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Published on December 8th, 2014 | by Colette Sweers

Help Me Write Letters to Soldiers

Imagine the dirt, grease, and sweat of working on an aircraft carrier for up to eighteen hours a day. There is very little gratitude from the other people on the ship and the days seem to just flow together with no difference from one to the next.

Then one day your friend comes to you with a letter. You haven’t received any mail in months, but you open the envelope and pull out a hand written letter from someone you’ve never met. You carefully unfold the letter and the first words you see is “THANK YOU”. You read the letter and by the end you’re smiling ear-to-ear. That letter made your day.

My name is Colette and I’m a 15-year-old girl growing up just south of Seattle, Washington. I’ve been homeschooled all my life and I’ve always wanted to serve my country. One problem, to enlist you have to be at seventeen and done with high school, I’m fifteen and just starting my sophomore year in high school.

People may say that teenagers are too young to serve our country, so we may not be able to don a uniform just yet, but do you know what we can do? We can cheer up those already in uniform, we can bring a smile to a sailor’s face, a twinkle to a soldier’s eyes, and a laugh to the lips of a Marine, simply by writing letters to them.

How it started

A couple months ago I was doing some research for a school paper and accidentally came upon a website called I began reading and found out that this website provides contacts in all the branches of the military station all around the world. AnySoldier provides these addresses so that people can write letters and send packages to these men and women who would then give the mail to service men and women who get very little to no mail.

Immediately I felt as if the Holy Spirit was telling me that I needed to take action. That afternoon I sat down and wrote a letter to a solider and within a week I’d written four more letters and then I requested an address and sent them to a contact in Afghanistan. I began to think, what would happen if teens all across America took even 30 minutes out of their day and wrote a Soldier, Sailor, Marine, or Airman a letter?

How it works

Even if you don’t have time to write very much, just one letter, that one letter could make a world of difference. Begin the letter with “Dear Sailor” or whatever service man you want to write.

What do you write? Start with thanking them for serving their country then just talk about life. What made you laugh today? Was it the joke your dad told you at dinner of a funny sight you saw while you went about your day. Tell them about it, it could make them laugh to. Then end it with a positive note, a bible verse or an encouraging quote.

Once you’ve written the letter you have two options, you can either go to and request an address or you can put it in an envelope and send it to me. I’ll be mailing letters throughout the year. If you want my address, just contact Brett using the contact form with the subject “Any Soldier Letters” and he’ll pass my address along to you.

If you have the time and the passion, don’t stop at one letter. Do a couple and consider getting your friends involved.

If you don’t like to write letters or don’t have time yet you still want to help then you can go down to the post office and buy a book of stamps then send it to me. The hardest part for me will be having enough stamps for the letters I’m going to send. All the stamps sent to me will be used for this project and this project alone. Once again, you can get my mailing address by contacting Brett using the contact form.

I would love any suggestions and questions in the comment section! Last of all, please pray. Pray for all the letters that are going to be sent this year and beyond. And pray for the military in general so that America can remain the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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About the Author

is a 15-year-old homeschooler from Northwest Washington. She loves to write fiction, spend time working with her Civil Air Patrol squadron, and having fun with her family. She has three older brothers who have influenced her life in huge ways. Her goal is to serve in the military and to help defend freedom someday.

  • Hey Colette!

    Thank you so much for writing this article! I have a question, though: do you recommend hand-written letters or typed letters?
    God bless and thank you for serving our country in a way that few people see! God bless!

    – Trent Blake
    Soldiers of God

    • Colette Sweers

      I only have done hand written letters and worked really hard to keep my writing clean. You can do either. If you had write them try using different colored pens to make it fun. Here’s a Christmas Card I wrote today.

  • Priscillabower

    I will definitely have to do that! What a great way to serve! Thanks for encouraging me to do that!

  • Sam S.

    This is great!

  • This is such an AMAZING project! Thank you so much, Colette, for putting this together! I will try to get my friends and family involved, as well. :)

    • Colette Sweers

      Let me know how it goes. Every letter counts.

  • Tracy Heil

    As a US Army Veteran, thank you for doing this and suggesting it to others. Although I love hand written letters, it might be best to ‘type’ them out. Encourage those overseas, ask them about their day, favorite things, and what they will do first when they return. If they are vague, don’t be offended it’s usually due to security. Let them know of your prayers, even if they are not believers they will know you are praying for them. As a teacher, it was fun getting my class involved in a project similar to this; that might ignite something for a class or group of friends. Best Wishes

    • Thank you for serving, sir. I don’t know what this country would do without you and people like you.

      • Sam S.

        @trent_blake:disqus Um, there wouldn’t be a United States of America.
        @tracyheil:disqus Thank you!

      • Tracy Heil

        I thank each of you and I give all the glory to God who alone has allowed me to survive and be blessed enough to read this. It’s tough waking each morning before the sun knowing the day is just going to blow. Every morning I begged God to give me one thing to be grateful for. It varied each day; a beautiful sunrise, a random kind smile from a stranger or a memory. Be strong and real with your actions & words.

        • Sam S.

          Wow. I need to think about that.

    • Colette Sweers

      Thank you for your service. I started this project to honor men and women like you.

  • Madison W

    Very convicting article, Colette! I’ve heard about doing something like this before, but I never did anything. I think I’m going to do hard things and force myself to be diligent and write at least 1 letter. :)

  • Thank you for sharing, Colette. My birthday is coming up soon and my friends are coming over to make handmade cards. Some of them will go to persecuted Christians who are in prison, but I will try to add some of these military personnel to our list as well.

  • Ruthie C

    Wow, I had no idea there was a website like this! I will be sure to write at least one or two letters this week.

  • Ruthie C

    Colette, I have a question: is the letter I write a one-time deal, or am I obligated to keep writing to the same person? So, if I send letters, I’m able to write to different contacts if I so desire? Thanks!

    • Colette Sweers

      The letters you send will be given out to different soldiers. You are not obligated to write to one contact more than once though what I do is request a contact that reaches a lot of men and women then I send him or her multiple batches of 5-10 letters each. So the answer is yes. You can send to different contacts.

      • Ruthie C

        Okay, thank you! That’s helpful.

  • Thanks so much for sharing! I found that website before, but I couldn’t remember what it was called or the link. 😛
    I’ll try to invite some friends’ over to write some letters with me. :)

  • JimandDiana Wells

    This is a great idea Colette!! I just watched a movie called “The Christmas Card” that’s about the impact cards have on soldiers. I’ve actually been wanting to do this for a while, but just never have. It’s great to have some encouragement! Thanks!! :)

  • Amanda

    That’s a super cool idea! I guess I never really thought of the possibility before! Thanks for telling us about it. :)

  • bmac

    My dad is in the National Guard. Although he doesn’t go overseas and only leaves the state of Georgia about two weeks a year, when he is gone he likes to hear from people other than fellow soldiers. I think this is a great project!

  • Grace Reece

    Thank you SO much for the article, Colette! This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but I didn’t know how I could do it. Ever since I was young I have respected the men and women in our military. I’m 15 years old and like you I want to join the military, but at this point I don’t think I consciencenessly can. I would still like to let some men and women in our military know that there are still young people today who love our country and respect those who serve her.

  • I sent a letter today and I was wondering how long it would take to arrive. Obviously it depends on the location – mine is going to a soldier stationed in Kuwait. Would it arrive before Christmas or is that wishful thinking?

    • Colette Sweers

      I don’t know. In the six months I’ve been working on this my I’ve sent over 100 letters and have never received a reply. Here’s how I see it: I just need to make sure the letter gets out in the mail and have faith that God will take that letter to just the right person at just the right time. I wish I could tell you for sure but this is as much as I know.

    • My class once wrote letters to a group of soldiers, and we got an answer back about 5 months later, but the guy who responded said that they had been really busy, and that’s why they didn’t respond sooner.

  • This whole project is one the best ideas I’ve heard in a long time.

  • Tas Shreve
  • mimeforJESUS

    I’ll write some letters and send them to you, Colette!

  • Taylor

    Hi Brett,
    I know it’s a busy time of year, but I was wondering if you got my email asking for Collete’s address? If not, just comment and I’ll resend you one.

  • Joey

    collete im just wondering on it asked for your address whats that for?

    • Colette Sweers

      I don’t know.

  • mimeforJesus

    Hey Colette, do the soldiers write back to anysoldier letters?

    • Colette Sweers

      I have written over 150 letters with my friends over the past 8 months and have not received a response to any of them. Some might write back I just haven’t received any letters back yet.

      • mimeforJesus

        Ok, I just wondered. I really will send some to you, I just have to write a couple more.

        • Colette Sweers

          Great! I’ll be expecting them.

  • That’s such a cool idea! I’ll try it out.

  • Emy Evo

    This is an amazing idea! :) It makes me think of the song Letters from War by Mark Schultz.

    • GodsThespian

      I love that song!!! =)
      Welcome to the Rebelution!

      • Emy Evo

        I do too:) Thank you:) I love your name btw.

        • GodsThespian

          Thank you! I caused quite a stir when I changed my name to GodsThespian… people didn’t know what to make of it! :)

          • Emy Evo

            You’re welcome:) Oh, what was your previous name? Well I’m not sure about others but unless I’m way off a Thespian is an actor/actress (obviously it depends in gender) so that would make you GodsActor/GodsActress and I think that’s a really great name. Honestly I kind of wish I thought of it first:)

          • GodsThespian

            Yes, that is the correct definition of ‘Thespian’. Most people just asked what it was :) Thank you! Before now I was “MimeForJesus” (MFJ for short)… I was/am part of a mime team.

          • Emy Evo

            Ok:) Then I’m not crazy:) Yeah I was in choir for 5 years and in a few musicals also so that’s how I knew what a Thespian is:) You’re welcome:) Ok koolio:) That must be fun:) Do you preform a lot?

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Cool :) Well, this month and next we have six performances, but that’s more than usual. In a 9-week session, we
            try to have four or five. Sometimes less, we have more once in a great while. It is a lot of fun!

          • Emy Evo

            :) Ok:) You should put a video of one of your performances on YouTube sometime:) Yeah that sounds like a lot of fun:)

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Before you ask – yes, I’m GodsThespian, I changed back to MimeforJesus because somebody had really, really liked my old name. Then because everybody liked it that I went back to MFJ (what people call me for short) I’m going to stay like this. Anyway…

            We do actually have some video online. Here’s a link to one of my favorite bits we do:


          • Yes, thank you for changing back! I like it better :)
            Are you going to change your name on Revive too?

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Wow, you care too?!?!?!
            Yep, I expect to :) If you wanted to PM me, I’ll remember.

          • Emy Evo

            Ok:) Whatever works for you:) I love the video:) You guys did a terrific job:)

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Thank you! :)

          • MimeforJesus :)

            So, how old are you? I’m sixteen.

          • Emy Evo

            You’re welcome:) Um, nothing personal but I’m uncomfortable answering that question 100% specifically just because internet safety reasons. But I’m in the age range of 14-17. Out of curiosity I have to ask, are you a guy or girl? If you’re not comfortable answering (due to privacy/Internet safety reasons) I understand. Also (this has no relevance to anything) but I looked at your profile a little bit(wow that makes me sound stalkerish, don’t worry I’m not:)) and found it funny that you mentioned an Ethan H since I know one where I live:)

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Sure, we all understand internet safety stuff. :) If you ever don’t want to answer a question, I understand! I am a girl. I don’t mind answering, anybody who was really set on finding out wouldn’t have to look too far to figure out that I’m a girl — I’m told I talk like one, whatever that means. Are you a girl or a guy?
            Nah, I wouldn’t say that’s stalkerish. A lot of people look at profiles. And really! Where are you? (Answer as generically as you want!) I used to know an Ethan H too!

          • Emy Evo

            Yeah I figured you would:) That’s good to know:) Ok koolio:) I’m not quite sure what that means either, I’m a girl:) Yeah:) Yep, I live in one of the United States of America, or Awesome it depends on how you interpret the abbreviation :) I highly doubt it’s the same Ethan H. though, since your profile says you’re from the East Coast, because I’m not really near there.

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Yeah, well I mean, I knew an Ethan H in real life before i met the one on here. Are you in Wisconsin or Missouri, by any chance? The Ethan I knew in real life is now in Wisconsin and the Ethan H who was on here was in MO. It’d be cool if you know one of them!

          • Emy Evo

            Oh, I was talking about in real life honestly I didn’t even know that there’s an Ethan H. on here. No, I’m not from Wisconsin or MO, I know a different Ethan H. (it’s kinda crazy how many there are) it would be cool if it was one of the Ethan H.s you knew though:)

          • MimeforJesus :)

            Ohhh, okay :) Yeah, there are tons of Ethan H’s!

          • Emy Evo

            Yep:) It’s kinda funny to think about how many there are:)

          • MimeforJesus :)


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