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Published on January 20th, 2006 | by Alex and Brett Harris

Jiffy N’ Lou: Installment #107

Thought you guys might have missed this . . . Bump.

It’s time once again for America’s favorite comic strip: The Adventures of Jiffy N’ Lou! Brought to you courtesy of the late New Attitude Magazine, Joshua Harris, and The Rebelution. Click on image to enlarge.

Most of us have a “big talk” somewhere in our future. We can assume that a few of us guys have already thought about what we might say — and to who we might say it — and we can assume that many of our eligible female readers have spent significant amounts of time imagining what “he” might say, when “he” might say it, and how “dad” might respond. But whether you’re male or female, twentysomething or ten-and-something, this Jiffy N’ Lou should make the following imprints on your heart and mind:

  • GUYS: Your “file” might not be as tangible as Lou Spielman’s, but it exists nonetheless. Not only that, but you are writing your “bio” right now by the way you live. Do you think the dads don’t notice?
  • GALS: What kind of guys are you attracting? Guys like Lou Spielman like flirty girls, obsessed with their weight, wardrobe, and makeup bags.
  • GUYS and GALS: Start developing yourself into a “prize” that any godly young man or woman would find attractive. Make yourself worthy of the man or woman of your dreams by developing the godly character and competence that would make them stop and notice you.

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are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.

  • Yeah, lol.

  • I feel sorry for anyone who has the “big talk” with my dad. I feel sorry for anyone who even wants to try and date me!! They have the brick wall known as dad to get through first!! Cute comic guys!! :-)

  • lol…if guys are able to talk with my dad AND mom (and I’ll prolly want them to talk to my bros to, just for good measure, who are also lovingly known as the FBI: family bureau of investigation (lol)) then they’ll prolly be alright!lol Also, after pondering the half dating/half courting propositionI meantioned a couple months ago, I have come to the conclusion that courting is the way to go. Just thought I’d let you know!=P

  • JoAnna T.

    Very interesting and actually quite thought-provoking.

  • lol! if they can survive my siblings, then Dad’ll be easy! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Thanks for sharing this!

  • Grace

    Response to Jackui. AMEN!! (and thank God for it!)

  • Lana

    Yeah, I thought it was funny too, and it made me think.
    By the way, I would like to welcome Jiffy N’ Lou back, I missed them :)

  • Thank you so much for sharing this Brett! I have been thinking a lot about this topic lately :) What timing…

  • Good comic.

  • Hey! Loved this comic!! It’s exactly what I’ve been trying to tell some of my friends for years!!!

    My Mom’s the toughie in this family! If they can make it through her, my brothers (and one of my brother’s friends) then Daddy’ll be fine! =P

  • Daniel F.

    Any girl who would want to even consider dating me would have to meet God\’s expectations,Grandma, then through mom or dad(whoever i get the chance to talk to first)! She would also have to deal with my siblings and i also!(:laugh)) (By the way, that would be a total of eight people she would be dealing with!) lol!

  • Ada

    A bird may be known by its flight

  • Ruth

    Any guy who wants to date me will first have to deal with my 7 family members, and then he will have to deal with my rather large church family. Tough for him.

  • Elisabeth Gruber

    ahahahaha! I love that! I think that’s my fav so far!
    That dad seems a lot like how mine is and will be when I’m old enough to court… but it is the dad’s job to screen any and all potential husbands. And it’s nice he’s watching out for his daughter.

    ~Elisabeth J. Gruber

  • abby

    tehe thats a funny comic, but my friend and i have pretty much decided that we will probably scare off any guy that has an interest because we already have a list of qualification questions.

  • Kay

    The message of this comic is SO true. Our own daughter’s story shows the other side of the coin. When a young man came to talk to us about courting our daughter, it was no surprise to us. Our families had been friends since he was just 6 years old and our daughter was 3. We had watched their friendship grow over the years and had already seen enough to know his Godly character was for real. They have now been married almost four years and God has blessed them with two beautiful daughters (with baby #3 due in April). We tease him to this day, saying “we were watching you LONG before you ever thought about impressing us!”.

  • My mother and I were just discussing today the various traditions of marriage. My father sent a letter to my grandfather when he was courting my mother, asking for permission for her hand. He basically outlined who he was (big dreamer, hard worker, poor) and asked. Of course, my grandfather said yes!

    I really hope and pray that my future husband will go to my father to ask permission to marry me, if for no other reason than that it really will be an exchange of the most important male in my life.

  • Sarah

    My Friend was asked if she was married once, and her reply was, “No, I’m waiting on a balcony with my daddy holding a shot-gun, waiting for the young man who comes around the corner, and tries to pass the 10 foot long list of qualifications.” hehe! Good comic guys, thanks!

  • Chris

    Great comic, and sort of a break after the controversy of the last one. Keep waiting for God’s timing!

  • Grace

    Oh my, this is a good one! Whoever is going to have a big talk about me should be prepared for a very long sort of big talk. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Sarah

    First of all, I’ve got at least six years to wait. I want to be at least twenty just so I can focus on school and such. Not saying I won’t date or court, whichever way I go, before then, but I defenitely won’t marry.
    Second, whoever tries to get through my dad has a VERY HARD job ahead. (If he doesn’t have the gut to ask my dad he can just skeddadle.)
    Third, try getting through my grandparents. That might be harder than my parents.
    Fourth, my brother doesn’t HAVE to approve, but I definately want him to. I don’t want to settle arguments every weekend.
    Last, I’ve got a list of qualities a husband must have.

  • Josiah

    Great Comic!


  • Michaela

    lol :) love it!!!!

  • haha thats great!!! A girl should be so lost in God that a guy has to seek Him in order to find her.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  • Tex

    Lol! Any guy who wants to court me will have to go through my Dad, my Mom, My Uncle who always says “If any guy comes within ten feet of you I’m gonna get my gun!” and all five of my brothers!!! I feel bad for whoever is interested in me!!!

  • Brianna

    That was hilarious! :) My dad is the same way! I can’t date ’till I’m 43! Lol.

    When will more comics be posted?

  • Kathleen

    LOL, I had so much fun reading other people’s comments! how funny people are.

    the pointers Brett & Alex putt on the bottom were very good. I agree wholeheartedly.
    I also thank all the fathers and brothers who love their daughters/sisters so much that they are taking the time to protect them.

  • T.R. Murrell

    The dad is missing his shot gun! This was totally funny.

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