of yourself to do something creative (like me…you’ll see ;-P) to where you stay anonymous.

    • Josh A

      @programguy:disqus how big can a file be? I forget…

    • Haylie

      See, I like limes. They’re good! Yeah, maybe a bit sour but, that’s the fun part! 😛

    • Josh A
      • So what did you do??

        • Josh A

          I hid behind my guitar. =P

          • Lol :) hiding behind my piano probably wouldn’t work! XD

          • Josh A

            Haha! =P Hey, I did nominate everyone who couldn’t post videos of themselves…you should figure out something creative and do it! =P

          • Hmm…maybe I’ll ask my mom if I can do it with just sunglasses. If not…well, we’ll see. I know we have limes! 😉

          • Josh A

            Haha ok. =)

          • or you could always do the photo booth (if you have a mac) and use the effects. Then you could be an alien eating a lime :)

          • Lol, that might be a little too weird for me. It’s a pretty good idea, though! :)

          • yeah, probably for me too. :) I have this thing about looking worse than i have to in pics 😀

          • Lol 😀 Yeah, photos are evil.

          • Josh A

            *cough cough nudge nudge* XD

          • Lol, I totally forgot! XD Maybe Saturday…we’ll see. :)

          • Josh A

            Haha, I’ll be at six flags all day Saturday (Lord willing of course). =P #funfun

          • Awesome!! And I’m going swing dancing, so I guess we’ll both be doing something fun. 😉

          • Josh A

            Kewl! *tries to think of something to say, but doesn’t know anything about dancing* uhhhh…. *awkward silence* XD

            Oh, here we go: You’ve never been to Six Flags over Georgia, have you?

          • Lol! XD I actually have! I went once with my youth group four or five years ago. It was awesome!! And for some reason there were barely any lines for half the day, so that was great! 😀

          • Josh A

            Noice…..yeah some days are good like that. =P I’m actually going the day AFTER homeschool day, so I’m betting on that most homeschoolers at least won’t be there. =P

          • Homeschool day??

          • Josh A

            Yup! They have a day where only homeschoolers can go and the tickets are super cheap…three of my friends are going that day, too lol. =P

          • That’s awesome!!

            I’m moving to Georgia. XD But seriously, that’s really cool that they respect home schoolers like that.

          • Josh A

            NO WAY!!!!! WHERE???!!!?!?!?!?! North or south?

            Dude, wouldn’t it be awesome if we met each other?

            And yeah, it is!

            Hey, do you get email notifications? ‘Cause if so, I might be able to tell you where I live, then delete it immediately so only you can see it. (If you were on Revive I’d PM it to you….oh well. =P )

          • Aaahhh, I feel really bad!! I was totally joking. XD I probably could have made that more clear. I will be in Georgia in July, but no, I’m not moving there.

            Ah! So sorry!! XD Anyway… Haven’t you said before that you live within an hour of Stone Mountain?

          • Josh A

            Oooohhhhhhhhhhh XD *deflates like balloon* OK I should’ve known. =P Ok, looking at it, I totally get what you were trying to do there…you wanted to move to GA bc of homeschool day. XD I’m seriously laughing at my stupidity right now. =PPPPP

            Yeah, I live somewhere around an hour away from Stone Mountain. =) Where will you be visiting?

          • Haha, that’s fine, I do stuff like that all the time. XD

            I’ll be going to a church in Lilburn. It’s Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain; they host conferences every year. It’s always amazing, but this may be my last year, since I’m graduating. I’m really excited for it, though!! They’ll have some awesome pastors there this year (although they always do!).

          • Josh A

            Lilburn…that’s not too far…but I don’t know where it is exactly. =/ Maybe we’ll bump into each other! =P

          • Haha, as awesome as that would be, I’m pretty sure my parents would have a heart attack. XD

          • Josh A


          • Haha I’ve been to Georgia several times actually! I used to live in Alabama so we went there a lot have you ever heard of mountain view baptist church? That was my church down there

          • Josh A

            Cool! That sounds familiar…is that in North Georgia? It could be a pretty common name, though. =)

          • Well I used to live in Moody Alabama and the church was in Birmingham I’ve been to Georgia about three times

          • Josh A

            Ahhh ok. =)

          • The main thing I remember about Georgia is that our big red truck died on this huge bridge and my mom was scared because it was up so high and there were a ton of other cars

          • Josh A

            =/ Yikes! Non va bene…. =P

          • Yeah even so Alabama was probably one of my favorite places to live I’d love to go back sometime and see my friends I do a lot of FaceTime and skyping with them but I really miss actually seeing them. I’d never tell my mom that Alabama was actually okay though because she’d start packing our bags to move there asap haha

          • Yeah, Alabama was actually really great though I loved the church and our house there was awesome. Of all the places I’ve lived that was one of my favorites. I’d never tell my mom that or else she’d pack up our house and move back down there asap haha! And I like snow and snowboarding too much to leave where I live now anyway

          • Josh A

            Jc did you mean to respond to my comment twice? lol =)

          • Lol my computer was being a spaz and I couldn’t see it haha

          • Josh A

            Haha, I get you. XD

          • I guess I’ve been doing a lot of stuff with it today……. I’m trying to write an article and work on a civics project for history and keep up with revive and Disqus haha

          • Josh A

            Haha it’s no problem…I get you on the work, too, except I just finished everything Wednesday. #yeahhhh I’m working on trying to get a job before all the “normal” highschoolers get out haha.

          • Haha I’d like a job but I’m anti-social and I freeze up when I have to talk to people. What kind of job do you think you’ll get?

          • Josh A

            Well, we have an outlet mall near us with a bunch of stores in it…I applied to Vineyard Vines (a super hip-and-trendy preppy clothing store), so we’ll have to see if I get the job or not. =P If not, Chick-fil-a or anything else really is an option. =)

          • So either cool or totally boring? I applied for a job at a local pool last summer, but I didn’t get it. I didn’t really need it because I had a ton of other stuff going on last summer. This year the only major thing I get to do is help at my church’s VBS, I’m in the puppet show I think haha

          • Josh A

            Haha, hopefully it will be cool!

            Hey, I won’t be able to chat anymore today, sorry! Good talking to you! =D

          • Okay, I need to go too I’m trying to figure out all the senators and native American Indian tribes for my state :(

      • I’m very curious, I couldn’t see the video so could you just tell us??

        • Josh A

          Just told Christy. =) I just hid behind my guitar.

          • haha! I’d hide behind my violin, but it might be just a little small. xD Great idea!

          • Josh A

            Lol =) Hey are you on Revive? jc since you didn’t see the video…

          • nope. never heard of it. what is it?

          • Josh A

            It’s kind of like a “Facebook” for Rebelutionaries (not endorsed by the Reb though). It’s run/moderated by @programguy:disqus You should check it out: =)

          • ok. i will. Thanks!

          • Josh A

            Haha I just welcomed you! =)

          • noticed. :) Now I’m on a new website, just what i needed…. XD

          • now that i’ve set it up I’ll go ask my parents….

          • what made you think of starting something like this @Sam S.? I haven’t had a lot of time to look around it, but it looks fantastic :)

          • Last fall I was interested in creating a social network with a Christian perspective. There were several people who showed interest and a lot of stuff happened but eventually I decided to just pretty much forget about that idea as I found something better. But a few months ago, there were a couple people on the “My Prayer Problem” article comments who wanted to do a prayer website. I offered to help set it up and we named it Revive (that was Riley’s suggestion). After a lot of planning, we launched the site on April 6. Wow. It will be a month tomorrow. Well anyway, this wasn’t my project but others who were leading it have had to step down so I’m basically in charge at this point. We have some other great people helping me out though. :)

          • that’s really cool. I’m excited about being on revive and the rebelution. both places are like no other social media sites I’ve been on. Thanks for doing this!! :)

          • You’re welcome! I’m glad you like it. I hope you find it very encouraging.

      • just saw it. had me and my brother laughing so hard! very creative :)

        • Josh A

          =) Glad you enjoyed it! I saw your selfie on Revive, too!

          • oops, you weren’t supposed to see that yet. Still waiting to get the OK from mom. I actually, wouldn’t recognize myself in that picture if I didn’t know it was me. So I’m guessing that means I’m pretty well disguised 😛

          • Josh A

            Haha, so that’s why it disappeared. =P And yeah, I get you on the pictures on the internet thing XD #GuitarwithArms

          • yep, pics just never come out looking right :)

          • Josh A

            Haha, I actually meant not being allowed to post pics of yourself lol. =) But funny you mention that, I just posted a pic that didn’t turn out right on another thread. XD

          • either way.. :) just got the ok, so back up it goes!! 😀

          • and I thought the guitar with arms was a great idea. And i also like your guitar, really nice. 😀

          • Josh A

            Haha, thanks! It’s funny how I got it, because a few years ago I broke the beginner guitar I got, and this one is actually my grandpa’s he’s letting me….permanently borrow I guess. XD

    • Cooooooool! I seriously though you were going to wear a paper bag on your head, but hey, this is way better!

      • MimeforJesus :)


    • Nathanael B.

      you do know that limes and key limes are different right?

      • How are they different?

        • Nathanael B.

          key limes are smaller, seedier, and more bitter

          • that’s interesting. I guess its like different kind of apples?

          • Nathanael B.

            I guess, I just know key-lime pie is the bomb!

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Good to know!

      • Josh A

        Wait, really? no I legit had no idea hahaha. =P

  • Sydnie

    I took my video but I’m having a little technical difficulty…… I actulaay took a bite out of three limes but the video only shows one because my brother may be a geek but he is not a camera guy.

    • Nice!

      • Limes are nasty……. I used three slices even though the video only shows one because even though my brother is a wiz with computers he isn’t as good with taking videos

        • I did that too :) #yuck

        • MimeforJesus :)

          Poor you! I think I would have just done it once…

          • Haha yeah, and I was really mad when the tops thingy on my iPhone showed me exactly how to do the thing I wanted to do to fix the first video about a week after I took it

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Ohhhh, burn!

    • Cool! And I like your new profile pic! :)

  • quick question, I still need to do this but where do most folks post their pics/videos? I was thinking Facebook, but I don’t know if there’s a better place to do it. :) Thanks!

    • Facebook is a good place for it. The second-best option is YouTube. You can post a YouTube link in a comment here and it embeds quite nicely. Another option would be cloud storage or some other picture/video site.

  • Isaac Kitchen

    Ticks haven’t been around for that long. I believe the world is only 6-10 thousand years old.

    • Ruthie C

      Yeah, Brett didn’t write that part. xD

  • Isaac Kitchen

    Just did it… IT WAS SOUR!!!!!

    • Ruthie C


    • Yay Isaac!

    • Awesome! limes are gross!

    • I agree with you there!! It was SO sour and bitter when I did it…trying to post the video clip.

    • Liam

      Tell me about it!

    • Hello, Isaac!

      I’d like to personally invite you to a site called Revive. It’s sort of a miniature social network designed for Christian teens like you to share prayer requests and discuss all kinds of topics–from extremely serious to just for fun. (Serious ones are totally the best though.) We have a great community of about 130 and most of them are fellow followers of TheRebelution, so we’ve got a good group. If you’d like to check it out, you can find it at We’d love to have you there. :)


    • Reagan

      You think?
      I eat limes for a treat when I can get them. (No, I`m not kidding. I love sour)

  • just did it. decided that fresh lemons are nothing like lemon pies. …I actually like fresh lemons better!! (didn’t have any limes)

    • Nathanael B.

      Nice going!

      • revive. 😀 Nothing special, just a pic. Really boring actually. 😛

        • Nathanael B.

          a pic is better then nothing. 😛

          • I guess. Unless, like me, you have an uncanny ability to look awful in every single picture ever taken of you. 😛 Then a picture becomes a BIG deal… 😀

          • I’m sorry, that made absolutely no sense! :( I’m having a bad day and not thinking straight. Sorry!!

          • Nathanael B.

            anything I can do to help?

          • thanks! appreciate your understanding. Just prayer would help 😀 I’ve been having problems with getting enough sleep which makes me like a zombie during the day and just about as pleasant 😛 thanks so much!!

          • Nathanael B.

            ok, I’ll be praying for you!

          • Thanks so much. I really appreciate it!

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Eughhh, I know what sleep problems are like. How’s it going?

          • better. I lost like a week of sleep, which isn’t good. I’m the type that needs at least ten hours a night or its misery. I started doing more exercise and having a glass of milk right before I go to bed, and that’s really helped!!!

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Good to know that you’re doing better — I’m still praying!

          • thanks!

  • Laini Russell

    I can’t believe he did it!

    • ikr! But then, he is all about doing hard things 😛 I know I couldn’t go through with it….

  • Liam

      • Liam

        haha Sam. 😛

      • Amanda

        Could you put a few more “like”s in that sentence? Lol :) jk!

        • Hmm, like at least like one, like I think I like could.


          Okay, that was like three.

          • Liam

            Now that didn’t make sense. 😛

          • Amanda

            like oh goodness! how did you like do that? Like lol…like this is going like nowhere…like lol like again

          • It was easy. <–Note the word I didn't put in there. I'm trying to stop abusing it…lol.

          • Amanda

            Hahaha :) good job.

          • Amanda

            Like keep calm and like on, dude.

          • Michael

            LOL! Very funny Sam S.

    • Amanda

      Funny video :) mine was like 8 minutes long

    • MimeforJesus :)

      You’re more like a real person every day! But really — congrats!

    • Gabrielle

      I’m sorry Liam, but that was hilarious!! :) Good job though!! WOOT, WOOT!

      • Liam

        Haha thanks. 😛

    • nice! you had my whole family laughing 😀

      So I guess limes aren’t much like limeade, huh? 😛

      • Liam

        The whole family?? Wow this video is getting famous! :O

        Haha thanks Liana!

        • yes it is! be prepared to give out autographs. Especially to the moms! 😛

          • Liam

            Autographs, for this video! Oh great. 😛

          • Yeah buddy! I’d give 100 pennies of one of those!

          • Liam

            Ok here’s your autograph.

            -L1aM S1eGLeR

            Have fun, and where’s the money? 😛

          • The choice is yours, either wherever you keep your money, or wherever I keep mine. 😀 If you come visit me soon I’ll give it to you. :)

          • MimeforJesus :)

            I want one too! :)

          • so you should probably start working on your handwriting 😛

          • Liam

            Haha, maybe I should.

    • Nathanael B.

      Nice Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kendra B

    yay you did it. good job.

  • I ate a lemon slice in honor of the Lyme Challenge! That’s gotta count for something? Right? No?

    • Congratulations! you’ve raised awareness for lemon’s disease!

  • Charis Williams

    Hi guys! My name is charis and I’m 15 years old. I was diagnosed with Lyme (along with another disease and confection) in March. I have already taken the challenge, and own a shirt. My friends and I have also been selling limeade for Lyme disease and have made over $100 dollars in 3 days. I’m also trying to organize a walk for Lyme disease in August. I have just started my first round of antibiotics this morning and I can already feel it doing its job. In fact about 40 minutes after I took my antibiotics I got really light headed and dizzy and my head felt weird, I started crying and panicking. I had to try and stay calm and remember that God is in control of everything. I know how important this Challenge is to a lot of people, and what support can do for you. Stay strong and Stay positive Ana!!!!!! :):):):)

  • Dorian Turner

    Happy birthday to the challenge! Limes aren’t yet in stores here in Switzerland this year, so I ate an orange. Technically, they’re in the same family. So I decided it counts. Please know we are still praying for you, even though it’s been a while.

    • Wow, thank you so much, Dorian! That really means a lot to us.

    • The Bean

      Dorian, it was supposed to be a challenge!

      • Dorian Turner

        It is if you don’t like oranges.

        • The Bean

          You don’t like oranges?

          • Dorian Turner

            Um… I do.

          • The Bean

            Oh well. You raised awareness for orange disease!

          • Dorian Turner

            Next will be yellow fever.

          • The Bean

            I looked up the stores you have in Switzerland, and found out they do have limes right now.

          • Dorian Turner

            I’ll explain why I stated that we had no limes here. I feel somewhat guilty about eating 3 dollar apiece Argentinian limes. I’ll wait till they come from Spain.

  • Michael

    I felt sorry for Brett there, but a little funny.

    And about the news stuff you put Brett, the 15,000,000 years is a false claim by evolutionists. I don’t really believe the 5,300 years is really true either. Because, how can there be such disease before the Flood in Noah’s Day? There probably is, but how would people explain the Flood in Noah’s Day that was somewhere between 4,000 years? Did Noah or his sons have Lyme Disease? Don’t think so.

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